Missionary Dreams, New Companion, Tacoma! – Bryson On His Mission – Week 47



 4 different e-mails:

Love you mom!!  We are emailing later cause we were busy this morning (funny story)

I love you lots and lots!  Love you mom!

We skipped our early e-mail time to play basketball. We are going to a barbecue with the zone at the Weavers today, so we will e-mail tonight!

The ZL’s had a surprise study, and it happened to be on the one day that I wasn’t quite ready by 8!

And Elder Muli is leaving to go to Allenmore (Samoan ward). I am getting Elder Pederson.  He sounds like a good guy.

Love you!

Btw, Thank you so much for doing the blog. I read them, and then realize how busy your life is and I really don’t understand how you do it!

I realized that I am too much of a missionary! It is in my dreams. I am Elder Jones in my dreams. Never Bryson. I always have my companion, and half of my dreams consist of me panicking because I lost my comp, and trying to find him. Whenever I do something in my dreams that isn’t allowed, like going to an NBA game, kissing a girl, going to prom, or even wearing normal clothes, I always feel horrible and guilty. All the time I do something and in my dream I get sent home for what I did. I wake up panicking like, no, I can’t let this happen.


Next Day:

Hey, this keyboard barely works, most of the keys stick down, so this will be short. We got permission to e-mail today because we had stuff last night. I hope y’all are ok after those tornados!  (All was just fine – except for those 20 minutes to the east.  Some neighborhoods were hit pretty hard.)

I will miss Elder Muli. He is my Samoan brother. We got along great and had fun. He has been one of my favorite companions.

In Mark 10, Jesus heals the blind man at Jericho. He asks him what he wants Jesus to do for him?  Then he asks for his sight.  In the last verse of the chapter, Jesus says, go thy way, thy faith hath made the whole. What did the man do? As soon as he received his sight, he followed Jesus in the way. It really hit me, that this man, when told to go on his own way, immediately follows Jesus. That was his way. Jesus lets us choose our way. Healing and helping us as we ask, but often we don’t choose to follow him after. But this man did, and we need to be more like him. I can see Jesus waiting to see what he will do, and smiling when he sees him among the followers.

I was on exchanges and offered to help this guy shovel out a trailer full of gravel. That was really hard work.  Halfway through at the house across the street, a huge fight broke out.  It involved two guys and a woman. The younger guy wouldn’t leave and started trashing the house.  The other guy tried to throw him out. Stuff was flying out the door, lots of crashing and breaking noises, and lots of yelling. Tacoma!

This next transfer has some good things coming. There is the warm weather. Washington people go crazy when the sun comes out. It should be in the 70’s or 80’s all week.

The person who sent that picture, Mom, is of the Hooker family. They are great. It was sad to go around and say good by with Elder Muli. Everyone loves him.

I hope you are all alive. Go clean up some destroyed houses.



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