Mitt Romney’s Armpit, Obedient to the End, Answered Prayers, Statistics – Bryson On His Mission – Week 44


Hey, there. It is sunny, and I am wearing khakis.  Just watched General Conference, and I am about to go play ultimate frisbee all day. Can I ask for anymore?

Quote of the day is from Sister Bishop, who is brand new in our district, from D.C.  I told her how I got a picture with Mitt Romney and all that. I explained how he had his arm around me, and she said “There isn’t a better place to be than in Mitt Romney’s armpit.” She has a point.   🙂

I had a great week! The weather was a bit better. No sun, but not much rain.

We have been working very hard, and doing our best to stay out until 9 pm, which is really difficult sometimes. But we are doing our best to be obedient and diligent. After knocking, at 7 pm we had absolutely nothing to do. So, we walked around and saw a few people, but most of them weren’t home. We kind of just wandered for two hours, which I hate doing, but it’s what “obedient” missionaries do. We talked to someone at the apartments at 8:30 and we were tempted to just give up. I was saying we gotta do this!  The entire night we had been getting texts of all the miracles in the zone. People putting someone on date, getting lots of new investigators, etc. I said to ElderMuli, we need a miracle really bad. I started praying really hard for a miracle.

At 8:50, I said, lets walk up the busy street one more time, and then we can turn in. So we did it. At 8:55, a guy runs across the street ahead of us, and we start talking to him. He says that he is changing his life. He developed faith in Jesus, and has confessed all of his sins to God and repented really well. But after all of this, nothing has seemed to change, and he was kind of angry at God for that. We said, there is this thing called the Gospel of Jesus Christ: Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Gift of the Holy Ghost and enduring to the end. We explaineedzs3dzx3re3zx3 that he needed to act on his faith and be baptized. He said, oooooohhhhhh I get it. I need to show my faith, and then God will help me. Pretty much. So we walked with him and put him on date, and he is going to get baptized. He is really cool funny. It felt so good to text out that Miracle. We were blessed for being diligent.

The next day, we had to walk really, really far because we were going to be picked up without our bikes. I was thinking about prayer and how we show our faith and how they are answered. I thought about how a lot of times our prayers are answered differently than we think they should be, or we don’t even realize it (this whole thought process had me singing the Garth Brooks song about unanswered prayers). I thought about a way to get a direct answer so that we know God is listening. I saw a guy drive by us and just thought how easy it would be for us to hop in and get out down the road a ways. Then I said, I could pray and see if God is listening. Then I prayed that we would get a ride. Then I thought, dang it no, sorry God I take that back, I am saving this prayer for when I really need it, like when it is raining and cold. I take it back. Too late. Right then a member stops in the middle of the road and asks if we need a ride. We jumped in and got a ride to our next appointment. That was pretty cool. So There we have evidence that God listens to us, and that he loves us.

Remember that guy who I thought would take us and kill us? We went over to his house for dinner (we had a dinner appointment right before that and I got really really full, so I fed the dog most of my dinner. I felt like I was Hadley doing something sneaky). We got over there, and we had a good dinner of waffles. He is very atheist, and called out BYU for giving Mormons cheaper prices than non-members.  He is a good guy, and his wife and baby were great too. He needed a cheap babysitter, so we had him take us to the church so that he could meet the parents and babysitter. He me Sister King and enlisted her daughter for that Friday night, and then found out that Sister King does daycare. Sounds like that will start soon. He went over there for dinner on Sunday to check the place out. So now he has Mormon babysitters and his kid will be raised in a Mormon house. Roll tide.

After meeting her, we messed around in the parking lot for a while, and then he took us into the church, and sat us down. He pretty much taught us a class on how we can make our knocking more successful using marketing and statistics. I have to say that he had some great ideas and points, but it made me not excited for school again. It is what he does for work. I was able to teach him the main points of all of our lessons while we were going through potential door approaches, and explained our teaching process, and how it is vital that they feel the spirit. After that, he met a bunch of people at the church. It was a very interesting night!

We had breakfast at the Tidwell’s that next morning. He is a really great recent convert. Very solid guy. Good family. We taught Norman all week and he is going to get baptized this weekend!  Yay!  He came to all of the Sunday sessions at the church and he loved it. He is reading the Book of Mormon everyday. Some of the retention and understanding the stuff is hard for him, but he is doing great.

We had dinner at the Olsen’s, who is sister the William’s parents. Thanks to Bro. Hellyer and Sister Wiliams, I am playing piano on Sunday. It should be fun. I don’t get to play a lot here.

We had dinner with the Grey’s house. Brother Grey is a really cool guy with a Jeep. His wife is from Hawaii. Their kids are all athletic and lots of fun. We eat a lot of curry with them. They are fun!

Life is good. About to have a fun day. Good week. Interviews with president this week. We got a greenie who came in late. She is cool.

I got the package. Thanks:) I loved it so much. Y’all rock. I LOVE YOU. Sorry this one was kinda rushed. We gotta head out if we want a ride to the activity today.

Btw, I am being obedient. You would be proud of me.


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