New Companion, Baptizing, Snow, Firesides, and Great Music – Bryson On His Mission – Week 36


Hey everyone. Being a missionary is awesome. I think that I sometimes say too many negative things in my e-mails and that I am not sounding as excited as I really am about missionary work. I love it! It’s the best thing ever!!!

This week was good!  Said goodbye to all my companions, and went to Brookdale!  Elder Muliaga is a way cool guy. He is confident and amazing. He is really quiet, and also really great with people. Everybody just loves to talk with him. He is very loving. We get along great and have lots of fun! In this area, pretty much all that happened the last two transfers was biking and knocking. Which is what we do now.  At least we aren’t in the ghetto anymore.

Remember Sam?  Who I put on date in Lakewood and then she bore her testimony? Well, she got baptized. Cool thing though…..   Elder Muliaga served his first two transfers in Lakewood. He was the one that originally found her and taught her. Then after a while she kind of dropped off. Then I found her again and got her back on date! So Elder Muliaga got to baptize her when we went back! We are the two missionaries that have worked with her the most, so it was really cool that we are comps now.  Sam is great!

It snowed a ton. It was coming down real hard and President had us all go home an hour early. We stayed outside in our parking lot and played. Elder Muliaga hasn’t really seen snow before and he loved it!

We had a fireside! A bunch of missionaries get together and sing songs and there are a few special musical numbers and a few testimonies. It is really, really spiritual. We got to go practice on Saturday morning, and then Sunday night we had the fireside. It was incredible! We sang Called to Serve, He sent His Son, I Stand all Amazed, The EFY medley song, and Amazing Grace!   It was so good. One of my investigators from Lakewood was there. And a bunch of my Lincoln people! The Ripleys were there and I got to talk to them. The are just the coolest. Sister Ripley’s Dad is my Ward Mission Leader in Brookdale, so I might see them sometime!   There were some good testimonies.  A Cambodian sister, a Spanish Elder, an Elder from Germany, and a few others gave really good testimonies. There is a really good eight person “Jesus Savior Pilot Me” and six girls sang Lead Kindly Light . There are six different notes the whole time and it sounded really great. The spirit was strong, and then we sang Amazing Grace. You just give it everything that you have. Singing as loud as we can. There’s a part where we sing the chorus at the end without the piano, and the spirit hits everyone and everyone just cries. Great stuff!

Not a lot happened this week. Just a lot of knocking. A lot of doorstep lessons. Lots of freezing. A Sister got frostbite on her toes! I was worried about that, but everyone told me I was crazy. Not so! One day I came home and I didn’t get feeling back into my toes for over an hour. But my Columbia jacket is amazing!  My shoes keep me dry, and I have good gloves. 🙂 And those socks you sent help a ton!

I don’t really know what else to say. It has been a long week, but really good. Now I am used to this whole meal thing, so we have a little more time at night, but now member relations are really suffering! I talked to Elder Barney and he said in the MTC pretty much all they talk about is member-missionary work.  It’s hard to get to know members when you never see them other than church. Any suggestions? Because we pretty much knock all day and it not the best way, but it’s hard to interrupt a family when they are so busy.

I love you. A lot.  I really want to live in a warm place, forever. I hate the cold! I miss the sun. Even if it were sunny and cold. Being a missionary is the greatest though. I makes me so happy. We really get to help some people. I love the scriptures. Never can get enough of them.


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