A New Companion, Teaching, Church Tour, Mission Conference Call – Bryson On His Mission – Week 24

Hey y’all! Got transfer calls! I am staying in Dungeness, and Seamons is going to Bremerton to be companions with Augustine! Kinda cool right? My new companion is Elder Ellsworth. I don’t know him at all.  I talked to Muirbrook, and he was companions with Ellsworth after me. He said that he works hard.

I’ve learned a lot about living with companions. Being around someone that much is incredibly hard, but it has been really easy with Seamons. You just have to ignore annoying habits, and then you are usually good. The easiest way is to just work a ton, then you are to0 tired and busy to even notice the things.

We had an incredible week!!! My first three weeks went great, lots of hard work, but the 4th week (wasn’t as great). On my part, worst of the mission. Got kinda lazy, and wasn’t focused. The next week was spent coming back, and this last week went pretty great! Mostly because we have some incredible members. It would be so much harder if it weren’t for them.
Mon – Everyone met at the church and hung out. Played a little basketball. It was fine. The only time Seamons and I don’t get along is when we play basketball against each other. haha.
Did stuff all week. The Gruendells, who are helping us with Margerete, rock. I talked to them, and we set up 4 dinners in the next two weeks to teach her. I didn’t go last time, but this time we should put her on date! Pray for her!! She is really solid.
The Newells are still awesome. We had breakfast with them and Micheal on Friday and we taught him the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was great. Some awesome discussions about faith and the Holy Ghost! And the priesthood authority of God! We found out he is leaving to teach English in China in 2-3 weeks!!:( Good for him, but we will miss him. At the end, we invited him to “Be baptized by someone holding the priesthood authority of God”. He said probably, and he would pray about it. That is the best answer! Good for him to turn to prayer! Then we said that we can work towards a baptism date on the 23rd. If he knows its true by then, he can do it. Thats right before he leaves for a year! So pray for him! He is really really solid, and I know he will do it. Not worried. He knows it already. He came to church and loved it. The Newels were great to have there. Converts are just so great! So excited about the Gospel!
Haha took a football into the gym, and decided the first person who made it from full court, gets to give the other person their food that night. I won, and we had the nastiest dinner that night and he had to eat my food. It was so funny!
Everyone famous lives up here. Lots of retired people who were something back in the day. Went to “John Wayne Marina” Where John Wayne died. Talked to the last person to talk to John Wayne when he was alive. Pretty cool. Some guy who writes books about Isaiah. Elder Holland goes to him for certain stuff, and is waiting to give him the go on translating the Book of Mormon into Hebrew or something! Gives seminars all over the world.
Saturday, we went to the Copelands. They are just the best. Her husband, Chad, is not a member, and he is a really cool guy! I play basketball with him a lot. He is the best out there. Their family is great!
Sunday was one of the best days of my mission! I love Sundays!!!! I love just standing at the door talking to everyone that comes in. So great!
(This last week Bryson hit his 6 month mark on the 15th.  One quarter of his mission has already passed.  Here is to another 18 months of great experiences and service!)
We did something incredible this week! We have been planning this Sunday for the last month with the bishop, and have been  so excited for it! We made this Sunday “Invitational Sunday”, and have been telling everyone in our ward to invite people. When we go for dinners, and for anything we are always trying to have people bring people this Sunday. It somehow ended up the primary program, and we kinda realized it wasn’t on accident, so we left it. We had 36 non-members at church!!!
Last week, Elder Shuler called me me and told me they broke a record for non-members at church with 31! I was amazed! Then we ended up with 36!! That is soooo crazy!!!!! And 5 were investigators. Some were there for the primary program, but a most were just invited people for church. People felt pretty safe inviting people on the primary program day! Then we had an open house for the church cause we got a new steeple. Put it in the paper and everything! Only 2 non-members came. A choir sang a few songs, and Elder Seamons did a really good song.
After, we gave the couple a church tour. Had about 15 members join us for it. Ward mission leader and lots of other people. Nerve racking! The choir watched us. 30 people watched me give a church tour to them it was so scary. I did most of it cause Elder Seamons wasn’t wanting to do much. They are going to pray and read!  And we went to dinner at the Beans that night, who are another favorite family, and then met Zach at the church.
Every sunday, the entire mission gets on a conference calls to listen to President Weaver (the mission president) talk about stuff and listen to a spiritual message. We forgot to get onto conference call, and then all of a sudden we get a ton of texts from people all over the mission saying”Get on conference call you’re being called out!!” An Assistant to the President then called us and told us to get on. Haha we got on, and President talked about how we got 36 people at church, and he asked us about it, so we told him what happened, and he praised us for a second. We didn’t really do anything, only a few were there because of us. The rest was the ward. So grateful for a great ward!! So hopefully President thinks I am doing something good. Cause I always mess up something whenever he is around.
Well, I am losing Elder Seamons tomorrow. He is an amazing guy!! Love him. Elders Meyer and Muro are staying. Today bishop is taking all 4 of us to forks and the beach. Tomorrow we go to Tacoma for transfer meeting!
I love being out here! Really trying to focus on being a missionary. It took me awhile to not be focused on myself, and focus on other people. Now I try to focus on Christ and his work. It works a lot better.
love you

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