Knock’n and Bike’n, His Companion, I Love My Bike – Bryson On His Mission – Week 37


Hey! Good week. My ward is awesome. There is a lot of really solid and cool families. I got to know them a little on Sunday. We made up a new food calendar and  got a few families on it  We have been getting to know some families decently. I hope I stay here for a bit.

Elder Muliaga and I pretty much still knock doors and bike. The area is kinda big. But it builds character. We taught an insane amount of lessons this week and worked pretty hard. But doorstep lessons don’t usually go anywhere. We are working on finding solid people. Pray for us please.  🙂 The sisters were having a baptism on Saturday, and we wanted to bring people, so we tried really hard on Friday to find people to bring to it. We found two guys, Mike and Norman. Both are nice. We took them on a church tour and then to the baptism. It went well!  Norman came to church with us the next day.  That went well!  I am blanking on what we did this week.  A lot of knocking. Elder Muliaga is a funny guy.  I don’t remember if I said this last week, but the other elders locked themselves out of their apartment and spent the night at our house.

Thanks for outfitting me so great.  It makes it so I don’t have to be distracted and I can just work.  Thanks for the letter.  🙂  Am I missing anything?  My bike, it is serving me very, very well. I love it. I worship it. Gracias Madre, bonita.


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