Following the Crowd, Listening to Conference in a Diner, Parties & Pranks– Bryson On His Mission – Week 29


Hey there!! Well, good news, I am staying! Longest I have been with a comnpanion and in an area. I prayed really, really, really hard that I would stay. I didn’t want to go somewhere else for Christmas!! I have spent so much time and effort getting everyone to be comfortable with me and now cool things happen because of it!  Elder Ellsworth is staying with me!. He is doing great.  I am so pumped to spend Christmas here! We will most likely be at Bishop’s house for Christmas. SO I will work with him on the Skype stuff.

Sequim is the smallest town. I love it!  Sorry if I am repeating any of this. So, after 7:00 pm, the town litterally dies and there is nobody anywhere. Which is not good.  Even when they are out, there are still not a lot of people. In most areas, you can just go walk and talk to people. Not here! So, we follow the crowds. If there is an event in town, at a church, or at the school, or wherever, we try to be there! We have met many  people in the Sequim area. Probably because it is so small.  Every time I have gone to Walmart, since I got here, I have always seen someone that I know. Often I see multiple people that I know. I also know a lot of non- members. And they know us! So by going to places with lots of people, we get to know lots of people and it is more succesfull than knocking, haha. Rather than knock, sometimes we will go walk around Walmart or in shops, cause we will meet more people that way. All the time we have random people pulling over to the side of the road to offer us a ride or invite us to their church event. So, we have found the best thing we can do is to be out where the people of Sequim are, and it seems to works!

This week, we were at the diner eating lunch and when we finished, a guy across the room asked us a question and we talked for a second, then he wanted to show us something! So we go over to his booth and we start talking, and it turned out that he is an investigator from Virginia that had been hiking the Olympic Range all week! We started talking about the church and he is a really cool guy, but struggling with the decision to get baptized.

He wanted to show us his favorite talk. He pulled up Elder Hollands talk on faith from 2 or so years ago. He turned it up really, really loud, and then put it there.  We watched the entire thing. Everyone in the back part of the diner could hear it. I was scared someone would get mad at us and tell us to turn it off, but everyone was silent, and we just watched. At one point Elder Holland made a joke about stuffing a turkey through the beak, and a number of people laughed! After that we talked for a while, and invited him to the other ward’s Christmas party.

He came, and he got to know people and he loved it! Afterwards, we took him on a church tour  and it was great! I think it really helped him. When he was about to leave, he told us something cool! He was trying to find somewhere to eat, and the diner came to mind. He walked in, and he didn’t really want to eat there because he wanted to save money, but something told him he needs to stay. So he did, then he saw us, and then saw our badges and called us over!!! Being on a mission, I have really come to realize there are no coincidences, at all. They happen everyday, and they are not just random! I know we were there for a reason!

People are so nice!! I have gotten a lot of letters and packages! Russ an Betsy are seriously the best!!! Tell them I love them and thank them for all that they have sent me! I got a letter/package thing from the Durrant’s and Nana and Boppa and I got your package and a few more letters!! I am feeling very loved. Thank you!!

We had a mission Christmas party! All of us north of the Hood Canal got to come down the night before, because the weather was going to be terrible Tuesday morning! So we went and stayed in Elder Ellsworth’s old area in Gig Harbor. We had lots of fun!! We did a skit and it was really, really stupid, but fun! It was great to see all my missionary friends!! We did White Elephant, and everything I picked got stolen from me. It happened 4 times.  😦 It  was a good day!!

Sister Willis called us over to the diner, because they had some cinnamon rolls they couldn’t sell, so she gave us each one and a big glass of milk! Then she introduced us to her friends who are both Jewish. They are the coolest people! They will be with us at the Willis’s for Christmas Eve! So will Noel and Jason. Pray that all of them can be changed!

Everything else is going pretty good. We pranked the other elders. Moved all of their furniture onto their beds. Stacked it to the ceiling. 🙂

I miss y’all, and love you! And for some reason I am not thinking at all. So I am done!!  Merry Christmas!


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