Christmas, Teaching, Playing the Piano, Studying – Bryson On His Mission – Week 31



(Each week the missionaries are given a time to write letters home.  Twice a year they can call home – Mother’s Day and Christmas.  This letter was sent the Monday after Christmas when the whole family was able to Skype with him.  WE LOVED IT! But, because we just talked, this letter is shorter than the others have been.)

Funny thing! I have been under the impression that Addy has been driving a van that y’all bought after the Suburban died. Nope. Dad just calls it a van. The suburban is still there.  🙂

It was so cool to talk to you!  Hanging up stinks.  🙂  So, about the home phone number.  At the beginning of my mission, I kept calling Alabama numbers, cause the Tacoma area code is 253.  I would reach some Alabama number and flip out and get so excited, because I heard an accent. Then I realized that I was calling 256 instead of 253.  I had to train myself to only think 253.  So, I called home, but dialed 253 because I had tried really hard to train myself to only dial 253. Disappointing!

This week was great! We had some amazing lessons. The Willis family had us over for Christmas Eve, and they had Jason and Noel over, and the Jewish couple who are the coolest people!  I gave a Christmas message and they said it was good! Brother Willis gave a great message too. We had lots of fun.

Christmas we woke up, opened presents, and went to the Bonham’s to Skype. Loved talking to y’all! The Bonhams were so good to us! Thursday we did missionary stuff, and ended up at the Newell’s for a late Christmas dinner. That was great! We were able to get with Sister Bean’s Mom on Thursday, and she is reading and asking questions about the Book of Mormon! Makes me so happy!  Saturday we helped this investigator move his 1941 Ford convertible  (which is really rare). We had fun! We had dinner with our Ward Mission Leader that night and took stuff over to Sandy, who is the car guy. We went to the diner after that and the Jewish couple was there.  They ended up planning on taking the discussions, and coming to church. (They ended up not being able to go to church, but its a step in the right direction.!!!) Then Taylor Willis, who is back from college, waited on us, and we talked about going on a mission.  She ended up deciding to go on a mission! That was really cool!

Sunday, I played the piano in church. Two days before, Brother Bean texted and said “I heard you’ve been working on a song, would you play in sacrament?” I said yes, but I had no idea what song he was talking about. Then I realized I had worked on that song, when I played piano for the singers!  So, I could either play something I made up, or change that song into a piano song. I ended up deciding to change the accompaniment into a piano solo. Which was actually pretty difficult. It is meant to back up singers. I barely had anytime to do it. I got to practice it a few times Sunday morning and that was it. I played it in sacrament and I guess it went well. The next speaker got up and was crying.   She pointed at me and said, shame on you!  It felt really good to play it though! I was in my own little world the whole time and when I ended, it was like I was woken up from a dream. Back to real life.  😦

I have been studying the Bible a lot, so I can answer questions that the Jewish people might have!  I have been learning a lot.  🙂  Dad, do you have anything good for me?

It was great to see your faces when we Skyped. I love y’all so much!!! Thanks to everyone who sent me something or even prayed for me this season. I really felt the love.

The Ward here is so nice to us. They are just the best!!


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