Feeling Great, Greatest Possessions, Investigators, Speaking Tongan – Bryson On His Mission – Week 41


Y’all, I am in a a great mood. SOOOOO great! Feeling really great! It was sunny for a few days, and warm. Back to just a white shirt for a little bit. It is crazy how motivated I become when there is sun. I have no problem leaving the apartment and staying out all day when it is sunny. When it is rainy and cold, sometimes I feel like I am going out to fight in the trenches. When its sunny, everyone out there is happier and outside and talkative and I am happy and just want to keep riding the countryside. Sun is beautiful.

We got a referral from BYU. We went to check it out, but only got as far as deciding which chunk of the apartments she lived in. We knocked on the one we thought was Michelle, and it was elderly man. We decided to knock every door asking for Michelle, until we found her, because Jesus wants her found and we will make it happen!. Well, we found her and were blessed for our act of faith. She is a very solid person!

I have come to realize what my greatest earthly possessions are, and I am pleased with the result. This week, we were at the church and I took out my mini New Testament and mini Book of Mormon.  I set it on the stage, then went back and they were gone. I searched the whole church and couldn’t find it. I was heartbroken. I was seriously about to cry. I could barely hold the tears back. I just moaned the whole way home and acted worse than a lover who just got dumped. It felt like the world had ended. We stopped by the sisters house to grab something, and out comes Sister Cassell with my mini scriptures. It was like Romney won the elections or something, I was so happy! I have put soooooo much work into that New testament. It is as tatooed as Angelina Jolie. If I take one thing with me anywhere it is that book. I also have my mini Book of Mormon, but I don’t get the chance to use it as much when we are out on the town. My Mini New Testament and my Normal Book of Mormon that I brought from home are my two greatest possessions in life. A place in my soul would be gone if I lost one of those two. My BoM from home is used a looooottttt for studying and I love it.

We have some really great people! The work is picking up. I feel like I am back in my Lincoln days. I have lots of motivation to work and follow rules, and we are both doing very well. Our Ward Mission Leader is really great. We have been talking and stuff is going to start happening! We went over to his house on Saturday for lunch and the Ripleys were there. They rock. I love them. It was great to see them.

We met a “Christian Naturalist” whom is an individual who is Christian but wanders around the forrest naked becoming one with God’s creations. New tracting idea?

Our investigators are solid! A sister in the mission referred us to her uncle in our boundries. On exchanges my companion and Elder Slavens went and found him.  He is very excited to come and  a really, really solid guy. He and his wife came to church. We have this kind of crazy guy, but he has come a long ways and came to church again. He is changing. We found this Tongan woman who babysits her nieces and nephews in our apartment complex, and she welcomes us in and is so nice to us. She is now interested and says her husband who is fishing in Alaska will be very interested. He is Samoan. We played around with all the kids, I miss kids so much! They were nice and respectful and fun. I am learning Tongan now too. And Tagolog (Philippines).

I skinnied my first tie. As I have mentioned, I love paisley ties. I had an awesome one, but it was very, very fat and looked awkward. So I made it skinny. Good for me!

I thought the doorbell was broken, so I knocked. Some lady came to the door and screamed at us “It is rude to knock and ring!!!!”, then slammed the door. Whoops. My bad. Last I checked, it was rude to scream and swear at people too.

Quote of the week from Cindy, our cowgirl investigator “I ain’t ever seen a u-haul behind a hearse. Ain’t nobody taking anything with ’em to Heaven or Hell.”

We knocked into an less active woman, and she went off on how she would be willing talk to us as soon as we start seeking out over weight people and helping them lose weight. Since smoking is against the Word of Wisdom, we help people with that addiction a lot. But apparently it’s as bad of a sin to be over weight, and we need to help those people too. So I think we will run down every heavy person we see and tell them they need to repent and be skinny.

I love y’all a bunch. God is great, root beer is good, and Tacoma is crazy.

It is great to be a missionary. I love teaching. There are now two sisters in the zone who are “Family History sisters”.


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