Golden Investigators, Beautifullness, Biking in Forests, Serving – Bryson on His Mission, Week 57

Bryson loving the forest!
Bryson loving the forest!


Hey! Sorry, this might be a little short. I have a ton of things to say and no time!!!

Coolest experience ever! We all dream about that “Golden Investigator” who soaks everything up, and pretty much teaches himself and you can barely keep him out of the font. Well, dream becomes reality in KINGSTON!!!!!

Sister **** has been dating this guy, and he became interested. He came to church, and he loved it! He talked about how he loved different things, and how he learned a lot. He and I talked a good bit in between each class. He said at one point that even though he had heard so many anti-Mormon things, he loves it, and that it makes so much sense. It all fits together here! I got to bear my testimony to him sitting in a pew and about started crying. It was awesome!  We taught gospel principles about the gifts of the spirit, and I called on him at one point to pretty much bear his testimony and he did great!

We went over to sister **** house after and had dinner. It was liver.  Then, we all pulled out our scriptures, and said an opening prayer. It was just like in the training videos. We taught the Restoration. I felt like it was the best I had taught on my whole mission. Of course, it helps when they agree with everything. We did a great job of explaining the whole thing about the Priesthood and the great apostasy. After the first vision, I said, “do you see how awesome this is! This is a big deal! The Church is restored!” Then he talked about how happy he is about it all, and how important is is to know that the church is restored. HE GETS IT!! We had him read the introduction, and then went to Moroni 10. We had him read all that, and he said he will read and pray. Then we put him on date. He said it was a little soon.  Then he told us he will try to finish the book early. We told him, you don’t have to finish it to be baptized. He said, then lets do it today!!! He is on date to be baptized for the 5th of july. It is all just so awesome. He felt the spirit, knows it all to be true, and is excited.

Yesterday was a good day.

A few funny things – My comp was in the bathroom for like an hour. We walks out all confused, and turns out he fell asleep on the toilet! You know you’re working hard when……..haha. I have to back him whenever he goes in reverse. Whenever he can, he tries to hit me. If I am not paying attention, I have to jump on the trunk or dive out of the way. We have weekly planning on Thursdays. We call it, weekly tanning. We sit in the back on our loungers, and wear shorts. I got really burnt!

Our area is so so so pretty! You can look one direction and you see Seattle with Mt. Rainier in the background, the you look the other way and you see all the Olympic mountaintops. So pretty! We drive out by the water all the time. It is pretty. We saw the Hood Canal Bridge the other day, a huge cruise ship! While we were up north we stopped at “Point No Point” beach. There is lots of pretty sand, fish jumping out of the water, otters, and lighthouses. We even saw  a Bald Eagle while driving back. We have 3 indian reservations here.

Since houses are so spread out, and we usually hit only 20 houses in 2 hours of knocking, we bike track. I love it! I love getting back on the bike, in the warm sun, and biking through the beautiful forests. We hit so many more houses. These people haven’t seen missionaries in at least 3 years. There are lots of nice country people. We met a guy that believes we are ruled by aliens. He knows the truth y’all. We also knocked into ***. He was mowing his lawn out by the road, and told us to go down the dirt road to his house and find his wife for some pie. We stayed for an hour, talking and getting to know them.  We will hopefully go back and help them with all their property!

We were driving back from somewhere and stopped at a stoplight. The guy next to us asked if we were selling anything. I said yea, want a free Book of Mormon? He said sure. So I jumped out, ran over and gave him one, and then made it back in time for the light to turn green. On the way to lunch with the Pres. and Sis. Weaver, we were late!  There was a broken down van on the side of the highway. We stopped and pushed it up this big hill to safety! It was really hard!

As part of our planning, we didn’t have anything to do at two parts of the week, so we wrote down that we would somehow get a lesson with a part member family, and at the other one get a lesson with a new investigator. We forgot all about these, and ended up talking to this guy and setting up coming over. He has a part member family and we happened to set it up for the exact time we put down!  Then we met this lady and she became a new investigator, and we set up a return appointment for Tuesday at 3. When we got home, I asked, what do we have on Tuesday at 3. Sure enough, we had written “Lesson with a new”. Miracles!!!

I have started doing Insanity, and it is kicking my backend. But I need to stop being fat! You got it JONESY!

We love doing service here. We helped the youth on Wednesday for a huge service project and my arms ended up just full of really small slivers. 😦  We help this lady every Friday who is a non member from Croatia.

President Weaver leaves this week.  😦  He came up to take our zone to lunch. We have been working hard as a mission for sooo many weeks to get 500 lessons with a member present. He wanted us to do it soooo bad before he leaves. This was our last chance to do it. And we got 696 lessons.  CRAZY!!! He was sooo happy, just crying and saying he loved us. He is a good guy.

Sister Baird, who was Melody Nelson’s roommate, is in my zone. She is really cool! She is an awesome Sister missionary who out baptizes all the Elders.

Gotta Go!!! I love you a bunch! Sorry for the poor quality of this email.

LOVE, love, LoVe you!

Elder Jones

I have a bunch of spiritual things I wish I could say too, but that would take a lot of time. Hopefully next week…..


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