Candy cans, Willy Wonkers, Sutureman Powers, Kelly+, Report to Santa, Atlanta and 20th Anniversary!!!

Hadley was reminding me of the other girls a few years back.  :)
Hadley was reminding me of the other girls a few years back. 🙂

1468809_642557599119750_315447507_nI posted this picture on FB last week and said that I don’t like my hands, so please ignore them.  A wonderful friend of mine wrote this back to me:  “You mentioned in your post about your new ring that you didn’t like your hands. Well, I thought about that for a while and wanted to share my thoughts with you on why you should LOVE your hands, just the way they are… Your hands have held Kevin’s across the alter in the temple to be sealed. Your hands have held 8 new born babies fresh from Heavenly Father. They have made countless meals and loads of laundry and tons of dishes to take care of your family. They have felt for a temperature in the night when only Mommy can comfort them. They have clapped for joy at a ball game or piano recital or church talent show. They have folded in prayer with your family each day and flipped the pages of the scriptures to teach your children about Christ and the plan of salvation. You need to love your hands…because they are doing His work. Love you my dear friend!”  I have changed my attitude!  She is exactly right.  What a blessing my hands are along with all the blessings I have in this life to raise my kids, serve, love my husband, etc.  Thank you Cybil!  🙂


Me saying:  “Cool your bones Jones”  Royce replying:   “My bones are cold, Mom!”  I have said this to all of my kids for years and Royce is the first one to notice and make me think about it.  So awesome!

Hadley “reading” the car gears to me.  She said “What does prind three hundred twenty-one mean?”  Get it, Park, Reverse, Neutral, Drive, 3rd, 2nd, 1st gears?  Now that is thinking outside of the box!

Royce:  “That girl on Willy Wonkers that floats up is really mean!”  Also, “Candy cans”.  🙂

Royce and Santa!  We had a fabulous Ward Christmas Party and the Santa made it perfect.  He was so nice and attentive.  He even had a book with a page on what the kids had done well over past year.  Royce had his turn, then Dixon was held next to Santa (because we all know he would NEVER sit on his lap).  While Santa was praising Dixon, Royce promptly stepped up and started listing off all the things Dixon does wrong.  It was so hilarious!  We had to pull Royce away, while he was still reporting away.  He felt like it was his duty to let Santa know.  HA!

Hadley and Santa
Hadley and Santa
Royce and Santa
Royce and Santa
Dixon NEXT to Santa!
Dixon NEXT to Santa!
Dixon with his mouth full and his cape!
Dixon with his mouth full and his cape!

Royce not eating his dinner, AGAIN!  Royce said he just couldn’t do it.  Kevin told him that he can do anything.  Royce coyly looked at him and said “No way, I can’t lift up a train!”.  🙂

I have decided that I am a slave to the Christmas season.  There are too many people and traditions to keep up.  The kids won’t let any of them go and I was exhausted.  I have resigned from Christmas for next year…..  I did enjoy Christmas Eve and the week afterwards!

Bryson’s phone call going an hour  into when our missionary guests arrived!  Whoops!

Tessa:  “New Year’s Revolution”   🙂

Dixon crying throughout Sacrament Meeting because I wouldn’t let him wear his “Sutureman Powers” cape.  Of course, we let him have it afterwards, so he would go to Nursery well. It worked!

Last day of Nursery for Dixon!  Kevin pointed it ou,t that it has been 17 years of Nursery.  I got a little teary at the thought of it, but Dixon helped me get over it quickly with all his Nursery hardships.

Hadley:  “Mom, can I have Broccoli for lunch?”  Me:  “No, we don’t have time to cook it.”  Can you believe I said that?!!!

Royce asking for Kevin to show him a video of him on YouTube.  We were wondering why he suddenly wanted this.  Royce told Addy that he was on Youtube, and she told him he was famous. He asked around to find out what that meant. He had to let everyone know he was rich and famous!

Royce:  “I have a good idea!  I can live at Nicholas’s house, so then I wouldn’t have to have chores!”

Sarah Worthington:  “I never had to do consistent chores in my entire life until we met the Joneses.”  “You guys are such a blessing and a curse.”

Dixon moving a little chapel ornament from an end table to the knob on my desk.  I would move it back throughout the day, and he would promptly move it back.  I put it on the table with ALL the other Christmas decorations, he found it and returned it to it’s knob.  🙂

Dixon's special spot!
Dixon’s special spot!

Addy and I looking on Google maps at where Bryson just got transferred to.  I was saying how much I love the Seattle area, but I could never live in the overly populated part.  I looked over at the right side of the map and pointed to a town named “Kelly+”.  I said I could just live right there, thinking it was a town named Kelly.  Addy and I moved down the map  and realized the “Kelly+” didn’t move on the map.  It was just my google+ account on the top of the screen.  Addisen and I were laughing so hard at me!

Corbin getting a zip line for Christmas.  The kids have had so much fun, but I can’t watch them do it….  Corbin finally broke it and flew into a tree.  Thankfully, he is ok.  1497614_647512298624280_2014810616_n


Fred the monkey elf!  Our wonderful neighbors across the street hide Fred each day, leading up to Christmas.  The kids find him somewhere on the front of their house and then leave a note for them.  It’s so cute!

Huntsville Stake Christmas Festival!  We loved getting to go with friends and enjoy the mini-Motab.  During the “Away in a Manger” song, Royce turned to me and said “this song makes me yawn”.  Yup, that’s why it’s a lullaby.  🙂

Christmas Festival with friends.  :)
Christmas Festival with friends. 🙂

Dixon saying “Sutureman”!  He makes us put his cape on all day and night long.  When we do it, he puts his hands on his hips, while rolling his eyes back in a fierce like manner, then he says “I need my Sutureman powers”!  We obviously give into it, because he is so cute and we are playing Grandparents on our last little guys.  🙂

Playing Headbands with our lil'Superman!
Playing Headbands with our lil’Superman!



Dixon has labeled Royce as Batman, Corbin as “Fighterman” (Spiderman) and Kevin as the older Superman Powers.  We asked him what Bubba is and he said “a missionary”.

The kids playing Chess and Checkers for days!

Royce creating his own costumes out of huge pieces of paper.  Batman, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Alvin (from “Alvin and the Chipmunks”).  It was amazing to see what he would come up with.  I won’t go into the messes we got to clean up…..

Mutant Turtle
Mutant Turtle
Alvin!  Please note the fur on his face and the hoodie strings coming off his shoulders.  :)
Alvin! Please note the fur on his face and the hoodie strings coming off his shoulders. 🙂

Royce:  “Rain, rain go away, lil’ Joneses want to play.”

Blindfolding the kids while we picked up an indoor basketball double hoop for the family gift.  We made them hang out in the front yard playing games with their blindfolds on. After Christmas, they reported that it worked, they had no idea.

Getting to Skype with Bryson for three hours on Christmas!  The first hour was spent with his brothers and sisters while getting disconnected, etc.  Then we got to listen to his stories and experiences after that.  It was amazing to get to see his personality changed, but the same.  It truly warmed this mother’s heart!  I was smiling for the next week!

Meeting my parents in Atlanta!  My parents were flying to Puerto Rico for a cruise, but scheduled a night over in Atlanta, so we could surprise my Mom.  The kids got to swim.  Then we had a great dinner out as adults for our 20th anniversary.   Bedtime stories from Boppa.  It was wonderful!  1511142_642434915798685_1744741314_n1509746_642434665798710_1929636568_n1506426_642434455798731_1359568711_n

Stopping in Birmingham with all the kids to go to the McWane Center.  It’s a huge science museum (like OMSI, for you Portlanders).  It was really fun and we only lost Merritt once!  Then we all ate at Cracker Barrel, and it was perfect!

Kevin and I celebrating our 20th Wedding Anniversary!  We love that it has been 20 years!  We were in Atlanta for the real date, but then we took off for Nashville a week later.  Dinner, two movies, a lovely hotel and the temple made for a great get away.  He gave me a new ring (my other one was dilapidated).  The ring has four little diamonds on each side (for each of the kids), then two on top for each ten years, along with a center one to represent us!  I smile each time I look at it, because of what it represents.  Hopefully, I won’t ruin it….  1524992_647512438624266_1017445401_n

Oh how I love this man!
Oh, how I love this man!

Royce:  “Mooooommmmmm, I just saw an owl land over there in a tree!”  Sweeeeet!

Addisen getting to see what a lady wrote on a Chik-fil-a costumer service card.  Under the category “name of employee”, it said “Short girl from Oregon”, “(Smile)”, “Addisen”.  🙂  She loved it!

PLAYING A BASKETBALL GAME!  I got to play in an alumni/parent/girls basketball game with Kevin and Addisen.  I didn’t want to go, because I was so tiered.  Addisen talked me into it.  I felt like Yoda in the Star Wars as he hobbles up, then starts fighting like a madman.  I got out there and loved it!  I surprised myself by wrestling to the ground for a ball.  Ha!  It kept me smiling for the next couple days.  It felt so good to feel myself move like that again.  I was having so much fun, I wouldn’t even sub out (they didn’t NEED a subbing).  The next day, I wasn’t that sore (I thought I wouldn’t be able to walk).  Thank you Addy!

Sarah Worthington doing a special hair and nail day with the girls.  It was their Christmas present.  🙂  So cute!  Thank you Sarah!  1524662_647512351957608_1887167438_n


2 thoughts on “Candy cans, Willy Wonkers, Sutureman Powers, Kelly+, Report to Santa, Atlanta and 20th Anniversary!!!”

  1. Congrats on #20!!! And thanks for this wonderful blog that details exactly what “Happily Ever After” looks like!!

  2. Great note. re your 20th — first of all, congrats!!! Good work!!! It brought back a memory from back in the 90s. For some reason I was visiting — probably at Anne’s cabin? Cause a few of us were down on a beach, and Kevin had just had to leave to go on some work related trip and you, Kelly, were already missing him terribly. So I got you to talk about it a little, and you said (along with lots of great things you love about him), and “he is my best friend!”. Here’s to the luck of finding a best friend to love and have children with! Hoping for at least another forty for you both!
    Love, Aunt Peggy

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