Teaching, Sleeping In, Expect Miracles, Baptisms – Bryson on His Mission, Week 58 & 59



June 30th, 2014

Hey y’all. Today we played frisbee as a zone, and an investigator took us to Red Lobster,

I ordered lobster. YUM!

Church was awesome! **** came in a suit, and met with the Stake President that night. I would venture to say he is solid. Last week, when we asked if we could meet with him on Wednesday, he said, uh, I am busy. I will be at the temple. SAY WHAT!!?? He was taking his “fellowship” on a date to the temple, and sat outside and read the scriptures and got a tour form the Temple President. So Cool! We taught him the POS and he loved it. Really felt the truth, and loved how we can be together forever! The kids went on trek this last week, and everyone bore their testimony and told stories from it. It was really spiritual.  3rd hour, we had an awesome lesson, mostly about missionary work. A man from Georgia got up and said pretty much everything that I have been wanting to say. It was awesome. I wanted to jump out of my seat and scream AMEN BROTHER!!! Our ward is awesome. We have some of the coolest people.

Quote from ****, our eternal investigator. We told her about tithing, and she said “Thats gonna make you broke! Welll, I hope your garments keep you warm this winter!” Kind of sacrilegious, but funny.

We had a Zone Conference with the Weavers to say goodbye. They gave us “Challenge coins” Which is a military tradition. I was so sad. They are really good and I love them. SO SAD to see them go!

I was on exchanges, and we stayed up talking way too late. It was Elder Muro, whom I love. Right before I went to bed, we talked about how the first time that I ever slept in was on an exchange and how bad I felt. We said, that would be bad if that happened to us. Lets get up and work out! Well, our alarm didn’t go off because our phone died and didn’t get plugged in correctly……. I wake up hearing voices in the living room. the ZL’s had come for a surprise study. HA. They laughed at us. They are really cool guys and understood, because they know we never sleep in and it was an accident. I even got 5 minutes of personal study in.

I have been feeling really spiritual lately. Like who I am is just now more firmly attached to the spirit. I expect miracles and promptings to happen all the time!

I have been feeling almost prompted to do this new project! I want to read the entire New Testament again and write down everything necessary for salvation, and everything about the organizations of the true church. I know there are lists out there, but I want to find it so I can really see for myself. I am pumped to start!

Love you lots and lots and lots!! Tell Tessa thanks for the letter. Pray for me!

July 7th, 2014

Good week! I had 2 baptisms in one day! Before I left Brookdale we put Alex on date.   I didn’t get to go do it myself because of the change of the guard, butI almost got to baptize 2 people in one day.  It is still fine with me to know that two of my investigators got baptized the same day!

We taught Doug the Gospel, The Commandments, and Laws and Ordinances of the Gospel. It was really cool to see how each lesson left him with questions, and the next one answered them. He successfully passed his interview. He is an awesome guy. So solid. We have all become so close! We set up his baptism program, and Elder Johnson baptize him, it is his first time.   Elder Johnson gave the baptism talk and then baptized him. I gave the missionary message on the Restoration. The church has asked that we do that at every baptism. A lot of times, missionaries recite the Restoration.   I wanted to change it up, which means I messed up a few times, but did it in a different way. I talked about what it would have been like to follow Jesus in his ministry and be a Disciple. To see all of the miracles and hear the teachings. Seeing him die and then be rise again. Watching him organize the church, and being a part of  Christ’s original church. Having the Priesthood on earth, and then watching the different churches apostatize.  Watching the apostles get killed, one by one.  Only a few years ago Jesus led the church, and then it was gone, the original organization and authority had disappeared. I talked about how lonely it would feel, and how lost. And that’s how the world was for 1800 years. That’s how people like Doug have been for a very long time. Then I went into the Restoration. It’s not anything that cool, but I thought that it was an interesting viewpoint.

When Elder Johnson got in to baptize ****, he messed up, and when we corrected him, he said, sorry, this is my first time. The ****, said, “me too”!  It was very funny. **** gave an incredible testimony at the end. He is so solid!


I am emailing from Bainbridge!  We are just hanging out here today. Going to lunch with one of Dad’s friends.  It should be good!

On the fourth, we woke up and did the Kingston Fun Run! We got permission to do it, and I wish he had said no. I hurt so bad!! I’ve never been this sore in my whole life. It was so pretty though. We ran out over the water and the sun was shining on the water, with sailboats and we could see Seattle. So pretty. I am just happy I ran without stopping. I haven’t run that far since I lived at home. At mile two, I was about to give up, but some lady came up next to me and told me I was going to be her pacer. So I had to finish. 24 min.  😦   But I got a shirt and a sunburn out of it!  Then we went to the parade and it was a cute little one.  We went and spent some time at the Whitworth’s. I ended up getting attacked by people with water guns. Luckily, I had extra clothes. It was a fun barbecue.  I played guitar outside. Lots of fun.  GOD BLESS AMERICA!

That morning, a ward member was riding his motorcycle so he could go be in the parade, and hit the Firetruck that was heading to the same place. He left behind a wife and teenage boy.  😦   Then we met a guy whose house caught on fire that day and his son dragged him out by his heels just in time. It really made me think about how fragile life is.

We had a Zone Conference with our new Mission President.  He is a really great man, and I love his attitude. His wife is great too. Their kids made a video about them that was neat. It should be fabulous with him this next year!

I love you so much!





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