Transfers, “Bring to Pass…”, Socks, Restoration Movie (Must Watch) – Bryson On His Mission – Week 35


Hey!  I might have to be quick, got a ton of e-mails that I didn’t respond to last week!

So! Got transfer calls! Oliphant is staying! Barney is going to Olympia, and Johnsen is now AP. Haha, I am comps with an AP!!!! He will be AP when the new mission president comes in. Johnsen is seriously the best. I knocked with him his last time knocking with us. We both totally forgot that he was going AP.  🙂 I am going to the Brookdale Area!  That is 2 areas away from where I am now. Still Lakewood Stake. Nicer area. I will be on bike again! Might be setting a record for longest on bike. I will be there with Elder Muliaga, who came out with me.  I wrote about our exchange a few weeks ago. Love him to death. He is really a quiet guy, but he is really sincere and personable when it comes to missionary work. And funny. 🙂

Just in over the speaker system at the library “Would the owner of the red shopping cart near the fence please come and move it”. Gotta love Lakewood.

On Tuesday, I knocked with Barney. We ran into this lady, and she was nice to us!  She said her name was Sam, and I realized that she is an investigator who had stopped progressing. Well, we talked for a long time, and felt the spirit, and I realized she was solid!  I talked to her about bearing her testimony, the coming Sunday. The next day, we met with her and taught her. I felt like I needed to be bold. I realized, that when you are bold, you need to really make sure that they can feel your love for them at the same time.  I knew she knew that I loved her and that God loved her.  So I went all bold on her. It was crazy. Took the other guys by surprise. She is on date for this weekend!

Sunday. It was amazing. One of those Sundays where you just sit and think, this is why I am here! Sam came to church, and the second councilor had an amazing first testimony, and after that lots of good testimonies. Sam, Elder Johnsen and I all went up. Sam gave an awesome testimony, and told everyone about her baptism and how she is excited and ready for this commitment. Elder Johnsen got up and talked real quick about everyone being missionaries and working together. I got up and talked about the Book of Mormon. It is cool to see how far Ive come! I got up, not nervous or joking or anything  I just talked about how true and good the Book is and how it changes lives. It was quick. After the ending prayer, Elder Johnsen and I look at each other and we both are just about to cry, because of the spirit and transfer calls and just being a missionary. I love this!!!

I had a cool thought! We talk about how Gods purpose is “To bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man”. I’ve always though of that in a receiving way. That’s why I am here, to gain salvation. God will help men do that! But, I realized, that right now, I am kind of on the administering end. We go around, helping people know and do what is necessary for immortality and eternal life. I  can’t give salvation, but I am here to help other people get there themselves. That scripture is a great one, because it shows Gods love for us. But I see that I am here not only to get all that, but to help God in his goal for us all to have eternal life. Does that make sense? Love you:)

So. Khakis are allowed during the spring fall and summer. I think they look pretty good? What do you think Momma? When it comes time, would I look stupid in khakis and a white shirt?

Next time you are feeling like you need some more church music, I would love Mendy Gledhills church cd, and hymns on string:)

Big moment in my life! For the first time ever, after laundry, I have come out with an even amount of socks!! Not only that, but all the socks had a match!!! Its a big day for Jonesy! And, I saw that one of my drawers was not pushed in, and I thought of you and pushed it in. And I put my clothes away on time.

Dad. You are the best! Happy birthday. I look at you, and I am amazed at how you do it. Keep being great. This week I was thinking of how great I was raised. Things that I thought were annoying and dumb and strict. I didn’t like them. Like wearing church clothes all day Sunday, and sitting up in church, stuff like that. Scripture study, Preach My Gospel, good music and movies. I look forward at my own life, and I see decisions that I will have to make. I look at some now, and decide that I will do the right thing, even if I don’t want to. And then I realized, all those things that y’all did, you did it because you are really, really obedient.  You want to do your best, to show God that you love him and that you’re trying your best! Like sitting up in church. I never slouch now because I am a missionary and I love church, but if I had a son that was sitting next to me and slouching in church, I would knock him upside the head. If he argued about church clothes or scripture study, I would tell him he is stupid, because we do scripture study to be obedient, and there are blessing from being obedient. I don’t think that I understood all of that growing up. I thank you for being so patient with me. I can see that you have a muich better understanding of things than I do, and I am glad that you raised us like you do! Love you daddy!  Just to clarify, we never “knocked him upside the head”, well maybe never.  But we certainly never called him stupid…..

The hour long Restoration movie is so good. Gets me every time. I was watching it with Elder Johnsen last night, and I totally had a tear run down my face. When they have to do surgery on his leg, all I could think is that they are doing it to my little Roycer or Dixon. When he bites down on the leather and looks up cross eyed at his Dad, I lost it. So much for being a man!

Elder Major, who is a legend in Lakewood, and went home a while ago, plays young Hyrum in that movie. In his last testimony he acted out a funny part.:)

I love y’all so much:) Keep being awesome missionaries! Y’all are great

Oh yea, totally forgot. Everytime the Seahawks have played a football game, our knocking only annoys people. It is horrible! That game two weeks ago was like a joke. But right after they pulled ahead, we knocked and some teenager comes to the door and says” Did you see that???!!!” Then he runs and give Elder Barney and I hugs and yells go Hawks!!! Then runs inside~! Yesterday for the superbowl, the whole zone met for a “Scripture bowl” and dinner. We didn’t want to get shot for breaking up peoples super bowl parties:) It was fun! Going to Red Robin for transfer lunch. Cant wait!!!!


One thought on “Transfers, “Bring to Pass…”, Socks, Restoration Movie (Must Watch) – Bryson On His Mission – Week 35”

  1. And I thought my mom and dad were strict. They still let me climb under the church pews when I was little. uh oh. Guess that’s the cause of my “question authority” behavior. Oh well. I like them for that! Aunt Peggy

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