AR-15s, GO GO GO, I Was a Slacker – Bryson On His Mission – Week 33

Mom! Happy birthday! I love you so much.  🙂

Y’all sound like you are having fun. 🙂 Lots of flooding and traveling and visiting friends:)

We work so hard that I get to the computer and I have no idea what to say because I haven’t had time to think about emailing all week. I love it!  We wake up, do our best to stay awake until study, then study until 11. We work and have lunch and dinner before 5. Then we do 5-7s. Then we do more stuff. We get back, plan the next day for a half hour, and have enough time to brush our teeth and go to bed. No time for anything at all. Not even on p-days. But I love it.

So, we have a ton of investigators, most of them have a hard time keeping commitments, but that’s what happens when you find your own investigators on the street! We swap who goes where, so I meet with a ton of people. I love it!

Johnsen and I  have so much fun. We could talk forever. He is crazy too.:)

Last Tuesday, Elder Muliaga, who came out with me (the big samoan guy from Australia) came on exchanges with us.  I got to go knocking with him, in Springbrook. Springbrook and Woodbrook are two really, really ghetto areas. Shootings and stabbings all the time.  🙂 It’s really scary to knock in the dark there. So he and I did that!!! People were really scared to open their door. One guy came to the door with an AR-15.  That was scary.  But, we had what we call, exchange miracles! He and I taught 11 lessons (we usually get 2 when we knock.) It was awesome!  We did great together.  I love him!  Gonna vacation in Australia with him someday. Anyways, it was cool to get so many lessons.  The rest of the week was crazy.  Just go go go. 🙂

This may come out jumbled and not as amazing as it is in my head.  🙂 Most of my life, I have known that I am not trying as hard as I should. Which is too bad.  I’ve spent most of my life, not really trying.  I have moments where I know I should do better, and make a little effort, but that ends quick.   It’s hard to try:).  But, now I am really trying to change it in my head.  I am doing everything I am supposed to, and, in my head, I am trying to be as willing and humble as I can. I struggle with that, cause there are a lot of things that I don’t want to do.  For the first time, I have a desire to want to do those things. Guess what!  Crazy thing!   If you ask to have the desire and drive to do certain things, God will help you!  So, every time I start thinking to myself, man this is completely pointless and I don’t want to do this, I instantly pray that I can have the desire to do it, and see it differently, so I understand why I do it.  And it works 🙂 Cool eh?

It has rained and been cloudy everyday. It is so cold. I seriously wear a sweater, a sweatshirt, and my huge coat.  It stinks, haha. There was one day of sun, and I was like, wow, no wonder I get depressed  so easy. The sun outside is reward enough to go out and work!  I have always loved the sun, and I could care less about things, as long as it is sunny. 🙂

We have a huge Army and Air Force base here.  These huge planes fly over all the time!

I don’t have time for anything because we got to go soon. I have been studying the New Testament a lot, and I love just being in a conversation and I can just have an entire conversation using quotes from Jesus.

Thanks for the letter mom! I love you!

I can’t think of anything that I can say quickly.  I love you a ton. 🙂

Oh yea. Today during study, Johnsen said ” Ya know, I can’t wait to just sit there and pray with my wife at night”.   Then I told them something about how y’all do that, and how you would say your prayers and everything. How Dad would fall asleep sometimes. The he says, “Wow, Jones you have some incredible parents. They sound like they are really diligent and good mormons. My parents are good, but your parents sound like they try really hard. I want to meet them”.   Then we talked about y’all going to the temple a bunch and scriptures and Preach My Gospel. Then I thought about it, and I realized how much y’all did. I have a hard time doing good things myself, but y’all did a lot for us. I  said ” pretty much anything good about me is because of my parents. They rock.  I love them!!  So, thanks for all you do. Y’all are the best parents ever!


2 thoughts on “AR-15s, GO GO GO, I Was a Slacker – Bryson On His Mission – Week 33”

  1. Awwwww…… what better birthday present could you get than the end of this letter???! WOW.

    It was SO great to visit with you this Sunday! Thanks for saving us some time! LOVED IT!!! We will definitely do the same next time we are in Alabama. J

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