Flubs, Bunkers, Thanksgiving, Baptism, and Piano – Bryson On His Mission – Week 27

Heyyy! So one thing I forgot from last week. I inherited the wonderful gene of making myself look like a complete fool in front of anybody important. Seriously, every time I am around (the mission) President, I say something stupid or my phone goes off really loud or something bad. I did it infront of Elder Anderson (of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles) too.  He went to hand me a microphone so I could answer a question, at the last second he skipped over me and went behind me. I had almost grabbed it, so I audibly said “Dang it” then turned to Myer and said, “I was so close!”   Then I turned and look at Elder Anderson and he was standing there watching me. Haha whoops.

I had an incredible week! Went by so fast! I love my mission sooooo much! I love my ward here sooo much! I love my investigators so much!


On Monday, we went to these old military bunkers up on the water. They are abandoned now, but it is the coolest abandoned military base. Looks like I travelled back in time to the 40’s. The bunkers were really awesome. I was on a huge cliff and couldn’t help but throw my frisbees out into the water. Luckily neither of them made it, but we still lost one. It was worth it!! We taught Marguerite and Elder Meyer turned the interview into a really good lesson. Very spiritual!!

Tuesday we went and did missionary stuff, then sister Bean’s mother picked us up and we went and did yard work for a while! It was really fun, cause they have a pretty yard, and I just wanted to spend all day trying making it look really good! I got to chainsaw two trees down. That was fun. Then we went in and ate some food and taught a lesson. Started off as just a spiritual message, but Sister Bean’s Mom started asking questions and stuff and it turned out to be a great lesson!

Wednesday we had zone meeting which was fun. I am playing the piano for a song that will be sang at transfer meeting. The piano part is really hard. Its a four part choir with two people at each part, so I am finding out how perfectly you have to play or you ruin the whole thing!  🙂 We taught some lessons that day. Did some service!! Played basketball like we do on Wednesday nights. I am the best I have ever been at basketball. I really know how to score now! I learned how to get to the hoop really well, and not let getting hit, throw me off  (I apply my rebounding skills to my offense!), so a lot of times the only way to stop me is to foul me and drag me down so I can’t score. I will usually fight through any normal foul to get the ball in. So, they literally stop me from shooting. I don’t really play much anymore because I get hurt so badly from being fouled all night.

Thursday was amazing! We woke up really early to go help with the “Turkey Trot”. It was a 5k and 10k run. There were so many families that showed up. I got to be a race official and do lots of cool things. I timed people most of the time. Clicked them in. People were so grateful for our help! It was a great way to spend a Thanksgiving morning. It was soooooo cold. Then we went and played football at 11. Then the Beans invited us over (they had their non member parents there, which was perfect). After, Alex Rutherford came and got us. He is a great youth, cool athletic kid.  Between all the places we went, we had a total of 3 lessons. That was so great to be able to be with so many people and still teach!

Friday was great! Everyone was outside shopping on Main Street! So we spent most of the day walking around talking to people and going in stores and running into people and it was great! I spent some money. Two of my shirts have been ruined. One due to a rogue dryer, that ruined it really badly. Another because of yard work. There were really nice shirt for less than $15, and so I got two with account money. I hadn’t realized how brown my shirts I brought out with me are.  I also got a really nice sweater for $30, and I love it. Used account money for that too.  Then I went and  got a Captain America t-shirt  for really cheap with my mission money. (Most of my t-shirts are either ripped or really really stained from various service projects!) And I broke down and bought this really awesome plaid shirt that is so comfy and I could wear it forever. It’s a really  nice one, but was only $12. SO, I indulged a little but I think it was worth it! That night we taught Margerete. Took her on a church tour and it was really good. I love the spirit that people feel in the chapel. Its great! People are drawn to the church! Ran her through the baptism stuff too.

Saturday we did lots of service and helped non-members move stuff!, then went to the Copeland’s. They had a lot family there!! It was a great time! They had this guy that we have met before that they have befriended.  I got to know him for awhile, and ended up teaching him the entire first discussion just sitting there talking to him. He is coming to chuch next week! So cool! I love teaching so much, while being with great people! Great way to do missionary work! We played some fun card games and ate a ton!

Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 12.56.37 AM


Then we went to the baptism! Marguerite Leger. She is just incredible. Her whole life has been preparing her for this moment! It is cool to hear her tell about how she ended up here, and it really is meant to be!! She is one of the most converted converts I’ve ever met. She is wayyy good! I have come to be so close with her! She is like one of my best friends. She is like my family:) Her baptism was amazing. Her daughter came and it was very special. They both cried through “How Great Thou Art”. Then I gave the baptism talk. I played piano for Brother Gruendell, while he sang “Joseph Smith’s First Prayer”. He really wanted to change it according to the words. I spent the whole song paying attention to the words. Getting louder or quieter, or most complex or simple, according to the words. I didn’t really pay attention to how well he sang, but just tried to play in a way that complimented his voice! I guess we did a great job. I finished, and was kinda in my own little world. Then I look up and just about the entire room was crying. Emily and Marguerite are bawling their eyes out, and even Elder Meyer was crying. The Spirit was so strong!!!! Then we went to the baptism room, and Brother Gruendell baptized her. She cried through the whole prayer and you could really tell that she knew what this meant for her life. Emily bawled her eyes out again. The Spirit was there so strong.  I know I keep saying that, but it was really there. We sang the “Spirit of God”, and then after everyone got to congratulate her. It was a very spiritual baptism!

Sunday, church was great!

Today we are bowling and probably doing something else fun.:)

I am not as homesick as a lot of people. I have found people here that I love like my own family. Not that y’all are replaced, but these investigators, and different ward families are just awesome, and it’s like being home. I missed y’all on Thanksgiving though!! Can’t wait for Christmas!

Love you so much.


One thought on “Flubs, Bunkers, Thanksgiving, Baptism, and Piano – Bryson On His Mission – Week 27”

  1. An athlete in the making — basketball, frisbee,great stuff! Liked the “Dang it” story. Keep having fun, Bryson. And it is a sign of how lovingly you were raised that you now find yourself able to fit in and feel loved by others. Love, Aunt Peggy

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