A Long Walk, Teaching the Plan of Salvation, Movie, Visits, Members as Missionaries – – Week 23


Hey! Not a ton happened this week! Walking the spit was horrible. Took everything to walk the 5 1/2 miles out there. Then we had to make it back. The lighthouse was cool. Skipped hundreds of rocks. Other than that I hurt and don’t plan on doing that ever again. haha:) But I had to finish!

100_1676 100_1672

Tuesday we got to teach Margerete. I actually didn’t get to, because I was on exchanges, but my companion taught the Plan of Salvation. I heard it went really well.

Had a tri-ward Trunk or Treat! Tons of less-active and non-member people there, and it was so much fun! Zach was there! We left a little early to go see him in his choir concert. High school choir is fun! Made me excited to see Tessa! Everyone commented on how the Mormons were there. haha


For halloween, we had a zone meeting, and then got on a conference call, where president announced that we willl be visited by someone from the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and some one from the Presidency of the Seventy near the end of November! Cant wait! Then, we got to watch our yearly movie. We watched “Ephriams Rescue“.  Its another one like 17 miracles. It was pretty good! Bishop brought a huge projector screen! Lots of food.

Friday, we went out with bishop. The guy is just incredible. I love him. Visited people and taught lessons and got a ton done! I really love it when members help! All these talks and all the focus on members being missionaries is great. Really makes a difference in what we do as missionaries. Pretty much every conversion that I have been able to be a part of has been from member referrals. I know it works!

Friday night, we got invited to this lecture that the Church of Christian Science was putting on. We went and it was interesting. We agree with a lot of the same stuff, but I never really realized the answers we have, that others lack. He spent a half hour to come to the conclusion that we all have the Light of Christ in us. I’m grateful for the answers and knowledge we have.

Saturday, We went over to the Newels to meet with Micheal again. We had really great apple pancakes, and then taught him. Brother Newel was there, and I loved it. We taught the Plan of Salvation, and answered some questions. Brother and Siter Newel are both converts, and are just great. I love converts so much. They just have this energy to spread the word. It reminds me of you so much Momma! I love it. Although I feel we didn’t teach very well, it was still a good lesson. Testimonies from members are really valuable. Brings the Spirit up a whole notch right away. I love them!

The Newels are tearing it up! Emily Newel has another friend for us to teach tomorrow. They rock. The Newels and Grendels (who found Margerete) pray and sincerely want to have missionary experiences, and they get them! I’m sure there are other people in the ward that do it too, and they are just amazing.

Taught another Sunday School. Love it! Got a new steeple (on the local building), and we are having an open house next week. Cant wait!

Well, thats all I have for ya! Life is good. Its really hard out here. But I hope I stay. Transfer calls are this Saturday. Pray for a good week.


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