Bryson’s Birthday! Baptisms, Playing Piano – Bryson On His Mission – Week 45


I don’t feel like writing much today. Lazy birthday. Thanks for all the Birthday wishes. Y’all rock!

Played Frisbee with the whole zone, got a little tan. Good day! We had a fireside last night and it was great.

Norman got baptized! We had Joseph do the baptism. It went great. He has come a long way. We had avery, very busy week this week, lots of meetings and time wasting stuff, but somehow we still got great numbers.

(Email #1)

I played piano in sacrament. I was volunteered by other people and ended up doing it. I played the first vision song, which is pretty different now. It changes every time. I practiced a little before church, and I said a prayer that I could be prompted to play it a way that is the best for the spirit. Then I started messing around with it and found all these cool notes and tricks. I was so excited. It went well when I played. I loooooove playing piano.

Elder Muli is the coolest guy ever. We laugh a lot. He is funny. We ran into some Samoans coming back from the temple and they loved Elder Muli and bought us a bunch of food and then gave us money. I want to be in the Samoan ward so bad now.  🙂

Today for study I colored in that little Easter card with sharpies. Thanks for both packages y’all rock so much!! Happy birthday Hadley. I have a package with letters and birthday stuff for everyone, but I am lacking funds so It may come late.

I had my last interview with president before he leaves. It went well!



(Email #2)

Hey. Thanks for having me, and raising me so well. I am lucky to have had y’all as my parents for these 19 years. Y’all are just the best. I love you so much and really can feel the love and support that y’all have for me. It is great. Thanks for being such great missionaries! And thanks for being awesome parents. I realize now how it’s a lot of effort to do what you do for me. Thanks for it all.  🙂

 (We almost didn’t put this one on here, but decided to after all.  Why?  Because we want to give hope to all those parent out there with young children.  They will grow up, go on missions and you, too, will receive letters like this.  These make it all worth it!)


(Email #3)

There is a guy in my ward who had his birthday the other day and he was really, really grumpy the whole time. He hates birthdays because it reminds him of all the things he hasn’t achieved by that age. He turned 40, and was mad that he didn’t make all these goals that he had set. Haha Brother Williams reminds me of Dad. Sister Williams said that you emailed her back. Thanks!

(Reminded him of me because I am grumpy or because I won’t ever be able to do everything I want to do?  Or both?  Hopefully, just the latter.)



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