Basketball with Church Tours, Being Sick, Comping with Feki, Knocking on Doors – Bryson On His Mission – Weeks 38 & 39


Feb. 24, 2014

Hello. How’s it going down there. It has rained for as long as I can remember.  🙂

This was a good week! Our stake is having a big basketball league. One team for each ward. For a non member to play, they need to take a church tour. This week was the last week for church tours. Church tours are great because the church is great.  No matter what, they will feel the spirit in the church, which is pretty important to us. Tuesday we gave one of our teams a church tour. Seven people were on that one. The next night we gave a bunch more. Every Saturday they have games at the stake center, all day. Lots of non- members trapped in a church all day. Sounds like a place for missionaries to be.  We had a few people that we had gotten to know and they are now investigators.   We were there from 7 am to 2 pm and gave church tours all day. By the end of the week, we had given church tours to 25 people. That alone makes a good week! A lot of them were there just to play ball, but a few were interested and are planning on coming to church and more. All those churh tours were very good! Loved feeling the spirit and teaching somewhere that wasn’t a doorstep.

We knock so much, that every single dream I have starts off with me and Elder Muli knocking. Then something crazy happens like North Koreans trying to kill us, or a tiger chases me.  Sometimes, it starts raining too much and we drown. Fun dreams right?

We knocked and biked. Good stuff. We pray a lot, so we find entertaining ways to decide who prays. Mostly we just do rock, paper, scissors, but I always win.

We had a fireside last night! It was really really great. I love them. Lots of spirit. Lots of love.

Studying is great. I love being able to study. I have my little military scriptures that I carry everywhere with me, and my normal ones.  They are both all marked up and well used. There is so much to learn and so little time.

I’ve been out for a long time. It is weird. Already in week four of this transfer and I feel like I have only been here for a little bit.

Our ward is great! Solid people.

Anything else? Doing great. Elder Muli is awesome. He comes from a very, very different background. Being from Australia and then his accent.  I don’t get a lot of what he says the first time.

March 3, 2014

Hey! Good and bad week!  Thursday, we had zone conference. I learned a lot! The ZL’s gave church tours and I learned a lot from President. I woke up really sick, and started dying near the end of conference. I got home and sat down and died.  I woke up around 8:30 am. Someone called me, and even thought I knew their voice and they told me who it was, I couldn’t figure out who I was talking too. I was kind of hallucinating. We were also out of toilet paper, so my nose is raw from the lack thereof. Then Muli got it. Good stuff!

Lots of people have told me I look like Kolipoki. I call Elder Muli, Feki, and he calls me Kolipoki! “Hurrah for Israel!”

We had some of our most solid people drop us this week. Kind of sad. We taught a few good lessons though. We give our message at the door, and when they say yes to learning about us, we are kind of taken back like, oh wow.  Sweet. Then we give it to them. Then we baptize them on the spot. JK! It is real cool testifying on the doorstep!

There is this really great family, the Williams.  They have homeschooled one of their kids, and pulled another out this week. I love em! There is also the Greys.   They are so funny and their kids are way cool. We are working with them to get with this investigator who has come to church with his family. He bore his testimony in Sacrament Meeting. There is also a part member family that we are starting to work with. They have a kid who can be baptized soon and we are going to teach him.

The weather has been pretty good this week.  I only had to wear a sweatshirt on some of the days!  It was sunny too!!!  So happy.  The rain has come to mean a lot to mean. (months of work and sacrifice in the rain). When it rains, unless I am soaked, I love it. Kind of.  🙂

Royce’s card was kind of late. I wasn’t able to get it to him in time! Love you Royce!

Kind of a rough week,  but I keep on going! Our mission is doing this March Madness thing.  We do all these assignments and mail them in.  Then at the end of March you get to have a cool zone activity, like laser tag. My mission is so cool.

Love you.  I wish I could put more missionary related stuff on this, but there isn’t a lot more than knocking and biking. When we weren’t sick, we biked pretty far out. We have a beautiful ward.


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