Toaster Fire, Slaves, Oregon, Three Leaks, Haunt You Down, Land Blasted and Bad Guys Are Real!!!!

(NOTE FROM KEVIN: This is a family tradition.  One that I am not very fond of, but nonetheless…)


Tessa’s goal in life:  “I want to watch an entire movie without having to pause it.”  When you have a big family, you have to pause all the time to answer questions and talk to the people that get home, etc.  🙂

Realizing that it isn’t “land blasted”, but lambasted.  This is very sad at my age….  I had a good laugh at myself though.

Tessa telling me that she would get carrots out and eat them when her friends were over.  The reason was to make it look like she could eat when ever she wanted, without asking.  Carrots are allowed at any time of the day.  🙂  Poor Tessa!

Me to Corbin:  “You should brush your gums better, like this….”  Corbin:  “Then you need to get me a new toothbrush, mine is all stubby from my braces.”  Me:  “There is a closet upstairs, that you can always get a toothbrush from.”  Corbin:  “WHAT? You mean I can have a new toothbrush at some other time than the dentist or my stocking?”

Fire in the toaster!  Kids were trying to put it out (at least they thought to unplug it)!  I looked for big toast chunks, etc, to no avail.  I finally look in it and saw a gooey glob all over the place.  Dixon very proudly showed us how he had poured the sugar jar into it.  We got a new toaster later that week….

Dixon informing me that his cereal was hiding.  I asked where and he said “I don’t know, where?”  We looked for awhile and found it in my bedroom, in my blanket box.  NICE!!!  He thinks he’s so funny….

Tessa:  “Futler” = Footman/Butler  🙂

Gaining eight pounds during the holidays!!!  Uggghhh!  The hardest part is breaking the habit of eating my sweets!  I love my York Mints.  I can eat an entire bag in one day!  I’m getting on top of it though.  Three pounds down, five to go.  I consider my happy, little love handles, my friends.  🙂

Dixon crying and whining because he wants to take a bath.  I said no, because he splashed water everywhere.  Royce was trying to convince me to let them take a bath and said “Dixon was just angry for a bit, that was why he got the entire bathroom wet.”  Story of our lives….

Corbin freaking me out!  I finished drying my hair (with my eyes closed, I never knew I did this). I opened them, and he was sitting there on the counter, right in front of me.  I didn’t hear a thing, as he came in.  I screamed sooooo loudly!

Royce:  “Is Winnie the Pooh real,  just a guy dressed up, or a cartoon?”  I referred him to Uncle Justin, since he told me Winnie the Pooh lives off of Walker Road in Portland.

Leaving my kids for our Oregon trip.  It really pulls at my heart strings, but once I’m gone, I am just fine.  Actually, once I left this time, I relaxed so much that I was worried I wouldn’t be able to go back and get into high gear again!  I gain so much perspective when I get a little trip away.

Kevin leaving Oregon after two days of our trip.  He had to get to NYC to work.  We still had a great time while we were there.  He returned two weeks later for a speaking assignment.  🙂

Three leaks in our house in two weeks!  One dripping in our dining room window (from upstairs).  One through the wall in our bathroom to our dining/living room ceiling.  Lastly, Dixon turned on the faucet in the laundry room on Sunday morning (while Kevin and I were in Oregon).  There were towels in the sink waiting to be washed.  It flooded over and filled up the ceiling in the bathroom down stairs (coming through the fan in the ceiling).  Thankfully, Tessa heard the water gushing and screamed.  I happen to be on the phone and helped them.  Our fabulous neighbor, Jerry Ray, saved the day and checked everything out for us.  We have stopped all the leaks, but still need to repair and paint two walls and one ceiling.  It could have been so much worse.  🙂  1013328_663772153664961_265956224_n 1899960_663772250331618_1295313228_n

Tessa thinking everyone was saying “Haunt you down”.  I wonder where she gets it from?   🙂

Royce:  “You know those Super Hero’s?  They wear their underwear on the outside, but they figure it out in the last movies. I saw a commercial.”  Ha!

Dixon sticking his mouth in a lamp socket.  It was sitting in the hallway, and thankfully wasn’t plugged in!

Dixon climbing the ladder up to one of our leaks (dripping through our living room ceiling).  We had bowls catching the water, but he stuck his tongue out and drank the drips.

We were watching a trailer for the movie “Saratov Approach”

.  Royce turned to me and said “I didn’t know bad guys were real!!!”  I said:  “Mommy and Daddy only put you in safe places.  I’ve never seen a real bad guy, only in the movies.”   Royce:  “It’s ok, I would get my weapons downstairs and fight and kick him like this!”

Corbin and Tessa arguing too much.  Kevin was home and so he decided to take care of it.  It worked!  He made them sit on the couch in the living room and read “The Peace Giver” out loud to each other.  They hated this and didn’t resolve their relationship.  So, he put them to work.  They had to be his slaves (together) unless they were sleeping or doing school.  After a couple days of a lot of hard work in 20 degree weather, we had things really cleaned out and they were great friends.  They finished it with singing a hymn together for us and explaining to the other kids what happened and why it’s so important to be kind and love each other.  Go Kevin!


Dixon and Addy loving the Superman (Man of Steel) song!  999997_407045412731672_1233592605_n1509014_407045379398342_1254949869_n

The family at Spaghetti Factory!
The family at Spaghetti Factory!

Bryson’s Christmas present for us.  So neat!  🙂  1606836_663786360330207_1120067917_n

Finally finishing my memorization of Joseph Smith History verses 11-20,  I wasn’t rushed, so I would take my little strips of paper on my run for a week (to memorize them), then let it solidify for a month or so (longer if life was super crazy).  Now I am rotating each day with reviewing this, the Family Proclamation (, the Young Women Theme (, The Articles of Faith ( and a few other things.  I plan on memorizing some scriptures, that Bryson said are important, next.  We’ll see how slowly I do that!  At least I am reviewing, so I can say it all (in my head!).

Bryson sending a sweet note about my hands: “Love you Mommy. I think the hands thing is funny too! I really looked at your hands more than the ring, and realized how much I miss your hands. You’ve done so much for us with your hands. From cooking to rubbing our back as we throw up, to playing ball with us and cleaning our pee off the seats. Love you Momma. Your hands have a story to tell. You do great work with them. ”  🙂

Me to Dixon:  “No way, Jose!”  Dixon:  “Yes way, Jose!”  🙂

Girls making a yarn jungle in their bedroom.  Fun until we came home to Bentley being all tied up in it!

Hadley sleeping in bed with different kids.  She is a crazy sleeper, so they must really like her!  It’s so sweet to see her sleeping with different kids.  1656098_663772120331631_1178194948_n

Royce:  “Is there any such thing like the dark side?”  Me:  “Sort of.”  Royce:  “I am ok with the dark, but not with the dark side.”  Love this boy!

Listening to Pandora and “I Love to See the Temple” by Paul Cardall was playing.  There is a picture of two little boys looking over a railing.  I saw this a couple years ago and cried and cried, because I never thought I would make it to that stage (the stage I was in was REALLY hard!).  I saw it again a couple weeks ago and realized I have made it.  Life is wonderful and I love the stage we are in.  All is well for now and I feel so happy and blessed!  1622611_663772270331616_15473776_n

Comparing my third grade pictures with Hadley.  Maybe she looks like me, a little?   1533927_651470304895146_1451602319_n

Rocket Center and Di Vinci exhibit!  1898088_663772293664947_1790373900_n15127_663772306998279_1333045146_n1618433_663772350331608_1311027877_n

Running into our Bishop and his family at the Huntsville airport.  They were on the same flight to Atlanta.  We couldn’t post the picture earlier, because we didn’t want people to know that they were out of town.  1012283_663772220331621_1817082750_n

Getting to ride first class on some of the legs of my flights.  I LOVE FIRST CLASS!  Thank you Kevin for all the flying you do!

Kevin and I snuggling up together on our plane ride to Oregon!!!  Getting to see my PDX carpet.  They are replacing it soon, so I had to get a picture with it when I got there.  I know I’m home when I look down in Portland.  Love me some Oregon!

My Dad’s Retirement Party!  He worked until he was 70 years old.  What an awesome example, not that he seems 70.  He was just body surfing in Kauai.  I love my parents zest for life.  Thank you Mom and Dad for your example and love!    1526942_652112321497611_1726941736_n

Spaghetti Factory with my family!  So fun to see everyone and celebrate.  I had a hard time getting warm the entire time I was in Oregon.  The wetness in the air just seeped right into my bones.  I still LOVED our trip!  I even got to celebrate my birthday with family and friends.  My Mom took me shopping for clothes.  I hate shopping, so it was a treat to get to do it with my Mom.  She fixed me a yummy, relaxing dinner  too.  We got to go to church in Farmington Ward.  It was so perfect!  Our mouths hurt from smiling so much.  We truly love it there.  I was all filled up by this entire trip.  It was just one great person after another.  Wow!  I feel so blessed to get to spend life with all these wonderful people.  I’m sure Heaven will be getting to be with all the people I love at one time….

Dad's retirement party!

Spaghetti Factory birthday!

Spaghetti Factory birthday!

Drying my hair over the heating vent at home in Portland.  I had forgotten how I would do that growing up.  My hair gets dry in two minutes (that’s really fast compared to a hair dryer – 10 minutes).  It was so fun to lay on the floor again and have the same feelings from when I was younger.  🙂  1798022_663772170331626_684809943_n

Getting to go to the Portland Temple with Kevin!  We got to see the second new video.  It was perfect!

Coming home to a perfectly clean house.  I mean really clean!  Addisen and the kids did such an amazing job while we were gone!  You have no idea how nice it was to walk in and not feel like I need to clean up.  I got to just visit with the older kids and enjoy them.  1618710_653906107984899_558552184_n

Kids sending me birthday wishes in over FB.  :)  Love them!
Kids sending me birthday wishes in over FB. 🙂 Love them!

Royce and Dixon getting new Batman and Superman underwear.  They were so excited when they got home, that they took their clothes off and ran around in their underwear with their capes.  Royce wouldn’t wear one pair because Joker was on it.  We told him it was ok, because Batman gets Joker on his backend.  🙂

Corbin getting to go camping. Kevin met the troop in the morning for some shooting.

Rewarding the kids with going to see “Frozen”, for doing scriptures and prayer everyday while we were gone.  They also had to be “Team Jones”.  We LOVED the movie and now they sing it constantly!  During the movie Dixon kept saying “That’s so sad”.  🙂  He even sings “Let it go”.

Dixon’s three year old well check.  He was so good and cute!  He only cried for about five seconds after his two shots.  I spread out my kids immunizations, so I love that they are all caught up by three years old.  148650_657492794292897_731292958_n

Homecoming and Senior night for basket ball.  Kevin and I almost had to miss it, but at the last minute we got to attend.  We were so happy to be there for Corbin and Addisen’s games.  We still can’t believe Addisen is a Senior.  😦  1002204_658717547503755_778712738_n

Home Depot cars.  🙂  1508575_663772086998301_1704729659_n1016350_663772070331636_1729395022_n

Kevin’s birthday!  We were so happy that he gets to be home more often, rather than traveling to NYC every week.  He got to be here for his birthday and we loved it.  It was so fun to watch him play with the kids.  We have a tradition of asking Kevin to do his “You are invited to Mark Lindsey’s birthday party” rendition.  He will only do it on someones birthday and it makes us laugh!  We talked him into it…. Please ignore the three year old that takes his clothes off after dinner,  it’s time for his shower.  🙂  


Addisen getting accepted into BYU-I.  We are so happy that it all worked out (it’s always scary for a home schooler).  She is now waiting on BYU-Provo.  That will decide which one she goes to.  We’re super excited for her, but so sad to see her go.

Dixon spilling his milk AGAIN.  He is so cute, right afterwards he says “Oh, I’m so sorry Mommy”.  If he would stop trying to pour the huge milk jug himself…..

Dixon lining up his rocket papers on the piano and playing rocket music.  He would play and then say “blastoff”.

New Beginnings for Addisen and Tessa.  This is a Young Women event to introduce the theme for the new year.  All the young women did a fabulous job!  I realized that night that it was the last one for Addy.  😦  I can still remember her first one.  I had to stick my other five kids in a room with books, so I could go to it.  She was so cute and now she is so grown up.  So proud!  I love you, my Addisen!

Geography Fair!  Our LDS Home School group provided a fabulous morning for the kids.  We got to eat food from all the different states and it was soooooo good!  Our kids did Pennsylvania and Oregon.  1010958_663772043664972_1902870730_n1604754_663772013664975_1692778161_n

Finally getting some snow!

Our Olaf snowman
Our Olaf snowman

We had a snow day and loved the hot chocolate and cookies.  64664_663593413682835_1207121436_n1920551_663532443688932_508657704_n1926665_663532400355603_825687736_n

I had to hold the kids off until 8:00 am.  We have such fabulous neighbors.  The kids were at many other homes in the nieghborhood,  mixed with our house.  Tina Darby had the kids over to make Valentine crafts.  We are blessed with such wonderful people in our lives.

Tina Darby's cute Valentine crafts.
Tina Darby’s cute Valentine crafts.

Running in the snow.  I love the silence out there.  No cars or people.  The snow buffers the sounds of everything.  It’s a great way to start the day.  🙂


One thought on “Toaster Fire, Slaves, Oregon, Three Leaks, Haunt You Down, Land Blasted and Bad Guys Are Real!!!!”

  1. Kelly! We loved seeing you and Kevin even if for a few minutes! Sorry Jared missed it. I too LOVE the song by Paul Cardall. Makes me cry every time I hear it. I love that you got to come home to a clean house after your trip and that your kids made that possible for you. And I LOVE the kids birthday card photo. Soooo clever!!!

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