Lacey, Merritt turns 11, Camps, Conferences, Quiet, Cheetahs and 4th of July!!!

I planned on writing once a week again, but it’s been three and a half weeks!   I’m going to get on top of this!

I can’t categorize the loss of our sweet Lacey this week.  Kevin’s cousin Lacey went in to have her heart defibrillator replaced and while removing the old one, a hole was torn in her heart.  She was without oxygen for 15 minutes.  Her brain didn’t survive it.  She was able to be a donor and help others.  Oh, how we love our Lacey.  Lei, Lei was so wonderful with Bryson, Addisen and Corbin.  Kevin and I are heading back to Oregon for the Memorial Service to celebrate her life.    WE LOVE YOU LACEY!  Here are some words describing her last moments (thank you Lindy Stockwell for sharing):

“Although Lacey passed some time on Monday or Tuesday, we said goodbye to her earthly body at 10:36 last night. After removing life support, she slipped away quickly, just as she needed to do in order for her organ donations to be useful. Her mother stroked her hair and talked and sang to her with a strength I didn’t know existed. Her father and brothers stood over and protected her as they always have. Sterling held her hand, as he should have been able to do for many more years. And I just sobbed, because even though it was just a body, it carried her through life with so much energy and joy. That smile had more miles on it than any 90 year old’s. I reminded myself that it wasn’t her, it was just a symbol of her. Her passing has left a void that will never be filled. Love your family, life is unpredictable and you might not have another chance to tell someone how much they mean to you.”  

Lacey, Bryson, Addisen and Corbin.

Lacey, Bryson, Addisen and Corbin.

Bryson, Lacey and Addisen.
Bryson, Lacey and Addisen.


Getting an updated DPT/Tetanus shot.  My arm was so stiff and sore.  I finally got a full physical and blood work done.  They called me a healthy bugger, so I guess all is well.  🙂

Me trying to use EMOJI’s.  Addisen just keeps laughing at me.  I on the other hand have so much fun looking for just the right one.  It takes awhile for me to find them, so Addy called me “EMOJI disabled”.

Realizing, this is it!  I will spend the rest of my life missing my kids.  There will always be someone gone, we are now a revolving door.  I love it, then I don’t….  President Utchdorf said “We are eternal beings, so endings are hard”.  I agree!

Royce looking closely at my legs (I obviously needed to shave)  “Are those splinters all over your legs, that must hurt?”.

Dixon taking Merritt’s blanket.  Merritt was given a wonderful horse blanket for her birthday.  Dixon grabbed it , said “This is mine, I love it!”, ran upstairs and hid it in his bed.  It was so funny.  The best part was Misty Jackman bringing Dixon his own blanket the next day.  He was so excited!!!  Thank you Misty!


Merritt tried to call someone on our landline.  She told me it was making a weird sound.  I tried and it was a busy signal.  She had never heard of that before….

Dixon came with me into the changing room at the pool.  He looks down on his arm and sees a fire ant.  He promptly flicks it off, but it goes right up in his tender little nose.  He starts screaming ouch and pulling on his nose.  Suddenly he sneezes and tells me it’s all gone.  I run and get a tissue.  He has blood dripping down his nose.  It bit him!!  I couldn’t believe it!  What are the odds of that.  Needless to say, whenever I go into the bathroom at the pool, he waits for me outside the door.

Little boys dressed up as pioneer girls.  Dixon was so cute that I couldn’t make him change.  🙂  It was like having little Hadley back again.


This is more like it!  :)
This is more like it! 🙂


Royce crying about being six and 1/2.  We had told Dixon that a three and 1/2 year old shouldn’t do something, then Royce said “No, he’s three.”  So we explained what we meant and he started crying because he didn’t want to be six and a half. We asked why and he didn’t know why, but he didn’t like it…..  Oh my…

Dixon telling us we need to go to the strawberry and crying that we weren’t going there.  We were so confused, but finally figured out he meant the LIBRARY.

Addisen putting “Pop-its” under the toilet seat.  It freaked a number of family members out.  Royce was not amused by it.  🙂

Merritt mowing the lawn in style.



Corbin getting to attend a “Duty to God Camp”.  He had a great time.  Kevin got to go up for an evening and be Teancum from the Book of Mormon.  The week was full of storms and rain.  Corbin said he never wanted to be wet like that again (while sleeping especially).  He promptly left for work as a lifeguard.  🙂


Two extra hours on a Saturday when everyone was home and we could go swimming together.  It was perfect and Dixon was even doing flips off the wall and diving board.  Royce still freaks us out with his flips off the high dive.


Almost home...
Almost home…


Attending the temple and taking car loads of people.  It’s so fun to eat out and be together.

Father’s Day!  We loved loving Kevin up.  He is such an incredible Dad and husband.  I am so thankful for my Dad too!  I thought of so many good memories with my Dad and Kevin.  Love my guys!


Merritt turning 11!  We love this awesome girl!  She is so beautiful and fun.  Her wit is cracking us up, even if we shouldn’t always laugh at what she says.  Life is always better when Merri, Merri is around.  She had a birthday party and I was so impressed with how sweet and considerate all the girls were.  Royce even got picked up to go swimming during the party.  Fun!

Megan Bruening (Wallace) bringing her wonderful little seven month old Seth over.  It’s so neat see my young women having children!  Wow!  He was the sweetest baby and handled the chaos really well.  The little boys couldn’t get enough of him and kept bringing him toys.  Dixon:  “I NEEEED to hold him”.  Dixon brought him a grape and Megan said he couldn’t eat that, that he ate things like bananas, etc.  The next thing we know, Dixon brought him a banana.  So cute!


Cicadas back for the summer!  Love hearing them.

Royce during a baseball game night in the driveway “Strike three, I win!”

Dixon couldn't believe he caught it!
Dixon couldn’t believe he caught it!

Megan Cordner coming over so Addisen could take pictures of her baby.  It was such a wonderful afternoon.  The other kids were gone or downstairs (I can’t remember where), so it was calm.  Sweet KayLynn would follow her Mommy around the room with her eyes.  She let us feed her and get our baby love all filled up.  So sweet!


FHE video.  I taught a Family Home Evening class for a Relief Society mid-week activity.  Kevin and I decided to make a video for it.  He and Tessa put it together on the computer.  Great job Tessa!  Love my kiddies!  We didn’t prompt them before, we actually stuffed them in a room, so they couldn’t hear the other kids answers.

Kevin getting to take Tessa, Merritt and Hadley to NASA for activities.  They had so much fun!  Gotta love NASA!


Royce is over Batman and now obsessed with Cheetahs.  He runs everywhere like one and created a “Cheetah training” for all of us.  He was sad that no one said he looked like a real cheetah.  We quickly fixed that.  We are hoping he doesn’t want cheetah underwear, like he did Batman. We got to wake up to photocopied pictures of cheetahs on all the bedroom doors.  Royce was so excited to surprise us all.   🙂

Royce's Cheetah drawing.

Royce’s Cheetah drawing.

His two favorite things, Cheetahs and snorkeling!
His two favorite things, Cheetahs and snorkeling!

Cazier’s coming for dinner.  The kids caught tons of fireflies and played baseball.  A perfect night with great friends.


Missionary car wash!  The missionaries organized a car wash at the Stake Center.  We (other families too) washed the cars, while the missionaries and kids held signs.  Some missionaries were in the church with cookies and lemonade to give church tours.  It was so fun.  There were no donations, this showed our kids a great way to serve others.  Awesome missionaries!


Royce:  “Call me Cheetah or Hot Wheels!”

Dinner out with friends in the middle of the week.  I love summer!  We had a great time and lots of laughs.

Getting to visit Kayden Rodarte.  We were in heaven holding this sweet little guy.  Tessa, Addy and I were fighting over who got to hold him the longest.  🙂


Elder Seth Burdette, Jessica Sherwin and Shelisa Schroeppel spending the night with us.  We loved having them and getting to see them at church, etc.  It’s so great to have missionaries return and visit.


Patriotic Concert!  Kevin got to sing in a multi-stake patriotic concert.  It was fabulous!

Watching “I’ll Fly Away Home” with the kids again.  The scenery is so relaxing and beautiful.  Royce LOVED it!  He kept saying what they needed to add to plane to make it take off and land better.  Then they would do it.  So cute!  He couldn’t stop talking about it and telling us it’s his new favorite movie.  Thanks Aunt Peggy for the great movie!

Royce creating his own airplane.  He painted and glued it himself.


A week with only the four youngest kids here!!!  Oh my, it was so quiet and easy!  Kevin was in San Diego, California, Corbin at EFY in Georgia, Tessa and Addisen were at Girls Camp.  Each night the entire house was quiet because they go to bed at a decent time.  Wow!  I wouldn’t want it permanently, I prefer my kids being here, but it was amazing how little dishes there were and the trash only had to go out every other day, my food bill was cut in half.  We cleaned things out of the house and had fun!

Four kids cleaning to Disney music.  They were so happily singing and I could hear the broom going back and forth.  Love them!

Taking the four kids to the Botanical Gardens and then to pick up Kevin at the airport.  I love seeing them all run to him as he came off the escalator.

We loved the butterflies!  :)
We loved the butterflies! 🙂

Kevin and I going out for ice cream the evening he got back.  We sat outside at Bridgestreet and talked for hours about his National Speakers Association Conference.  Awesome, beautiful night!

Finished memorizing Doctrine and Covenants 4!

I take each strip with me while I run in the morning.  They get a little sweaty.  :)
I take each strip with me while I run in the morning. They get a little sweaty. 🙂

Now I’m starting “The Living Christ”

4th of July!  We picked up the girls from camp and got to listen to all their exciting stories.

Tessa and Addy home from camp.  Exhausted and dirty,  but happy!
Tessa and Addy home from camp. Exhausted and dirty, but happy!

They had a blast!  Merritt made a yummy 4th of July cake.  We went to Dublin and the kids played on blow up water slides.  The best was the shuttle rides on a school bus!  Royce was so excited “It will be my first time on a school bus”.  We then realized that these five kids had never ridden a school bus.  I couldn’t have arranged it any better!  Then we went to fun party for the evening.  I love the 4th of July.


Corbin having a blast at EFY (Especially For Youth)!  He paid for it himself and said it was worth every penny.  Plans are already in place for next year!  We loved hearing all about it and seeing the excitement in his eyes.  10471050_736219696420206_2963714453954444826_n75948_252134974988122_244244722594142610_n

Dixon and Royce (and Corbin) getting a fun castle from Cowens!  It kept them busy all Sunday afternoon.

Thank you Cowans!!!
Thank you Cowans!!!

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