Chocolate Woes, Roller Skating, Pledge Waxed Floors, Royce Turns Six, Corbin Life Guard Certified and Elder Taggart!!!!

Elder Taggart's visit!  :)
Elder Taggart’s visit! 🙂
The house glowing  in the snow.
The house glowing in the snow.


Corbin spraying the wood floors with Pledge!  It was all fun and games while they slide at high speeds all over the house, until my feet flew out from under me on the stairs, while my arms were full.  I broke a toe and had a plethora of bruises.  Now Corbin has exhausted our Pledge storage and I won’t buy more.  Some parents have to worry about drugs, I just have to worry about addictions to overly waxed floors.  The kids will walk down the hall and suddenly end up on the floor.  He thinks he so funny…..

Family stomach sickness!  Dixon and I were the only people that didn’t get sick.  As soon as I had all the snow clothes washed, we moved right into throw up laundry (especially all the bedding).  I am so thankful for the “sanitary setting” on my washing machine.

Kevin coming close to speaking in Italy.  He played hardball and lost, but just the thought of going with him to Italy put a smirk on my face.  Maybe someday….

My “Willow Tree” statues breaking.  The kids keep knocking them over and breaking the heads off.  Then they hide them around the house and I have to ask for my head back!

"I've been beheaded!"  :(
“I’ve been beheaded!” 😦

Asking Royce if he had a good birthday.  Me:  “Did you have a great birthday Royce?”  RJ:  “Yes, but one thing.”  Me:  “What?”  RJ:  “It was too sunny!”  HA!

Girls putting the special ice cream cakes (for Royce’s birthday party) in the refrigerator instead of the freezer!!!  Kevin started putting them in the boxes and they were sloshing all over…..  I was not a happy camper, but I soon recovered and bought our first store bought cake!  Royce loved it!

Picking up Corbin from his lifeguard training after the pool had already shut down.  We got back as quickly as we could from the skating party…..  😦

Dixon wondering why I don’t have male body parts.  I told him that Heavenly Father made me a mommy and Daddy a daddy with daddy parts.  He then asked “Why would Jesus do that?”  He just turned three, so I gave up!

Dixon running to Corbin to tattle on me!  Dixon had stuck his tongue out at Merritt, so I flicked his mouth very lightly (he had already had a warning).  He stomped to the hallway and found Corbin and said “Mommy, ficked me!”  Corbin looked at him and said “Well, what did you do?”  He was not satisfied with that, so he ran to someone else.  It was awesome to hear Corbin automatically know it was for a good reason and to actually hear a child of mine tattle on me.  🙂

Going to a Periodontist and finding out I have to have gum grafting surgery and a lot of other procedures done (like a root canal, which seems small next to the surgery).  I was so sad and scared of being sedated (the only sedation I have had was my wisdom teeth 24 years ago!).  I pushed the appointment out until May 8th, so I can mentally prepare and be on our summer schedule for school.  😦  I will be down for three to four days and recovering for a month.  I am thankful that this is something I can sort of fix and is not terminal.

Looking at an old picture of the little kids, Me:  “You all used to be so cute!”  Corbin:  “Now I’m the only one that is cute!”

Addisen giving us parenting advice.  We decided to video her saying “When I am a parent….”  I don’t like the look on my face, so I won’t be posting it until she is 20 years older.  🙂  She was so cute in her delivery, that we were laughing a lot.  Her main issue is that we let Tessa stay for “Preach my Gospel” and some of our PG13 movies because she brushes my hair and rubs my shoulders.  She promises she will never let her kids do that.  Even though our PG13 is on Clear Play.  I told her to get back to me after she has had eight kids.

Giving up chocolate AGAIN!  I have made it all week and I feel great, but it is so depressing.  I think I seriously self medicate with my wonderful treats.  I love the way I get to eat them and save them until the kids aren’t around.  Oh well, I will figure out another way to be happy!  My body feels so much better.  This is the first time I have conquered being gluten and chocolate free.  My goal is two weeks and then I will assess the situation.  🙂

Addisen videoing me at a self pitying moment as I was lamenting my loss of chocolate.  Thankfully, the other kids were in bed and the video didn’t turn out.

Dixon falling asleep in the car!  He fell over and never knew it.  🙂  1972314_678736772168499_1662620733_n


SNOW!  It’s been over a month since I’ve written, so the snow is still included.  🙂  We had so much fun in the snow.  I  picked up Kevin from the airport just in time before the snow closed things down.  He was almost rerouted to Memphis.  Kevin walked in, ate a yummy soup dinner with us, and then played for hours with the kids and neighbors in the snow.  He pulled the kids + neighbors behind the Suburban – a great time was had by all.  I helped with all the cold hands (DJ “I need new glove socks”), and bodies as they went in and out of the house.  I loved how warm the house was as the snow piled up outside.  It was a magical night.

Addisen and Julianna!  :)
Addisen and Julianna! 🙂
Tessa and Hadley!
Tessa and Hadley!


Tessa makes a snowman for our wonderful neighbor Besty.  :)

Tessa makes a snowman for our wonderful neighbor Betsy. 🙂


Letting the kids drink hot chocolate in the jet bathtub.  Royce was so frozen, he was crying.  We had to thaw him out slowly.  😦

Public school having many days off of school.   This works for us because the kids get to hang out with their friends.  It was like having Christmas Break during February.  Loved it!


Merritt baking muffins all by herself!  🙂


Piano Festival for Merritt and Hadley (Tessa was puking).  🙂

Kevin and I getting to see the second new video at the temple again.  It was the first night the temple was open after cleaning, so we were super excited.  We took a trip alone and loved getting to be together.

Dixon asking anyone that arrives in a room “Where you been?”.

Royce turning SIX!!!  I tried really hard to not let him grow up, but he figured out how to.  We had our first “real birthday party” at a skating rink (only because we previously won it and it was free).  🙂  He loved his birthday and wants to have another one really soon.  🙂

Happy birthday to Roycee!
Happy birthday to Roycee!

Corbin getting Red Cross Lifeguard Certified!!!  He did this even with the stomach sickness (thankfully the sickness was on the day they weren’t in the pool).  We are so proud of him!

Merritt teaching Dixon that a knife is “owey, owey”.  MJ:  “What’s this Dixon?  Spoon, Fork and Owey, Owey”

Royce getting a Darth Vader birthday card from Bryson.  He loved punching the little guy out and promptly put him on his shoulder as a shoulder angel.  He wore it there for most of the day.  He was so careful and wouldn’t move his shoulder.  We kept laughing (in private, because he didn’t think it was funny).  So cute!  Thank you Bubba!

I'm still laughing and loving this!  :)  He has his little buddy.
I’m still laughing and loving this! 🙂 He has his little buddy.

Putting a clock in the little boys room because it was getting light so early (before the time change).  I taught them that they couldn’t come out until the seven was in the left spot.  I didn’t think Dixon would understand it, but a couple mornings later he came in and saw my clock with a seven in the left spot and yelled “Seben o’clock, it’s time to get up!”.

The kids reminding me of how they used to call their gummi vitamins “Roli, Poli, Oli’s”.

Having Elder Tyler Taggart come back and stay with us.  He and one of his companions Elder Tyler Ruff were such a blessing in the house.  They played with the kids and filled us right up.  They are outstanding young men.  They taught us so many things that their mission president had taught them.  It’s amazing that one man can have such a lasting influence on so many people.  Then it is passed on for years.  It was sad to see them go…. 😦  1922281_673251366050373_1394091452_n1002658_673251436050366_1813003150_n

Kevin and I realizing that the quickest way to get teenagers to go to bed is to start kissing!

Going to the temple with our Sealing Team and laughing so hard.  Loved it!

Roller skating on $1.00 night.  There were other families we know there and it was so fun!  I LOVED getting to skate with my kids.  I was not happy Corbin beat me at the speed skate!  🙂

Loving my Classical Conversations Group.  It has filled in all the holes for our home schooling.  We are working on Memory Masters for hours each day.  Our brains are fried!

Cutting Addisen’s hair.  It worked until all the girls were lined up and I ended up cutting hair forever.  🙂  Bentley happen to be at the vet getting shaved that day too.

Addisen making her apartment reservations at BYU-I.   It is really exciting see where she will be and imagine how much fun it will be.  She will be rooming with Bree Carrick and we are so happy for her.  My Mommy’s heart has a great, big, huge wall around it.  I do get momentarily emotional about it, but I’m focusing on how excited I am for her.


Corbin reliving his old box fort days.


Dixon making me seatbelt his gun in next to him.

Taking the kids to Indian Creek Park.  The girls hooked up the trailer, and loaded all the bikes in.  It was a beautiful day for the park and riding bikes.  While the kids were on a bike ride, I helped Dixon ride around the playground.  I kept reminding him to “look up”.  As his pedals wouldn’t work with his feet, he would say “I can’t do it.”.  I’ve never had one of my little people say this.  So, I showed him how to do it and helped him say “I know I can do it!”.  After a couple of laps he was doing better.  When the other kids got back, Dixon hopped on and tried to follow Royce around.  He rode off the path, crashed and was run over, but every time he brushed himself off and said “I know I can do it!”  I watched from my park bench and cried as I realized I just sent my last little guy off with the other kids…..



Kevin finishing with the New York contract.  It was a great experience, but we are so happy to have him home more.


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