It’s Cold, A Discussion at a Food Mart, Christmas Party and Writing Letters – Bryson On His Mission – Week 28



Not a ton happened this week! We were able to get with most of our investigators and teach a lesson, which is great!!! We have quite a few progressing investigators. We are pretty good on filling our days with things. Which is really great. 🙂

I walked on a frozen pond this week. Elder Muro fell in. It was really funny. 🙂 We did service for Sister Bean’s parents. They are the nicest people ever! Our ward mission leader has a new neighbor that we met and have been helping move things around his house. We have taught him a little. He is elderly and can barely do anything for himself.

So, let me adress the cold. It is really cold. I was walking around knocking, and I had thoughts of depression and pain I have never had before. Just cause I was so cold. There is a certian point where you can only bundle up so much, and if it’s like 18 outside, you still freeze. and you can’t warm up and it just bites your skin and freezes your bones. I have never been this cold in my life. I hate it so much. 🙂 I still go about doing everything, but I am so, so, so cold. It never leaves. And once you’re outside you can’t warm up. I just have to accept that I am constantly cold.

A cool experience happened this week. The other elders took us to basketball, and afterwards we stopped by the little gas station food mart across the street from the church so someone could get something. My comp and Muro started having fun in the food mart and the parking lot, and were wasting money and just being crazy. We weren’t in our shirts and ties either, normal clothes. So, They were running around crazy, and I decided to stay in the car because I didn’t want to be a part of that and I wanted to be a good example to non members!  I sat there, and watched. I kinda became really spiritual for no apparent reason, and had a lot of cool thoughts about people, and then noticed a homeless looking guy standing there. It was at least 25 degrees if not colder. He is probably the second homeless guy I have seen in Sequim. 🙂 I started to think of what he thought of these young kids running around when he is just trying to survive. I had some deep thoughts.

Then, I had this huge urge to talk to him. But, I thought about going outside, and I was like nope, no way. I had a shirt and sweats on. Left my shoes at the church, and I hate the cold.   Then, I had this huge desire to talk to him.  It was weird. My desire to talk to him overrode my desire to be warm. I didn’t really have a desire to be cold, so I figured God probably wanted me to do this. I said a prayer, and asked, God, please let me be warm. You know how much I hate being cold. Help me out please. Then I remembered some shoes that I had left in the car. I ran and grabbed them, and walk over and talk to this guy.

Turned out, he wasn’t homeless.:) I told him I was a missionary and said  he had met missionaries before. Then we talked for about 45 minutes. He had some incredible questions. He had thought a lot about religion. In there, he asked about baptism. I told him about it and said we could help him with that. At some point, the cashier came out to smoke and she joined in on the conversation and she had some questions about the church too! She went back inside after a bit. I ended up teaching the first two lessons right there. At the very end He said, I wasnt kidding about baptism. So I put him on date for 2 weeks. It was crazy!!!

I left him a Book of Mormon, and our number. He called last night. And we ran into him the next day too. The spirit was strong, and it really helped him a lot! Crazy thing is that I wasn’t freezing the whole time! I didn’t get cold until I finished and walked to the car. I don’t know if this is cause I was too focused on talking to him, or God kept me warm, probably both.  The entire time, the other 3 were still running and it was weird to kinda be on my own with all this craziness around me. I am so grateful that I was ready and listening when I was supposed to.  I’m not getting on the other guys, they were just messing around, and they’re still good guys, but I just happened to be the one not doing it! Cool experience.  🙂

I’m not that homesick about Christmas, but we will be doing something, and someone will say something about Christmas.  I will just stop in my tracks, look down, and say, “Wow, that makes me incredibly homesick”.  Then pick back up. It’s usually when someone mentions a tradition that I forgot about. Haha, miss y’all. Really can not wait to talk to y’all!

We are having a mission Christmas party tomorrow. Since there will be sleet in the morning, we get to go down tonight. I think I get to stay at the mansion! It is this nice house where the APs (Assistants to the President), Zone leaders, and Office Elders live.

We had this amazing Ward Christmas party and lots of non members came. I love my ward. Love love love!! Can y’all pray that something will happen with Noel and Jason!? They are a young couple who need to get baptized and married.

I had to buy stuff to keep warm, and I spent money on printing pictures and stamps and letters to send out and my present for y’all that I will send home this week. I have been terrible at writing back, so I wrote a letter to everyone that has written me, if I could find their letter with the address.  I am so happy I did that because people have been so nice in sending letters and things to me.

🙂 Love you family!!


One thought on “It’s Cold, A Discussion at a Food Mart, Christmas Party and Writing Letters – Bryson On His Mission – Week 28”

  1. Sounds like that guy helped you as much as you helped him! Funny how often that is. You think you are helping, and you are actually getting helped. Maybe Bryson, you could spend Christmas with Cathy Chapman in Seattle? She is close by! Or make it to your grandfather Jim’s? Not very far from you.
    Love to all, Aunt Peggy

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