Best Week of My Life – Bryson On His Mission – Week 42


This week was one of the best of my life. Probably the best of my mission. We had a great transfer meeting Tuesday. Wednesday, President Weaver said for the whole zone to do their district meetings at the same building, then we would all meet together. We did that. When he met with all of us, he prophesied about how we will have 30 baptisms if we do a few specific things.  He told us that he pretty much stacked the zone. I looked around, and he sure did. The AP (Assistant to the President) who just stepped down is here, a ZL (Zone Leader) who just stepped down, a number of great elders, and some of the best sisters in the mission are in the zone. I am kind of wondering why I am in this zone right now.

President got us all pumped and said this is going to be the best transfer of our life. Miracles are going to happen, and we are supposed to text him and the zone with every miracle that happens. We had a zone fast, and we are doing a 40 day lent, giving up something. Whether it is chocolate or sports, we are doing it. I have never heard of this happening before, but this is crazy! Our whole zone is on fire. The coolest things are happening everyday. He has been working closely with our stake president and they are blitzing this stake.

So after that meeting, we are all pumped. We had more desire to work and be obedient than I have had so far on my mission. This entire week, I have worked harder and been more obedient than I have my entire mission. I am sooo exhausted, that when I get home at night, I want to lay down and never get back up. But I have never felt this good on my mission.

Right after that meeting with President Weaver, we got home and started on our work!  As soon as we got on our bikes, it starts pouring and got really cold. Then it starts hailing and the wind blew this mean hail in our faces. I started laughing and yelled “Get at me!”. It was horrible though. When we got to our appointment, it stopped and became sunny again. That night we met with Bishop. He is a new young bishop, and is always happy and works hard. We met with him, and he said he had a revelation, and that we need to get the missionary work rolling! It was an answered prayer, and weird that it happened that same day. I was so happy.

The next day we met with our WML (Ward Mission Leader) and he fed us these awesome pancakes, it was an egg and two things of bacon and you pour the pancake on top of it. So good! Then he took us to an less active woman’s house. We talked for a while, and we were going to teach her the restoration, and started to, but the spirit told us what to do! We veered off, and ended up talking about other stuff. I felt prompted to ask her if she prays anymore. And then if she has a relationship with God.  I was totally told what to say, and I started helping her understand that she is a daughter of God, and what that means. She was crying and it was great. She refused to say the prayer, but something said, she needs to say it. So we got her to do it. Turns out they have tried for two years to get her to pray, but she wouldn’t. I guess we said all that at the right time! Since that lesson, I have felt the spirit every second of every day. Craziness!

Friday we fasted, and it was hard on a bike. I felt dizzy for the last few hours. We ran into a bunch of Samoans who were just chill’in and cooking a pig’s head in a pit. Elder Muli sat and talked Samoan while I sat there.

Thursday night, Joseph went out with us. Joseph is one of my favorite people I have met on my mission. He is preparing to go on a mission, and spends most of his free time with us. This Saturday he is going to spend and entire day and be a missionary with us. I cant wait! He is really funny and spiritual, and an awesome friend. He will do some amazing things.

We picked some names from the ward list to visit. Random people we don’t know. We drove a long way to find one, and it was a gated community, so we pulled into a neighborhood to turn around. Joseph started going crazy about how he grew up playing at this one house, and then Elder Muli said, I think we might have caroled there once. We pass it, and I get that feeling that I am learning to recognize, so I am like STOP!!  Lets go there, we know they have some connection with the church! So we go, and it is an less active family who we have been trying to get a hold of, because they have a child who is turning 8 who wants to be baptized! And the bishop wanted us to do all of that. So it was meant to be!

The next day, I got a kids version, and a normal Book of Mormon, a birthday card, and a bunch of candy, and brought it to him for his party. Isn’t that awesome?

Saturday we worked hard. Biked allllll day visiting everyone we could. While fasting. Good stuff though. This whole time I was on a spiritual high and just receiving revelation all day. It’s really cool to have every thought be influenced by the Holy Ghost. It makes for a lot deeper thought process.

Then we had the Saturday night session of Stake Conference. Everyone 12 or older was invited. It was probably the best two hours of my life. A Sunday School teacher spoke about teaching with the spirit. She got up, stops for a minute, then says that she has prepared really hard for two weeks to have a good talk. She proceeds to put all the papers aside and said, my topic is teaching by the spirit. And she totally winged it. It was sooooooooo good. There was no way that she could come up with all of that herself. She was definitely guided.

Then Sister Weaver got up and had a great talk, then President Weaver got up.  Then President Marchent gets up (the stake president). He is incredible. Very active and on top of things. This whole Stake Conference was on missionary work. He invited  a lady up who had some amazing missionary experiences. She was inspiring.  She told some stories and bore her testimony. Then he invited a recent convert up and had her talk.  I felt the spirit so much!

Then, a guy from the front row was called up. He has hearing aids, and is pretty much deaf, but can kind of talk. He gets up with a big smile, and was asked to talk about how members being missionaries affected him. He starts talking, and you can understand, but he obviously speaking like someone with a hearing impediment. He was signing the entire time too for his friend on the front row. He said it’s like speaking Spanish and English at the same time.   Ha! I felt the spirit during his talk more than any other talk. Other talks are more emotional and stuff, but I think the spirit was so strong, that I just felt it a ton.

The entire session I felt like I was in a classroom with God and he was teaching me. The spirit was teaching me things in my head every single talk. It is so cool. I want that forever.

The deaf man told this story about how his dad was a good for nothing drunk. Unshaven, muddy jeans, holes in his flannel shirt, bloodshot eyes. He lived close to a church, and woke up to go feed the horses. The neighbor, dressed in a perfectly pressed suit and white shirt, walks over, helps him, invites him to church, and somehow convinced him to come to church. The rest is history. This guy speaking was sooo humble, and so happy. You could feel his love. He started talking about the charity shown to his dad.   He said two things that changed my life!  First, a simple statement, “Them Gospel makes people happy.” I know it is simple, but it hit me and I realized that the gospel we teach is much more than what I thought before. The second, about charity. He referred to Paul’s talk on charity and quoted two parts. Charity endureth all things. It hit me and was revealed to me how charity is an eternal principle and what that means. Then, the coolest part of the whole conference. He said, “Charity doesn’t judge. It didn’t judge my dad” BAM!

Gotta go! Love you. There’s more but I have no time. This all probably sounds a little weird, but has been life changing for me!

I have never worked so hard, but I’ve never been happier. Why didn’t I do this the whole time. I was stupid.


One thought on “Best Week of My Life – Bryson On His Mission – Week 42”

  1. Mike and I really enjoyed reading your post this week! We had some good laughs at the crazy things missionaries say and do when they are really dedicated to the work!! Thanks for all you are doing.

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