Playing Piano, Choir Concerts, Service, Snow, and See You! – Bryson On His Mission – Week 30

This letter was sent two days before Christmas.


Heyyy yall! I can’t wait to see you!!!! 2 days!! So I am still not sure how it is gonna work, but I was thinkin that I would call and then we could set up whatever we want to do? We could do it at about 10:30 my time and have a time limit, or we could do it around 11:30 and not have a time limit. Whatever y’all want!! I figured since I had the bigger family I would go second. Elder Ellsworth said he would just take an hour and be done. Im not sure how long we will need, so I took the second part! I cant wait!

I loved y’all’s emails!! I love you and miss you.

Tuesday was transfer meeting. It was cool! I got to play my piece and I did really really well. It was kinda hard. I messed up once in the end, but the people singing sounded really good. Wish you coulda heard it!

The sisters in Happy Valley ward got moved out and they got elders, and they are pretty cool! Wednesday we did our normal stuff and that night we went to the highschool choir concert.

Remember how I said we follow the crowds? Well, we love stuff at the High School. We have gone to a few things since I have been here and good things always happen! We went to a choir performance in October and now we have an investigator in the choir. 🙂 There are like 10 mormon teenagers in the choir.  We have gone to a theatre thing, and a basketball game too. We end up doing more missionary work at these events than we could do in an entire week of knocking! Since the town is so small, meeting people is great cause you see them around town, and talking to non members in public is a big step! I know the head coach and a bunch of people that just graduated that played ball at the school. In the choir we know like half the people. Because a ton of them are Mormon, and we have taught a few of them.  The rest of them know us because we go to choir performances and talk to them after. We ended up at Dairy Queen with like half of the choir. We invited a number of them to church! It is really cool! The Mormon missionaries are known! The choir director is Mormon too. He is really cool. We helped him and Sister Bean and some other mormon lady with cleanup and take down after the choir concert and got to know a few people. It was great! One time all four of us missionaries went to the choir concert and the whole choir said “The Mormons are here!” I think we will be teaching one of the choir people soon!

Thursday we did service for Sister Beans parents, and then had a lesson. She has some good questions.. Her mom is so sweet. I love her to death. I feel like they are grandparents to me out here. I seriously think they are my family!! The Beans too! They are so kind to us. She took us to Costco. That day we had run out of food and somehow she knew!!  We haven’t been able to have very many member meals, so we go through food at home a lot more quickly. She saved us!!

Friday brought us snow!!! I woke up at 5:00 am to the sound of a loud scraping noise outside. Then I realized it was really light outside. I get out and saw lots of snow! I start yelling ” Dude, dude, dude. there is snow! Wake up, wake up, wake up!” He leans over, looks out, and says”Sweet” ,then falls back asleep. I get back in bed and can’t really sleep, because I am so excited. Later, I get up and get bundled up and put on my snow gloves from sister Copeland.  I then go and play in the snow. The other guys eventually come out and aren’t that excited. Later, my comp had to do something at the bank, and while he was waiting I couldn’t pass up playing in the snow!! So, I started making snowmen. He finished up and came out. I kept on going and eventually made two snowmen outside of Safeway on the Main Street, which is extremely busy. It ended up a great missionary tool! People were stopping and talking to us, just about everybody honked and waved. The line at the light backed up to us, so people could sit and watch us build snowmen. We put cards on them. Some random people that aren’t Mormon took pictures of our snowmen and put them on Facebook. That was pretty cool!

Saturday we did service at the church, then helped the Relief Society set up for a thing that night.  We came back and had dinner and got to know this really nice non- member lady. It was fun! That night we went to the foodmart for something and then we met this nice lady who was a few years older than us and we got along really well and were talkin and joking and we talked about Tacoma and it turns out she lived down the street from where I lived. We invited her to church and she seemed like she would come! Sunday we had church, and it went well. She didn’t come to church though.  😦

That night was the tri -ward Christmas program and Sister Bean’s mother came. I got to sit by her and I think she felt the spirit! She had mentioned on Thursday that she wanted to read the Book of Mormon, eventually.  So, I grabbed a Book of Mormon and wrote my testimony in it and put our names in it.  Then gave it to Sister Bean’s mom. She loved it and started tearing up and was so happy and gave me a huge hug and said that we are just like family and she loves us! I about started crying! I said something along the lines of being so grateful for everything she has done for us, and though we can’t give much, I can give her something that means everything to me, and it was that book! I love her! We will see her tonight! She is just the sweetest!

We have a few other investigators that will hopefully start getting serious pretty soon! There is some really great potential!!

I can’t wait to see your faces! I love you. Write a list of question, so I can answer them, because I know how bad I am at doing that.  🙂 Remind me to tell you the story of Hilltop! I loved the package so much! Thank you! The shirts are perfect, and the socks saved me!!  I am waiting to open those gifts. So excited!

Luva! merry Christmas. Elder Jones!


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