Royce and Santa, Wrinkles, Christmas lists, “Oh, Humans!” and Devotion to Christmas!

Loving my boys!  :)  Please let them stay little!
Loving my boys! 🙂 Please let them stay little!


Car battery dying during our Trunk or Treat night.  We were all in the car and ready to go but, the car wouldn’t start.  Thankfully we had plenty of our cars there to get it going again

Jumping the two white Suburbans.  That's my cute Merritt witch.
Jumping the two white Suburbans. That’s my cute Merritt witch.

Kevin’s cab in NYC getting in an accident.  Kevin just hopped out and left the scene.  🙂  This week he sent me this text:  “I’m in a cab and we might die before we reach the office.  2nd scariest ride I’ve had in NYC.  I’m texting, so I don’t have to watch!”

Royce’s Christmas list.  He wrote that he wanted an upside down bat that is a memote control, it needs to hang upside down and cover it’s eyes with it’s wings (he says memote for remote).  He didn’t want to put anything else on his list, because he just knows that Santa can make this.  He says he can feel it.  Please image his cute face all scrunched up while expressing his plea.  We finally convinced him that he could add more items, but Santa will know what he wants that the most.  How are we supposed to help Santa find that bat?  He also put wrinkles down on his list.  We couldn’t figure that out, until I remembered that Santa put their own can of Pringles in their stockings last year.  Ha, wrinkles!

Corbin understanding why 15 year olds have permits.  He is a great driver, but he was having an off day.  On the way to piano, he missed the turn and then at the last minute turned on the wrong side of the road.  He then left the car running (with the radio on) while we went grocery shopping.  I was dealing with the boys and didn’t notice what happened.   We were shopping for 45 minutes!   Thankfully, the car was there when we got back!

Finding Aim toothpaste smeared all over the space heater.  I asked Dixon what happened and he said “I was finger painting”.  Heeeelp!

Dixon filling his bed with cars.  All sizes work for him.  He likes to have his legs and feet touching them.  He throws them in there each night and says they are hiding.  🙂

Dixon suddenly crying for his doggie that has been gone for over a month.  It was 4:00 pm and he was tiered.  I almost gave in, but thankfully I stood strong.  It would have been horrible to take it away again.

Dixon has to have his breakfast the way he wants it.  :)
Dixon has to have his breakfast in his own unique way. 🙂

Me:  “What are you doing Dixon?”  DJ:  “I’m picking Bentley’s nose.”  That would be our very patient dog.

Forgetting to pick up Tessa from choir!  I dropped Tessa off, then went to Corbin’s basketball game.  I was so immersed into the game that I completely forgot to go back and get Tessa.  I was only 25 minutes late.  I don’t think that beats my Mom’s record!  🙂  Love you Mom!  Thankfully, she was in a very safe place.

Corbin and Tessa having a “Who Loves Christmas More?” contest.  It was so funny to listen to the questions everyone came up with to decide who was more devoted.  Corbin won, hands down.  He really is the Holiday King!  He makes everything a little brighter.

Royce cutting out a picture of me.  I’m not quite sure why he has my hair growing out of my cheeks, but he told me I could color it.  🙂  1460124_625533840822126_932994430_n

Royce telling us that a friend of his told him that Santa isn’t real and that parents hide the presents.  We said “What do you think?”  He shook his head and said “Coal!”.  Ha!


Dixon learning his letters.  We have the kids watch the LeapFrog “Letter ” DVD.  I was noticing that he was naming letters quite often, so I decided to see how many he knew.   He was so cute!  

Dixon truly thinking he is flying like Superman!  So cute!  1474642_625534054155438_840138686_n

Tessa not noticing the kiss mark on her forehead.  She lasted a long time before she realized it.  The hanging towels above her head were due to the blocked dryer vent.  🙂    1476555_625534097488767_300425735_n

Royce using big words that he learns at Classical Conversations.  He kept talking about how our pumpkins were decaying.  The best was when he said “Let’s just excommunicate him!” when someone was driving badly.  Ha!

Dixon’s Leapfrog stuffed animal.  It talks to him when he pushed buttons on it.  He calls it “his boy”.

Watching E.T. together!  We only have it on VHS, so we had to watch it down in our basement.  So fun for the boys to get to see it.   We had to fast forward some mouthy parts.  🙂  1457644_625533904155453_556967673_n

Dixon kept blocking Kevin.  :)
Dixon kept blocking Kevin. 🙂

Hadley’s Christmas list.  You know you are from a big family when your eight year old adds these things to her list:  Pringles, socks, dental flossers, my own cup, mini piano  (the one’s downstairs don’t count), bag of her own pecans, a heart sign, four Honey Crisp apples and a seed.  She also had a lot of normal ideas, but these made us laugh!

Giving in to Dixon in the Wal-Mart checkout line.  I NEVER buy extra things for my kids at the store.  They don’t even ask.  But Dixon wouldn’t let go of the a Lightning Mcqueen night light.  He was so cute, I gave in and bought it for him (I’m prematurely turning into a grandparent).  🙂  He moves it from his bedroom to the kitchen each day.  It’s so adorable and totally worth the $2.98!

The kids were all doing something weird and Royce sighed and said “Oh, humans…”.

Kevin cleaning out our dryer vent.  It was so fun for Royce to help by putting his arms way up the tube then pulling out tons of lint.

Royce behind the dryer.  :)
Royce behind the dryer. 🙂

He also changed our car battery.  We were both so thankful that the car died right when Kevin was home. He had a few hours to get the battery and fix it.  With all his traveling, we felt very blessed!  We were leaving to surprise Addisen at work and then go bowling, when the Suburban died.  We had to pile all of us into the Volvo to make it in time.  A friend of ours happen to be there when we all fell out of the Volvo.  She said she had never seen anything like it.

Royce:  “Some boys at school say they don’t like Veggie Tales, that is like not liking God.”  Me:  “Maybe they just don’t like how they draw the characters.”  RJ:  “Maybe it’s because it’s about fruit.” 🙂

Taking Royce and Dixon to Toys R Us for fun.  I just wanted to see what they liked most.  We spend an hour and 15 minutes playing and looking at everything.  They truly are the sweetest little guys.  Corbin was with us, and while I was dreaming of buying things he kept telling me how much everything cost.   Who raised this party pooper?

Realizing that Royce doesn’t know what Burger King is.  Ha!  He was watching someone’s presentation at CC and it was about a toy they got at Burger King.  Royce asked if it was a Hotel!  I wasn’t sure whether to put this under things that worked or didn’t work.

Fun last day of the semester at Classical Conversations.  971495_625533864155457_1982316653_n

Matt and Josiah stopping by.  I love getting to visit with Bryson’s friends.  It helps me remember what it was like to have him around.  Matt was throwing the kids into the leaf piles, just like Bryson would have.  Love these great guys!


3 thoughts on “Royce and Santa, Wrinkles, Christmas lists, “Oh, Humans!” and Devotion to Christmas!”

  1. Oh my gosh! hahahaha! I work too much and am so tired all the time and don’t get to keep up on blogs like I used to. I laughed all the way through this. “I’m prematurely turning into a grandparent.” I laughed out loud! “Oh, humans….”

    There really is no end to it. I could quote it all. Thanks for killing me with laughter tonight. You guys are great. Love you all!

  2. I felt like I was sitting in the middle of you all. Great write up. Loved every bit of it. Loved the fingerpainting on the space heater! I still haven’t heard of toilet paper rolls down toilets! What gives? That is a tradition with the Dixon’s and Royce’s of the world! Love you all, Peggy

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