Transfer to Kingston, Saying Goodbyes, Prayer, New Area, Trees, and New Comp – Bryson on His Mission, Week 55 & 56

JUNE 9th


Hey! I can’t believe that I never said thank you for the package. I am sorry. You rock I loved it a bunch! The cd was pretty good. Elder Pedersen and I hugged and cried on that “can’t take her with you” song. It started talking about cars and we just looked at each other and did a fake cried. Then it talked about the girl and we ran to each other and hugged as we fake cried. Then, all of a sudden, it talks about not wanting to leave your mission behind…..Talk about a roller coaster of emotions. This almost made me actually cry.

I have the General Conference Ensign and I love it! Thanks. Tell Austin and the guards that I say hi. Tell Kati that I love her and miss her!  Royce rocks for being level 3. Those young kids that were in my level 3 class were my favorite!!!!

We got our calls! I am going to……. Kingston! It is in the Silverdale Zone. Elder Pedersen was there last summer. He has been telling me about it and I am excited! It is full of trees and surrounded by water, which is something that I have waited for my whole mission!! I am so excited to spend my summer near water again. The entire area is a peninsula. It is one of the biggest areas in the mission. Most of it is out in the boonies. We have a car! And it has a ton of miles on it. This should be interesting. The sisters on Bainbridge Island are in our district. I am excited. On the map, our area is everything north of Kingston. Draw a line from Kingston over to “Port Gamble” And its everything north! There is one of the main ferries to get to Seattle there.

I am going to be with elder Johnson. Should be fun!

Elizabeth is getting married. I am kind of freaking out. She tried to pull a prank on me a few months ago saying that they were engaged, but this is real right? She sent me pictures. I told this to some missionaries, and they laughed and said “And so it begins”. I am freaking out cause The other day I was hanging out as a 17 yr old with Elizabeth, and now she is getting married.

DAD!!!! Guess what I SAW!!!!!!!!!!! A George Banks TOPLESS car. It was so cool. I started jumping up and down and yelling “Hey!! Look Elder look!!! Its a George Banks car!” Luckily he had seen the movie and we started singing “Every party has a pooper that’s why we invited you George Banks

I found out that I knocked on Ted Bundy’s grandparents door. I guess they raised him. They didn’t do a very good job.

Remember Mac? The guy that gave us the challenge coin? They had us over for dinner and he smashed chicken with a rock, which was funny. Then fried it. They are just the greatest. They took us on the base to help them volunteer at this national guard museum that they help out at all the time. He showed us some really cool stuff. I will miss them a ton.

Brother Larsen, who is moving, took us out to eat. I chose this really nice Italian place (he was good with it). They have all these gourmet dishes. I ordered something that I probably won’t have ever again. Some seafood dish. They brought it out, and it looked like someone had scooped a bucket into the ocean and put red sauce in it. It had clams and shrimp and tentacles coming out of it. I ATE SQUID! And it was weird. Rubbery tentacles that look weird in your food and feel even weirder in your mouth. Good experience.

I was reading the scripture, and I had recently prayed for a way to be more spiritual. I am in the beginning of Ether. I noticed something different than what I usually see. I felt like the focus of the beginning of the brother of Jared’s story is about prayer. When the languages change, he instantly prays. He has that relationship. He prays 3 different times, or at-least for 3 different things when that all happens. His brother asks him to. It uses the terms “Cry unto the Lord”. in vs. 43 he is blessed because of his prayer in the last 2 lines. Then, he gets chastened. And we don’t really have many accounts of the Lord actually coming to someone in a cloud and getting on them for something. And I saw that he was being chastened because of his lack of prayer! What I saw to be his biggest strength became his weakness. But, he repented, and again cried unto the Lord. (I could be a little off on some of this, because this happened last Tuesday) This all made me think about something I learned a bit ago “Extraordinary faith requires extraordinary prayer.” Looks like I have some praying to do.

I was getting ready to go to bed. Brushing my teeth, washing my face, taking my contacts out. I remembered that song we sang with the Miller family – “Oh, you can’t get to Heaven, on roller skates…..”. I started singing my little heart out and coming up with new ones. “Oh you can’t get to heaven, on Pedersens bike, cause it will break, and you’ll have to hike!” (his bike breaks a lot) Then on the other side of the wall this lady (the same one who called on my for being on the roof) bangs on the wall and yells SHUTUP!!! I laughed. I probably annoyed someone while they were on the toilet.   They yell and swear at each other all the time. I think its sad that they get on us for simply singing.

We had an awesome week. We have so many solid people. If it works, they could baptize 6 people this next transfer. I am so jealous!!! We found and taught all these people and now I am leaving.  I learned a lot from it all though. I will really miss this ward. There are some awesome families. I have been here longer than any other area so far!


JUNE  16th

Alright!!! I got to see Thorton on Monday, and then we got to play our last game of ball together. It has been a good 6 months of basketball every P-day. I made the rounds and said goodbye to everyone. The Wielerts had missed church and asked if they had missed anything. My comp said “The Chittendens are moving!!! Then I added in, to be more ridiculous, and she is pregnant too!” Well, the conversation moved on, and we forgot to tell him we were joking. They were really traumatized from it, and we got a funny phone call later on. SORRY!!

We saw the Greys, and Braxton Christiansen. On Tuesday we said goodbye to Miekle and had breakfast. The Sisters came over too. I will miss them! Then we went to transfer meeting. It was really great. My allergies were killing me. Then, I got in the car that is now mine, and drove really far to Kingston. I realized that I left all my bedding and towels in Brookdale. Whoops. So I have been sleeping with a sheet, and a lame pillow. Hopefully I will get it all back soon.

My  area is so cool! We live in this cool condo. The entire backside is all big windows. The sun shines in and it makes me sooooo happy. I feel like I am on vacation when I wake up. You can kind of see down to the water. Down at the water, you can see SEATTLE! The tall buildings and the Space Needle! So cool! And on the south side of our area, you can see Bainbridge Island. I think Bill Gates actually waved at me! Our area is huge. It is the entire peninsula.

We cover 3 different cities. Kingston, Indionola, and Hansville. they are all like Neskowin, but bigger. Not much bigger though. Sleepy little beach towns. And lots of people out in the middle of nowhere. You see dirt roads going everywhere. you follow one, and it will go for 5 miles, and will have lots of other dirt roads branching off that go on forever. The forest out there is so thick!!! you can be within 50 ft of a house and not even know it.  We park our car, and to be more effective, ride bikes from house to house.  Otherwise you can go 5-10 minutes of walking between each house. The forest is so cool! I keep expecting Ewoks to jump up and attack me all the time.

My comp is a good guy! From Utah, he worked on a church welfare farm and he talks about engines and big tractors. We have fun and get along.

It seems that Kingston only exists because of the ferry to Seattle that loads up there. Sometimes there is a mile long line to get on the ferry. There is a cool farmers market every Saturday which is kind of fun!  We can go talk to people. We have a few Indian reservations here too, and I have heard they are not very friendly. We will see!

We do tons of service here! I have gotten in my work clothes everyday and done some service everyday! I love it!

I am tired of being fat. I started insanity this week. And I was able to obtain lots of weights over time. And they found a bowflex on the side of the road last week. I am going to be a fit monster!!!!

I love you so much! Love the blog. Miss you. You would love it here Mom. Sooooo many trees. We are always in the shade and never see the sun, even when it is really sunny. The forrest is so thick that we are in the shade. And there is water everywhere. You would both just love this area. I sure do! It is weird to have a car.

Love you!




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