Emergency Transfer into the Ghetto, On Date at Door, Still Loving Deer and Working Hard – Bryson On His Mission – Week 32


Transfer E-mail:

Hey! been a really crazy week! I am part of an emergency transfer! Someone somewhere is going home and we are going to fill in somewhere! I am going to Lakewood.

I will be in a foursome with the Zone Leaders.  I am really excited for who I will be with!  Lakewood is one of the best areas in the mission.  🙂 I am so sad to leave. This is harder than I thought it would be. This is about as bad as leaving home.  I will be in a car area for the first time!! I guess I get to meet lots of new people!!

Elder Ellsworth and I realized our potential too late. We went about knocking and stuff seeing it as a chore.  So we took a different approach at knocking, and all of a sudden, we started doing really well. Which is surprising because this area is really hard to knock in!  Most people struggle to hand out a book of Mormon in their entire 5-7, but we had a competition and we can consistently do it in 10 min. 🙂 Right when we figure this out, we get split up.  🙂

I love yall! wish me luck!

First week in Lakewood:

I only have a few minutes, but hey y’all!

So, I am in Lakewood. It is hardcore ghetto. Hill top was worse, but this is scary too, but this is one of the best areas. We have lots of people in need, and the answer is Jesus!

So, after all this craziness went down, I decided I could mope about it and blame the world, or learn and move on. I have learned a lot about the world and myself this last week.

Being in Lakewood is awesome. I have some incredible companions. Elder Johnson, is one of the best in the mission. His brother served in Huntsville and was companions with Elder Taggart. Pretty cool eh?  Elder Johnson is a really good guy. He works hard, and is really obedient, and a funny guy. haha Its like being with dad when he is really goofy all the time. We seriously laugh all the time.

Elder Oliphant, who came out with me, is the other ZL, and he is great!  He is really good, and we get along. He is 5th of 8 kids, and was homeschooled too. He is funny:)

My first night, we met and taught a Pentecostal man, who is an elder in his church. He cooked us all this Southern food and it was great! He has some legitimate doubts, and we are studying with him and helping him learn. I love doing this!!

Elder Oliphant and I were knocking and this lady came to the door. I started talking, and she seemed slightly interested. We have been focusing on putting people on date on the doorstep, I was like, well, I am just going all the way, until the spirit stops me. Bam, taught the entire first lesson and put her on date. Oliphant was like:” Wow, you just went all out there. Well, I guess it worked really well. Good job!”.  I kinda just went with it, kept teaching, and it seemed like I should keep going, so I did, and it worked out great.  I kind of scared myself.:)

I almost caught a deer. I army crawled and got really close. It was a big one too!  (When Bryson was about 15 we went camping with the scouts. Right before we all fell asleep, a deer came into the camp.  Bryson snuck behind it and pulled its tail.  I guess he has a thing for getting close to deer.)

My first night, Elder Barney, who has been out only a few weeks, and I went to look up this potential couple. We got in, kinda felt where they were, then taught, and led it towards baptism.  Then we put them both on date. It was sweet!  We are working with them and I love being with them.

The work is completely different here. There is not as much member involvement.   It’s mostly us finding teaching, and more finding. Not exactly how its supposed to be, but at least we work hard!

We work really hard. We leave and keep going and going. Which is awesome!!!!  I love it. They follow the rules wayyyy hardcore.  It is worth it. I learn a lot and I really love having good companions.

Johnson and I talk each other up all day about getting “Yoked” (a new word for ripped, or very strong) it goes like” Dude, we are getting so ripped.” “I know man we are going to workout so hard in the morning”.   Then morning comes and we can’t workout cause we are tired!!!   Haha, so we still talk it up all day and the other guys just laugh, because we all know we won’t work out!

Love you!!!


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