Companions, “Praise the Lord!”, Wickens, What I Have Learned – Bryson On His Mission – Week 34


Real quick, can you send my memory card back!  I want to send you the latest one.  🙂

Sorry I am typing really, really quickly so I can fit it all in!

Elder Oliphant was home schooled, and from 9 kids  It sounds like they did his education a lot like us.  So his mom may try tyo find you. I love Oliphant, once you peel back the surface, he’s been wonderful to get to know better. We get a long well.   Elder Johnson is a Star Wars addict. I never realized how much Star Wars is a part of me. I have probably watched more of that than anything in my whole life.  We are always wishing we could just watch it. I can’t wait for the new one! Barney and I are cool! I give him tuck, tucks every night.  Haha, and sing him the “Angel Song”. I think he hates it, but loves it too  🙂

I watched a dog get hit. We were teaching Everett in the dark, in the ghetto. This dog bolted after this guy and got ran over. It was crazy!

A man we have been teaching got baptized. After he came out of the water, he loudly said , “Praise the Lord”  Then he gave Bishop a hug, turns toward all of us and says “I will walk in the path of the Lord and keep the covenants of the Saints!” So neat.

I was able to get an Atheist, that we found, to let us come back. Elder Barney and I went, and it turns out that she lives with a Wiken and an Agnostic man. I ended up teaching the Plan of Salvation to all of them!  That was crazy. They all believed completely different things. Then, I got to hold their snakes. That was scary. They had 3 of them. Afterwards I realized they were probably possessed demonic snakes, used in these moon phase rituals, but I survived.:)


So, I was planning on not emailing today, cause I have about 20 emails to other people that I really need to answer, but I liked Dad’s question, so I will answer that in the short time I have!

Bryson’s response to Kevin’s questions

OK – you have been out 8 months (1/3 of your mission) and….  What?  What have you learned?  What are you glad you did before to prepare? What do you wish you had done before that you didn’t? What perspectives have you gained that you think you will take with you all of your life?

One third of my mission!! I made it! Elder Oliphant and I hit our 8 month mark at the same time. That was cool.

I feel like the biggest thing you can do before is having a solid testimony. You learn all the scriptures and stuff once you’re out, and it’s still good to study that, but if you can stand up to a scary man and bare your testimony, that is a good place to be! Also, if you are a good missionary back home, you will be a good one out here.

Not being scared to teach your friends about Mormonism and inviting them to stuff is great. Almost every missionary here is from Utah, Idaho or Arizona. The other days I said, do y’all remember when you used to blame not playing on Sundays on your parents? Instead of admitting that you don’t do it cause of your religion? They all looked at me with the weirdest expressions. They all said they never had to, cause they only knew Mormons. We talked for a while, and they seriously had to deal with nothing compared to what I did!  But I am so grateful for it, cause I was a missionary my whole life, instead of just out here.

I look at missionary work differently because I had missionary experiences before I came out. I am the only guy that I know that has been out with the missionaries while a teenager. I learned a lot. I didn’t have to learn different things once I got out here. So I would say the most important preparation you could attain, is to get a solid testimony, learn how to bare your testimony, and be a missionary with your friends. Most members can’t be missionaries with their friends. If you get that down before you leave, you have an advantage.

I wish I had been more mature, so that when I got out here I was more mature. Being immature out here is really hard. 🙂 Memorize the first vision, Doctrine and Covenants 4, and know Preach my Gospel!!!!

My hero is Peter. That man. He is the rock. He says he will not deny Jesus. You know how much he loves Jesus. Then he denies him. The scriptures said that he went outside and wept bitterly. There is so much heart break in that verse. Then Jesus comes and says “Lovest thou me?”, three times. He then says, feed my sheep.

Rob Gardners “Lamb of God”. Look it up dad. It has a few good ones on there that make you think!   Lord is it I?   Theres a song where Peter sings, after denying him, “I know this man!”

I feel like Peter sometimes. I have messed up. I have not been who I should be for a long time. But I love the Lord.  Jesus tells Peter, feed my sheep.  It sounds like he is referring back to when he denied him three times. So, he goes on to be an incredible missionary.  I kind of feel like him. I have shown my love at different times, but He gives us second chances. I am going to feed his sheep and be bold like Peter!!!!

I didn’t get to finish. We had to leave! Anyways, I want to be like Peter. We went from denying Christ, to baptizing thousands and people wanting to be in his shadow as he passes by. The scripture says that is was bold, and you can tell he is just going everywhere spreading the word, and doesn’t back down, even when he could be killed.  I recently have been working on being bold!  I really love to have people be happy and comfortable, so I hate it when people are forceful or awkward. Being bold is different, and I am doing it!  I am trying to be a missionary in every little thought.

Today, while driving to the library, I saw a guy who was in a wheel chair, and had one arm an one leg and was trying to get up the hill. We slowed down for a light, and I jumped out and went and pushed him down a block or two. Not that that is amazing, but having helping people the very first thing that comes to your mind is great. Having the guts to jump out of a car while on the road is pretty great too!

I love being a missionary, and every person that I see is in my mind someone that could use help!  I thought the other day that life is going to be sad when I can’t walk up to everyone that I see and tell them about the Restoration! The biggest thing I think I have learned is how much I suck, and how great God is! 🙂  You can rely on him, and he will help you through. I have learned that hard work and diligence, actually pay off. There is a time where you are too old to screw around, and you have to do it right. I have learned to listen to the Spirit, because I actually know nothing, and he does. and I have learned to hate pitbulls!   🙂


One thought on “Companions, “Praise the Lord!”, Wickens, What I Have Learned – Bryson On His Mission – Week 34”

  1. Dear Elder Jones,
    Don’t be too hard on yourself because you are still young and some of the things you wish you did better just come with age and experience. So I think you are doing wonderful!! Glad you are having some great experiences. The world is really changing and is different than our little bubble we live in unless we force ourselves out of it.
    Your family is doing very well. The look great and are smiling and seem happy. They are always busy and having people over. Your grocery bill must have been outrageous.! Where do you keep all the food anyway?
    Take care and keep up the good work. I know how sometimes it seems fruitless but it is all going to a great cause. We had plenty of days like that on our mission too.
    Love, Jeanne Knight (sparkman ward)
    ps…Brother Knight is the ward mission leader in the spanish branch now. So we are going to church at different times. We pass in the hallway!

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