Walk’n on the Roof, Clean Up, Swearing, Sun, All Things Denote a God, Being a Missionary – Bryson on His Mission, Week 54



Last week I forgot to say this. We got a notice from the land lady because I had walked on the roof that is right next to our porch (it is really easy to get on, and to drop stuff onto it). I was grabbing something that fell, and our grumpy neighbor lady was looking at me and was all mad. The notice said to not throw a frisbee off the roof. Which did happen, about 3 months ago. I had gone up to get the frisbee and then started trying to hit targets from up there. The day after I get this notice, we get a call from President. “I have something to read to you”. Then he read us the notice. I told him all that happened and he thought it was funny. At Zone Conference the next day he told me to stay off the roof every time he passed by me. The funny part is, when we got the call, we were a little freaked because we didn’t know why he was calling us.

A few minutes later, I look at the phone, and say that President is calling. I put it to my ear and have a fake phone call with President. I admit to having a computer and having had sisters in the apartment last transfer. I make it sound like he is going to come have lunch with us so we can all talk. When I “hang up”, my comp is freaking out. I look at him, and realize the opportunity before me. Our apartment was very messy. I said, well, if he is coming, we better clean this place up! He runs around the house cleaning and freaking out about how we are getting sent home. I kind of wander around, doing my hair, putting my shoes on. Every once in a while I point at something and say, you missed that. Or tell him not to forget to wipe the counters. After our apartment is spotless, I stand next to him, surveying the job. I say, “That might not have been a real phone call, but man, you really clean up good”. Then I grab my bike and walk out of the house. He said he wanted to kill me. Thankfully he is a funny guy and got a kick out of it!

We had a pretty good week! We had two baptisms lined up for this weekend. Our bishop told one of them to wait  until her family gets back, so that one might be a while. The other one was right on track for baptism, and then he got a cyst. So that is draining until he can have surgery. He wasn’t going to be able to make it to church yesterday because of it. We are going to try to get him baptized before surgery though.

We went to another woman’s home to check on her, because she hasn’t been home for a few days. Her husband opened the door, swore at us, then slammed the door. We went there expecting an awesome lesson, and got the opposite. That was really not fun. We weren’t able to meet with another one of our soon to be baptized people because they were busy. And Matt, we weren’t able to meet with him either. Went over a few times, but nobody was there. So, we still have a bunch of solid people that can be baptized, but it is all kind of being slowed down. It will happen though! We were walking around trying to talk to people before we went to District Meeting, and met these two brothers who are RM’s and they bought us lunch at the 7/11. That was really great!

It has been sunny all week! Hoorah! I’m finally getting tan. We did a lot of service too. Loved it!

We had a great lesson with George (changed name). Taught him the plan of salvation and he loved it! It is so cool when people get it, and realize how awesome it is. God loves us so much! Just like Alma said, all things denote there is a God. Just look around you! The beautiful earth, the happy, blue sky, and America. These things show us that God loves us. His plan for us shows it to! One of my favorite moments as a missionary is when some one really understands the Plan of Happiness, and realizes how much God loves them, and how it all makes sense and fits perfectly with everything else. Everything about it is perfect, and I love it!!

We had dinner with the Greys and the Larsons.  They both rock! The Larsons are moving.  😦   The Greys have awesome property and good food, and they are a lot of fun. They befriended a guy from their kid’s school who has gotten the to know the missionaries. He is a cool guy!  I know him from a few things. We got along real well. Everyone is trying to get him to be a member and go on a mission. He is a really awesome person and would do great things. We played soccer with them and it was a great night out by their pond.

Life is going pretty well! I was asked to come up with a patriotic song to play at a triple court of honor, and had something, but the time I was told was incorrect and we had people to see so I had to miss it!  I must do missionary work!!! I got to play piano for a while when we were waiting to meet with Bishop. It felt so good.

Being a missionary is awesome. I really love it! I got up and gave my testimony on members being examples and used my Mom for an example about how after being a convert, if she hadn’t had people that befriended her, she might not have stayed, and I wouldn’t be here! And how they can be examples, and they can talk to the people they think would never want to hear about God, because everyone has the light of Christ in them!

I love you. Florida looked awesome! I’m jealous, but much more happy to be where I am. By the way. This church is Gods church! This is the real deal y’all!


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