Year Mark! Walking, Lessons, Success, Eating Until His Eyes Popped Out – Bryson on His Mission, Weeks 52 &53


One year burning party with another missionary that came out at the same time.  :)
One year burning party with another missionary that came out at the same time. 🙂


(Bryson has been out one year!  But somehow the numbering of weeks has not kept up.  So, I am resetting and starting off with 52.)


May 19, 2014

Hey. I hit a year. Boo ya. Do you know whats crazy? A year ago I was doing this same thing.Weird. I am going downhill now. It is sad that I don’t have much longer left. It is sad that this has to end.  😦

In my year out, I have seen the craziest things. I have been hot and sunburned, and I have been frozen and cold. And most of the time, I was just soaked and cold. I have been at about the lowest I have ever been many times. I have been yelled at, cussed at, and had police called on me. Iv’e had guns pulled on me, and one time I almost got killed.  But, it is all worth it. I have felt more joy in this year than all my life combined. I have grown so much, and have helped people change their lives and grow. I have helped people find Jesus Christ and turn their life around. I have learned to love people, and to forget my self and do things for the people around me. I love my mission. Most of all, I learn more and more everyday how much God loves me, and all of his children.

Love you!

This week was good! We knocked into this lady who grew up in Idaho and went to church once or twice, and has an uncle who is Mormon. She is so cool! She lives with her fiance and 3 kids. Her name is Sattyn. She is excited about church and is very solid. And her kids are great.

I blew a tire a good ways out, and I am really scared of bending the rim, so I carried my bike on my back for about a mile. It was bike overkill, but it made me feel macho and more at one with my bike. The next day my comp blew his tire, and so we walked for a few days until we could get a new tire. That was not fun.  Just to see two people, we walked over and hour one direction, and then back. And they weren’t home. My feet still hurt from all the walking we did this week. We met some cool people this week.

Last week, we talked to our neighbors downstairs and they needed help, so last Saturday we helped them move. They are from Saipan. They are funny and have two teenage kids. The wife has never left the kitchen. She has been in there cooking us food every time we go over. We go every few days and we leave with a meal.

We knocked into this family who all have Lyme disease. He has been struggling with health and with work. I felt prompted to ask him if he wanted a blessing, but didn’t ask cause it seemed like he would be a guy that would be the one to ask. But I kept feeling it and turns out he really wanted one, but hasn’t had the guts to ask anyone.

We met a lady and taught her one of the most solid lessons that I have had in a while. Most of our stuff lately is just doorstep, and sometimes we get to sit down, but they usually aren’t compliant. This one lady we knocked into though was good and listened fully and tried to understand. A lot of times I don’t share Moroni 10:4-5 because they aren’t listening or trying to understand, so it wouldn’t matter to them because they won’t try it. But it felt so good to tell this woman that she can pray and know the truth.

My companion is a funny guy. Together, we make people laugh. A lot. We have had a number of people tell us that we need to start a comedy show together. Some people said we need to do a podcast. It is mostly my companion, but we have fun together.

Pray for Sattyn and Mark. And me! And my comp. And my ward.

Year mark! We went to the King’s house. He is an ex-army ranger. Cool guy. Sister Cassel and I both hit our year mark together. She came over too, and as tradition calls, we burned shirts. I have an old messed up one. We soaked them in gasoline, then Bro. King shot it with a flaming arrow. But the flame went out cause it flew too fast. So, Sis. Cassel and I picked up the arrow and lit it. Then a huge C-17 flew really low over us as it was burning. All we needed was the national anthem! Actually, I felt like I was in the KKK during all of this.

Life is good. It is sunny and I am happy and The work goes forward!

May 27, 2014

Heyyyy! Awesome week!

This area has been the hardest so far for me. Elder Muli and I worked so hard, but feel like we have gotten almost nothing out of it. Little success. In the past, I have done much better and haven’t worked this hard. But we really struggled. Even me and Pedersen have really been struggling. It is hard to have motivation to work hard and do well when nothing happens for months. But finally, it all is paying off! We have a bunch of really solid investigators. We have a guy on date, a few more that will be on date by the end of the week, and a few more people that should be soon! We had a bunch of people at church, and they are all great people!!

We arranged a Church tour with Saul Hernandez. He is in the army and was taught all the lessons a long time ago and went to church in Alaska, but his wife wouldn’t let him do anything. Well, now it’s different! We took him on a church tour, and had Brother Pickup come along with us. He helped us teach, and pretty much put him on date for us. Coolest church tour ever!

I got to go knocking with Elder Muli! We went on splits with them. I miss that guy. One of the best friends I ever made. My comp found this lady, Erin, while they were knocking. We went back 2 days later and she called us right before to make sure we were still coming! WOW!!! We taught her, and went back the next day too! She is a 28 yr old who has a daughter that is 2 yrs old. She is really really cute, and active. Kinda fun. She watches Frozen all day, and runs around screaming Let it Go. I know that song now because of all the kids that sing it. Erin was in the army for 10 yrs! She is really cool. She came to church, and showed up early. It continued through church and she eventually took her out. Nobody was annoyed because she is so cute! Then she loved nursery, and we had the best Sunday School lesson that I have had on my mission!!!  She loved it, and Relief Society. She is coming to the RS Thursday activity!

We went and visited Matt Barett on Wednesday. We got Brother Leale to go with us. He is an Army Dentist. Good guy. Matt is a missionaries uncle. His wife is a less active member. We went by, and had to hunt him down. Flush him out of his house. We finally caught him. Taught him a lesson, and then he came to church on Sunday! I didn’t get to catch him before he left, because I played organ and he ran out quick. Thats his second time coming though.

I played organ because it was Sessie’s farewell and sister Wells said she would cry too much to play! I love it! The piano is so beautiful.

Yesterday, we had a little Taco Bell because we were starving before we played basketball. Then I drank a ton of water cause it made me sick to play on that Taco Bell. Then I was full when we went to our huge dinner. Then a few hours later we walked past some Samoans house who are members. They were having a party. We started playing basketball with some of the kids. They made us go inside to eat. I loaded my plate so I don’t look like that stupid Palongi who doesn’t eat much. I was soooooo full and barely finished it. Then they put this huge piece of cake in front of me. AND then Ice cream. I have never come so close to puking. It was horrible.

We had the last Zone Conference. It was great. But really sad. It was Presidents last one.

Did yard work for Brother Meikle. We dug a lot. It was good!

I need to not be so fat. We have insanity but can’t do it because we are on the second level. 😦 Running?

I love y’all. A lot.

God Bless America. America Is the best. God Bless all those who died for us!


One thought on “Year Mark! Walking, Lessons, Success, Eating Until His Eyes Popped Out – Bryson on His Mission, Weeks 52 &53”

  1. Huge congratulations! A year, Bryson! And you have met so many people, and learned so much, and given so much love in that time. A great year! Love, Aunt Peggy

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