Snow White, Addisen Graduates, Florida, Sting Rays and Sharks, Mother’s Day Missionary Call, Corbin turns 16, Corbin Drives!!!!

It’s been six weeks again!!!  Uggghh!  I need to get back to doing it once a week.  I took pretty good notes, but now there is no way I can get it all on the blog…..  It has been a fabulous last six weeks!  Vacation and summer are the perfect pace for happiness in our family.  I’m not sure I will be able to get going again when school starts.

Dinner on the deck!  Loving summer!
Dinner on the deck! Loving summer!
Rainy day activities!  This was actually very challenging!
Rainy day activities! This puzzle was actually very challenging!
Just because he's so cute and wonderful!  :)
Just because he’s so cute and wonderful! 🙂
Sitting on my Mother's Day present, a new outdoor bench!  :)
Sitting on my Mother’s Day present, a new outdoor bench! 🙂



RJ:  “Some kids are so lucky!”  Me:  “Some kids would feel lucky to have all the food you have and your family.”  RJ:  “There’s only one thing I don’t like about this family” (I’m bracing for the news)  “We don’t have video games in our house!”

Me rolling Dixon’s head up in the window.  Thankfully, I stopped before he got hurt, but he told as many people about it as possible.  He even reenacted it for them.  Mother of the year goes to me!  😦

During “Preach My Gospel”  Addisen had to move to the other side of the table because she said she was getting distracted by her reflection!

Corbin having a bird outside his window during the night.  It kept him up for hours.  He pounded on the wall, yelled at it, etc.  It would stop, then start again when he got into bed.  So, he finally went out to the garage, got his air soft gun, and shot the entire tree up.  I’m not sure whether to be more worried that he has anger issues (maybe he was just taking care of things) or the fact that I didn’t hear a thing!  I slept through all of it…..

Royce getting nervous the day before our trip.  He finally told me that he didn’t want to leave “this house” because he might miss it.  So cute!

While on vacation in Florida, four missionaries came over to our house.  I thought one of the companionships was “Spanish Speaking”, but really they had just told me they were the “Mexico City” Elders (a town on the Gulf Coast)!  The kids laughed for a long time on that one.

Hadley getting stung by a stingray.  OUCH!  Also, seeing a Hammerhead shark just before they started snorkeling!  It didn’t stop them…..


Tessa getting a couple migraines at the beach and throwing up at a restaurant.  As we drove home she kept having to throw up on the side of the road.  Kevin was constantly looking for where to pull over, of course, she yelled for it as we hit a bridge!  Ahhhh, the loveliness.  Gluten and Tessa do not agree…..  Poor girl.

Sad to come home from vacation.  We would love to always be on vacation…..  Loved our house when we got home, but we didn’t love getting back to our schedule.  😦  It took us two days before we knew what day it was.

Royce noticing a cemetery:  “Wow, a lot of people died there.”  Hadley:  “They didn’t die in the cemetery.”  RJ:  “Really?”

Merritt playing a video of Bryson with Dixon from just over a year ago.  I heard it from the other room and wondered why his voice was in the house.  When I realized it was a video, I cried….  I hate it when it gets me by surprise.

Dixon seeing his “doggie” in the video with Bryson.  His doggie had ‘magically’ disappeared eight months ago, he finally wondered where it was.  He stopped sucking his thumb within a week of us taking it away.   So we thought it would be cute to revive “doggie”.  He was so excited!  Now he is sucking his thumb again!!!!!  So, he doesn’t get to sleep with it.  Hopefully, that will work.
All of us, but two, randomly matching on Sunday.  10373734_722752307766945_7960151347797797474_n


Teenagers!  I just have to say it!  I LOVE my teenagers, but there are some moments that are VERY hard (maybe even more than a moment!).  Still love them!

Kevin getting pulled over for his license plate lights being out.  We happen to be out late with some friends at Sonic (we were supposed to just be swapping our kids back, but then we stayed for hours talking outside, so fun!).  The cop told Kevin he was giving him a ticket so that the Police Dept. can get the Federal Grant they need.  The more tickets they write, the more money!  Nice huh?  10368459_722752544433588_3034390469292950853_n


RJ:  “There’s a smoke it!”  = cigarette

Last piano recital with Sis. Trappett.  My girls are VERY sad, but loved their experience with her.  She has moved and we are mourning…10411815_711633725545470_7472270855792742192_n

Home school end of the year party and geography play.  So fun to watch the kids.  10346648_711633768878799_6281353305781387456_n

Visiting Suzanne Gardner and helping take care of her farm.  Love her and the farm!

Playing at Indian Creek and the girls seeing a snake in the water.  It was so fun and beautiful (minus the snake!).  10313949_711633422212167_6097479326906479924_n

Getting a new missionary CD.  There was a cute song about little kids holding signs with the date they will put their papers in.  Royce said “Is that our family?  It sounds like it!”

Dixon at the beach with white sand “Look Dad, snow!”

Dixon trying to get Addisen to get in the water the first night at the beach “Come one Addy, if I can do it, you can do it.”.  It seems to have become a family tradition, I go grocery shopping right after we unpack, then Kevin takes the kids to “see” the water and they all go in with their clothes on.


VACATION TO FLORIDA!  We loved our house on the beach and how relaxing it was.  We slept in everyday, had the missionaries come and play on P-Day, stayed on the beach for hours while the kids could go back and forth, games, lots of food, snorkeling, body surfing, 1st Jones Family Talent Show, orange moons, sharks, dolphins,watching “Jaws III” and reading.   It was paradise.  Kevin and I are happy to have entered our new phase of life with our youngest being three years old!  It’s our first time without naps, potty breaks, etc. in 19 years.  LOVING IT!

The backseat!  Seven hour ride....
The backseat! Seven hour ride….  Pretty safe, right?
The perfect house!
The perfect house!


That's what we named him after!  Our Southern boy!
That’s what we named him after! Our Southern boy!


Royce’s comments after snorkeling.  He had purchased his own snorkeling gear a month before we left so he could go out with Corbin and Kevin.  He even practiced in the bathtub.  “My dreams have come true!”  Later that night we asked him why he wasn’t asleep, he said “I am still thinking about snorkeling and the shark”.

Panama City Beach!  The water was so blue and beautiful!  The kids jumped off the dunes and body surfed.  Buuuut, then I noticed that Corbin was out pretty far and right next to Merritt.  I watched and realized he was pushing her in with each wave!!!!  I freaked out, but thankfully they got their footing after two pushes.  Kevin couldn’t tell what I was yelling about.  Corbin told us afterwards that he had to push her in 11 times.  They were pulled out by a rip tide, but were ok.  They knew that if they couldn’t get back in, to swim out and parallel to the beach.  Great job Corbin (our lifeguard!), but it makes me sick!  10390389_452066588229554_1106033315453427657_n 10296568_708261595882683_7989185157961624960_n CapSanBlas2014-87CapSanBlas2014-31 

Church in small branch on vacation. It was so awesome!  The Branch President’s testimony about his mother and the gators he captured in his bathtub was the best!

Kevin: That was the MOST hilarious Southern story I have ever heard.  In a nutshell, he and his brothers knew someone who would pay for baby gators. So they found a mother gator and they somehow (don’t remember) made the mama freeze while he took the babies, stuffing his pockets and jackets.  For fun, his brother “unfroze” the mama and she went after her babies.  He started running, gators falling out of his pockets and got away with about 10. Put them in the bathtub.  Mom came home early because of a headache and started a bath but didn’t notice the baby gators.  “Hey, mom.  Do you notice anything out of place in there?”  Screaming. Baby gators falling out of the bathtub. Mom runs out…  The story told with the best Southern accent using Southern terms.  I felt a little guilty laughing so hard in Sacrament Meeting. 😉

Happy Mother's Day to me!  Surrounded by their love!  :)
Happy Mother’s Day to me! Surrounded by their love! 🙂

Mother’s Day call with BRYSON/Elder Jones!  He was so mature, more mature than me.  🙂  He talked about how much he loved the scriptures and the footnotes “Who knew that Sis. Collins was right all along…”.  He suggested LDS videos to watch, laughed and smiled at our craziness.  The line kept cutting out because we were at the beach, but it was great!  He couldn’t believe how much the kids had grown and that Dixon was talking.  He hit his year mark  later that week, so it was weird to think he will be home this time next year!  My mouth hurt from smiling for so long.  Just the best!  Love my Bubba!

There's my boy!
There’s my boy!
Oldest and Youngest!  :)
Bryson and Royce! 🙂
One year burning ceremony.
One year burning ceremony.

Addisen speaking at Seminary Graduation and Graduating!  We are so proud of her and her accomplishments.  She is such a beautiful person inside and out.  Congrats my wonderful daughter!  I can’t wait to watch your life unfold!  🙂  10325387_709788605729982_5736895961065735558_n

Corbin turns 16!!!  He got his license on his birthday, right after we got back from vacation!  He is a great driver and is all over the Huntsville now!  He works all week as a lifeguard on the base and is hardly home now.  Congrats Corbin!  10382257_10152865625629418_8030601880629478265_o

Corbin's first day of work!  :)
Corbin’s first day of work! 🙂
He better not crash my car!  :)  Of course, I cried as I watched him drive away for the first time....
He better not crash my car! 🙂 Of course, I cried as I watched him drive away for the first time….
Corbin's not allowed to look!  :)
Corbin’s not allowed to look! 🙂

Memorial Day Picnic at Sharon Johnson Park.  We had a great time with the ward!

Purchasing dessert and drinks for the picnic.  I love Costco!
Purchasing dessert and drinks for the picnic. I love Costco!


Royce watching “Bambi”:  “I thinked they should just get married, they look right together.”

Using “Les Mis” as an example with a teenager that was stuck in their opinion.  I think it worked……

Royce: “Mom, you should be Snow White in something sometime.”  Me: “Why?”  Royce:  “Because you are just like her…. You float around and talk like her and move like her.”  HA, me Snow White, wish I could sing like her, I think….

Kevin and Corbin going on a scout campout.  They went to Fall Creek Falls and had a fantastic time!

Addisen getting to participate in a Mini MTC/Missionary activity (Corbin had to work).  She loved it and learned so much.  She came home and told us all about it, I wish Bryson could do the same thing.  🙂  10394489_453826471386899_6109653599084395402_n

Corbin saving a struggling kid  in the deep end at the pool!  Go Corbin!

Corbin blessing the Sacrament for the first time.  It was wonderfully special.

Catching fireflies and glowing toilets!  10415595_722752367766939_2756397257409001808_n 10450549_722752257766950_8729010875882262998_n

Royce rocking the swimming lessons.  He loved it and passed!  Then he moved on to doing flips off the high dive again!  Ugggghhh!  10169447_722752324433610_7739279634908910340_n 10376036_722752464433596_5519426920079566640_n 10296933_722752504433592_5334565782269683047_n10366087_722752594433583_6226749401743590434_n

Merritt’s Saturday baking!  Most Saturday’s she gets up and makes something beautiful.  Lately, it has been cinnamon rolls and blueberry muffins.  So yummy!

She even made a gluten-free loaf.
She even made a gluten-free loaf.










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  1. Thank you for sharing – the photos of everyone are truly wonderful, (Addy with Dixon especially) glad you had such a great time!

    Peace Betsy

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