Teaching, A Great Ward, Invite on a Wrong Number, Rules – Bryson On His Mission – Week 25

I made it! Been out 6 months! It is so weird.:)
Wednesday night we had a lesson with Margaret, who is now the most solid investigator I have ever seen. She brings us questions about what she has read, and really gets everything and has so much faith! She brought her daughter too, and we recapped the Plan of Salvation and Emily loved it cause her dad (Margaret’s husband) died in a sad way, and they know they have a chance to see him again. I was inspired to say a few things, and every time, as soon as I started talking, they both just started crying. Looks like I said the right thing!!
After that, we raced over to the church to give Michael a church tour, and we showed him the font and he is excited to get baptized this Saturday!! Cant wait! We met with him for a breakfast at the Newels the next morning and taught the commandments. Then we went to MOSAIC, which is a special needs group that meets at the church twice a week, and we went and played with them in their basketball shooting game. They loved us! All the teachers and most of the disabled people are not members, and since they are in our church they love talking about church! They all went crazy at my half court shot! haha
Taught Margaret again. Taught the commandments. She loved them all and is already doing amazing. She rocks. Love her!
The elders from Squim Bay ward are Elders Muro and Meyer (They live in the apartment next to us and have a car, so they take us to meetings and stuff). They heard me play the piano last week, and they were like what???? Jones plays the piano?  Seamons always played so I never had the chance. I played them a song and they told me I need to play in sacrament. I showed bishop a little and he decided the same. That worked perfectly cause He had my new companion speak and introduce himself, then Elder Meyer spoke on the restoration and did a good job, then I played the piano. Then Elder Muro spoke on revelation, and left me 5 minutes to speak. Bishop said I could have 5 extra minutes. I spoke on gratitude.
I love my ward!! I seriously better stay here forever. If Sequim wasn’t in Washington, I would make all my plans to live here. I love it! Small town, but still big enough to have a Costco and Walmart and just about everything! And great weather (for Washington). You see people you know all the time. It is great! Missionary work is not as crazy due to the lack of people. I walked down Main Street at 7 pm the other night for 10 minutes and not a single car passed.  After 7 we really struggle for things to do. I do my best. Members are good to us and are trying really, really hard to find us people. They have already told us about 3 people they want us to come over and meet and hopefully end up teaching!
Emily Newel called someone and accidentally called the wrong number. After she apologized, her mom said call her back and invite her to church! She did that, and the lady was receptive. They texted for a while and it was really cool!
Knocking is now completely in the dark!  I bring a flashlight because we are in back country roads knocking on elderly people’s doors. They hate us for it! They are all getting ready for bed, and we show up and make them walk to the door, and we scare them cause its dark outside. It gets dark at 5 pm now! Its kinda cool but weird. And its really cold:) So pretty much at every door the people hate us for being there, 🙂 but I do it anyways. Do your 5 to 7’s!! 🙂  In Sequim, knocking is said to be almost the least productive in the mission. So we do our 5-7s, and work really hard to find something else to do that is productive! Anything but knocking. You knock after 7 and you get the cops called on you. Not that I don’t like knocking, but its just about the least productive thing you can do! Maybe I’ll take up singing on the street corners;) haha jk!
So, a new rule has been put in place by Elder Ballard! We are not allowed to be fed after 5 pm by members. Supposed to teach and find from 5-930. Which is great, let’s us do more missionary work. But, now we can’t be at dinners with members and non-members which has been one of most effective ways for us to meet non-members and for members to comfortably introduce us to their friends. Out here, we struggle with things to do, and now instead of teaching a lesson and getting to know non-members, we will be knocking on people’s doors. I spent yesterday with the ward trying to figure out ways to make this work, and I had to turn down a number of dinners where there would be a non-member/potential investigator there. I pray for these opportunities all the time, and now we can’t really be there:( We tried to find the best alternatives, but it isn’t really working. It almost makes me cry cause this is getting rid of most of our lessons and ways we get new investigators. (Seriously, I laid there last night and couldn’t sleep cause I was trying to think of ways we could make all these situations work, and almost cried cause of all the missionary work that I will miss out on if we can’t find a good alternative.) I don’t even care about the food. I just want to be around non-members and help them feel the Spirit! We talked to our ward council and bishop, and decided that if we don’t get more clarification on Saturday from our mission president, we will do our best with each situation and take each one individually, so that we can stay as far away from food as we can, but still be in a comfortable place with the non-members. Don’t want to sound negative, or like I am rebelling against a rule. I really want to follow rules best I can. But I also love being around non-members in a non- hostile environment! haha
I guess I am really enthusiastic and happy! Cause everyone says I am. 🙂 That is great cause I have seen every ward that I have been in, just catch the wave and get really excited about missionary work. Not saying that I have anything to do with it, but I hope I add to it! Which is convenient for me, because it gives me more to do!
A really cool family moved in and we helped them move! He is the coolest guy. His last name is Corpus, and they named their kid Archemedes Tiberius Corpus. Haha!  He took us to a restaurant to eat and he packed his .44 handgun on his hip in the open.  He works down on Bainbridge Island.
It is tradition to burn a tie at 6 months, so we went to his house and built a tower of boxes, and the he poured gasoline on it and poured a trail to it, then lit it. Big fire! Threw my tie in. Hoorah for 6 months!
I love being a missionary. Working all the time, and telling people about our message is great! Work out here is often discouraging, but its worth it when you find your Michaels and Margarets!
Love you, and I still hate the cold.  I feel like it’s Canada or something.  🙂 But being a missionary is worth it! In my talk I talked about being grateful for the biggest gifts ever! God gave us his son, and his son gave us the atonement. On the podium, I related it to Star Wars, where Jar Jar Binks gets saved by Qui Gon and owes him his life and becomes his “Humble servant”. If someone saved my life, I would definitely try to serve them as much as I can. Jesus not only gave us his life, but made it possible for us to live with God again! More than enough reason to devote my life!! Long live the Jedi!
Love you! Miss you!

2 thoughts on “Teaching, A Great Ward, Invite on a Wrong Number, Rules – Bryson On His Mission – Week 25”

  1. Bryson, could you ask the members to go ahead and invite their friends to dinner, and then you and your companion could drop in about the time they finish and talk with the non members then? That way you wouldn’t be there for dinner, and you wouldn’t have to knock on doors, because you would have an appointment to meet a member’s non member friends. Sounds good to me.. otherwise, find a piano and play on the street corners..

  2. Can’t help but say it is always good to question. Questions are what help us find new ways of doing things. Always question. Go ahead and do what is instructed, but question, and think of alternatives. Great work Bryson. Love, Aunt Peggy

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