Dixon Turns Three, Socks Down the Toilet, Whoa Nellie and Frosting the Snowman!

I didn’t write down as much as I usually do, because I was relaxing and enjoying the kids and Kevin so much.  It’s amazing how quickly I can forget the cute things they do, if I don’t write them down right away.  I’m thankful I get the memories down that I can.  I love the Holiday Season (minus all the crazy parts!).  I hope your Holidays are special and that you can feel the spirit in your lives.

Dixon turns three!
Dixon turns three!



Hiding the McCullough’s family letter from Addisen.  Normally, we take it from each other and try to keep it  until we are done reading it.  This time I didn’t tell her we got it, she knew the entire time and kept reading it without me knowing.  🙂

Royce to Daddy:  “There is no such thing as nothing.”  Later that day Kevin said the same thing to him and Royce responded:  “Then you wouldn’t exist.”  🙂

Corbin and Addisen reading scriptures on the couch together, in a perfectly quiet house.  Kevin and I walked in and were so surprised, then they burst out laughing because it was all a set up!

Kevin asking the professional photographer in New York City to make him look older in the pictures.  The guy said he had never been asked that before.  We were at a party and talking with someone, when Kevin told him he had eight kids, the man just stood there with his mouth hanging open.  Ha!

Telling Kevin about a cool website that the words scroll down over pictures.  He just stares at me in disbelief…..  Maybe because his website has the same thing, but I hadn’t looked at it!  Whoops!  http://decog.me/

Addisen coming home from work and all the kids swarm her for her Chik-fil-a food.  Tessa has even started to pay her for it.

Dixon entering the “why” phase.  He is still satisfied when I say “because”.  I usually answer a few questions first,  but I know that “because why?” is coming.

Me saying “Whoa Nellie”.  I have always said this and Royce used to say “I not Nellie”.  This week, Dixon said “No, Nellie, I McQueen”.

Me:  “I’m getting used to all these left overs for dinner, I kind of like it!”  Hadley:  “But, it’s too often, when it’s half the week!”

Matt (Bryson’s friend) losing respect for Royce and I because we are leaning toward becoming Auburn football fans.

Tessa asking us “Who is Beverly Hills”?  We were laughing so hard that we couldn’t even answer her.


Watching our “Family is Central” videos again.  When I need to laugh, I just keep replaying the take outs at the end.  I’m so thankful we made those while Bryson was still here.  I wish we had time to make some more.  

Kevin replacing our toilet all by himself!  It took a couple weeks, because he would go in and out of town in the middle of it.  Of course, Dixon flushed two little socks down it yesterday, so we may be having toilet problems again….

Merritt and I loving broccoli with cheese on it for lunch.  Yum!

Thanksgiving Vacation!  Lots of snuggles and sleeping in each others rooms.  Merritt and Hadley helping make the food.  Missing family in the West….. Ultimately falling asleep at the table after the kids brushed my hair.  IMG_5409IMG_5416

Matt coming over on Thanksgiving and saying that they should let Bryson come home for the holidays.  😦  I was doing really well until he said that!  All the pictures of Bryson posted on FB really helped though.  Filled my heart right up.

My Bryson on Thanksgiving, whoops, Elder Jones!
My Bryson on Thanksgiving, whoops, Elder Jones!

Making cookie Thanksgiving hats to give to people.  The girls took the idea from a neighbor and did such a cute job on the cookies.  🙂

Kevin getting to ride a Segway at NASA.

Setting up Christmas the day after Thanksgiving.  We love the feeling in the house as all the lights go up.  The kids helped the set up to happen so quickly.  IMG_5419

Dixon turning THREE!  I have waited a long time to have my youngest be three, without another baby being born.  It is wonderful and he is so adorable.  He scares us sometimes, but we chuckle all day long with his cuteness.  Love my little boy!  We had a bubble blowing party, so he could pop the bubbles.  He LOVED it!  We also went to Red Robin for lunch, as a family.  It was the only time we could all celebrate at the same time.

Dixon and Royce on Dixon's birthday!  Love these boys!
Dixon and Royce on Dixon’s birthday! Love these boys!
Dixon taking his McQueen balloon everywhere with him.  So cute!
Dixon taking his McQueen balloon everywhere with him. So cute!
Dixon's birthday lunch at Red Robin
Dixon’s birthday lunch at Red Robin

Royce:  “Who is the funniest Christmas person?”  Me:  “Who?”  RJ:  “Frosting the Snowman!”


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