Elder Andersen, A Baptism, A Wedding, and Being Busy – Bryson On His Mission – Week 26

Hey y’all! Well, about the best week of my mission!

P-day we pretty much shot some hoops. Boring.

Wednesday the Beans had us over to their parents house to help move and built a furnace. That was fun. They ordered pizza and we ended up helping them insulate pipes outside. Then Sis. Bean’s mom took us home and they want us back! Going over there tomorrow! Sister Bean’s parents aren’t members!!!

We taught Margerete through the week, 2 times. She is just incredible. Asking questions about what she reads and loves the lessons. She is on date to be baptised this week and its happening! We are meeting with her tonight to figure everything out! Her daughter was there for a lesson and is coming along a lot better! Pray for Emily, she is really getting somewhere!

We met with Michael. He showed up at the church cause he thought he was getting baptized then. He came out to the Newels and we taught him. It was great! But then, he didn’t show for his interview which scared us, but there was a lack of communication due to his lack of phone.

Thursday we had Zone Conference in Silverdale, and it was real close to Nini (Aunt Janine).  It was great! Long, but good. Love seeing people!

So, best day of my mission, Saturday!  Left at 6 to get to Tacoma on time. Woke up early! Got there, and nobody knew which apostle was coming.  So we sang and waited and it was so cool! Elder Neil L. Andersen is a funny, nice guy, and I learned so much. So cool to be in the prescence of someone who is up there with Paul! I learned a lot. Spirit was there so strong.

Driving through Tacoma is so weird. Memories already. I miss Tacoma. Then, we rushed back for the baptism.  The Paulsons filled up the font, and Micheal got there and we interviewed him! Then we had the baptism. It was about my favorite so far. He is so sincere and it was so spiritual. He and I have become really close! Hugging him in the font was just so cool. Love him!


Opening song was “How Great Thou Art”, and then the “Spirit of God”!! The Newels took us out to Chinese after that, then we went back to the church, cause sister Copeland’s brother was doing a presentation. He couch surfs. He travels around the world. So he did his travels in South America. It was the coolest thing ever!

But when I got there, and I saw there was a wedding about to happen. The bride was outside in the hall greeting people and waiting for Bishop!   I was able to get in contact with bishop for the bride. She was the coolest lady! She and I got along really well and were joking and having lots of fun. Everyone went in the room and we were waiting for Bishop to start, and then a few minutes later she could walk in for the ceremony.

We were down the hall, and she was soooo nervous. I was standing next to her. Remember that moment in “Father of the Bride” when Steve Martin is  about to walk in with his daughter to give her away? So I was right there at that moment and had the same feelings you get when you watch that part! Haha it was so cool! Then, I jokingly put my arm up to act like the dad that gives her away.  She looked at me and laughed and almost cried, but then took my arm and said thank you! I was like, whoa, what!!!??? I said “Your’e serious?” And she said “Would you please? I don’t have anybody to walk me up there.”  So, I was going to be the escort. But then I realized I should probably not do that.  So I found her home teacher and got him to do it. That was a cool experience! I was about to be her escort!


Through the whole wedding the spirit was strong and I loved it! I sound like a woman, but I love weddings now!! Then I went to Dan Hientz thing about South America, and that was so cool. Probably the best day of my mission. Just felt the spirit all day, and I loved it!

Sunday was cool too!  Went to the 9:00 session, and Margrete and Zach were there. Zach and Hailey saw us walking to church and picked us up! Then we came back, ate a little, and ran off to ward council. I was feeling sooo sick. I could barely talk. I sat there miserable. But the meeting was good. There is this high councilor who is in there with us, and I don’t know his name, but I call him brother KGB cause he looks and talks like he has been in the KGB. He is actally an oral surgeon. Then, church came, and Michael got confirmed. We had three more people at church that hour. We spent most of the rest of church talking to people who have people for us to teach or meet. We are swamped with things to to. So we should be busy!

I have really connected with these people! I Just try to be enthusiastic and really make sure that they know that I really love them and that I care. Cause I do. I hope they know that! We went to the Rutherfords and met and kind of taught their granddaughter.

Then on conference call, President hit us with a low blow, but it makes me happy! He said “We know it was a bad week when The Port Angeles Zone is the highest baptizing in the mission”. It’s usually slow here.

Elder Myer is the funniest. For some reason we have gotten along really well, since we met.  He knows what he is doing! I have learned a lot from him. 🙂   He wrote Addy. haha so just keep in mind that y’all would love him and he is great!

Love you! We are taken care of very well for Thanksgiving. Miss you. Thanks so much for the package. I loved it:)  Y’all rock. Loved the blog.


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