Allergy Attack, a New Companion, The Sign of the Eagles, Challenge Coins – Bryson On His Mission – Week 48 & 49


May 5th:

Hey! I had an allergic reaction to something, and woke up with a horribly swollen face with a rash all over it. I played piano at a baptism, and took some Benadryl, and it knocked me out for the rest of the day. I woke up and it was worse in the morning. My eyes were almost swollen shut. I was miserable at church. I went to a members house and just laid there all day. I felt horrible. Brother Larson and Leale came by and gave me a blessing the first night, and brought me a health smoothie that was really good. I love those guys!

Sister King helped me out a lot too. At church I just sat with my head down, because I looked like the Phantom of the Opera, and because I felt terrible. Sister Hooker came and helped me. She reminds me a lot of you Mom! The whole time I wanted to curl up in a ball and cry for Mommy. I got some cream that helped the swelling. My nose has run for 34 days straight and with the swelling it got all messed up so my nose has issues too. The swelling went down a little today, but I feel good enough to leave the house. I really felt bad about not being out doing the work. Usually when I am sick, I kind of enjoy sitting down for a bit. But I just wanted to be out in the rain doing work!

I got Pedersen (as a new companion)! He is a good guy. Been out 18 months. This is the first time I have had a companion that is a good bit older than me, other than my trainer. Since he is 18 months out, he knows what he is doing. He works hard, is a good missionary, and is really really funny.  He can be serious, but all of a sudden will say something so funny that you are thrown off, because you wouldn’t expect him to say that. I like him a lot!  He is a good guy. He is great missionary! I am learning a lot. He is really good at turning anything into a really good lesson. Especially doorsteps. We have some solid people because of it. People at this”age” are really good. They have figured out a lot of the right stuff. Missionary work with him is great.

We knocked into a less active lady who was going through a divorce. We gave her a spiritual message, and prayed. When we left she texted us and said that she was struggling with money and decided to pay her tithing first and had been scared all week, but we happened to mention tithing and money in our lesson and she knew it would be alright! She is a nice lady.

We went to go talk to Eugene, and he starts telling us how he doesn’t like religion, and only believes in Hebrew…. What? He then told us that he is the YEHESHUA, Jesus.  We thought ok……. We tried to get him to come to church. He said no, but then said, look! Eagles! He started freaking out about these 6 crows flying in a circle. he said, look at that! 7 eagles! AHHH! I turned and said, yes……. it must be a sign from God. He looked at me and said, oh my gosh I think you are right. It is a sign from the heavens above. I looked at him seriously, and said, looks like you need to come to church buddy. You won’t go against the sign of 7 eagles would you!? Haha, he agreed to come to church. I am a horrible person!

I feel horrible right now. My face hurts. Love you a bunch!

May 12th, the day after Mother’s Day when we were able to Skype with him:

Hey! It  was awesome to see you all! Everyone is so old. Craaaazzy. Love y’all!

Last transfer, Elder Muli and I met this nice guy who gave us water from the river Jordan at the traditional site of Jesus baptism. Elder Pedersen and I went back, and he gave us more Jesus water and invited us in. We got lemonade. I asked him about this picture of him looking like a Navy Seal. He told us all about how he was in the Marines then the Air Force special forces as a TACP. Then he retired after 30 years. He went into contracting, and told us all about how he helped Israel and Jordan out by supplying then with all their weapons and training their police and military. He did some pretty cool stuff. He shows us all of his Challenge Coins, and then shows us his challenge coin with his career information on it. He gave us each one, handing it to us in a handshake. It was really cool. He said the only other person that he has given one to is General Patreaus. It was a good day.

Remember Eugene from last week? He is on date to be baptized. He went to church and it went really well. I only got to be with him for the first hour. On Sunday, the guys took over everything for the ladies, so they could relax. I played piano in primary. Brother Larson had them sing this one song differently every time. I was sitting behind the piano playing and laughing so hard at the same time because of all these kids singing in opera, or like a cowboy, or in staccato, or with their noses plugged. It was great! Then I played the organ for the ward after us. It has been a while. It was fun. Then we found Eugene again and he got his own scriptures and he loved church. Hopefully, baptism soon. He wants to be baptized, but he isn’t sure if he wants to have a church to go to, so we need to work on that.

I went on exchanges with the greenie in the other ward. He is a cool guy from Idaho. I learned a lot, and realized that you have so much excitement at first, expecting everyone to be interested. I didn’t realize how much missionaries that have been out get used to being turned down. I need that greenie faith.

We have had some cool stuff this week. My comp is really funny. Good guy. Very different from my last comp, I really miss Elder Muli.  😦

Love you!


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