Dixon’s Art, Tessa Loves the Cook’s Man, Red Robinhood and Cookies are Good For You!!!

Just had to put my cute missionary in here.  🙂  1397956_382798295156384_315995843_o


Picking up little race cars all over the house!  I have found them in my shower, bed and shoes, just to name a few…  Secretly, this warms my heart.  Love my little boys.

Corbin arranging my schedule so that he could try to see the Band Perry at Wal-Mart.  He got to see them, but they wouldn’t sign his guitar unless he bought their CD.  I guess a photo bomb picture will have to do.  🙂  I love Corbin’s enthusiasm.

Dixon dumping out all of Addisen’s toothpaste in her drawer and putting on her lipstick.  She was not happy with my mothering skills (she is forgetting how she did the same thing at his age!).  Then the second night of his excursions through the house, he found her cover up and drew all over the girls bathroom (the art work was pretty impressive).  He proceeded to put it on his stuffed doggie’s lips and his own.  When we were summoned up to the bathroom this is what happened: 

Please forgive the pajama attire.

After this happened, we had to wash “Doggie”, so Dixon didn’t get to sleep with him.  He has had this thing for a year and a half.  He rubs it on his nose while sucking his thumb to fall asleep.  It’s ears and tail have been cut off and it’s kind of dark looking (despite many washings).  We’ve tried to replace it, but Dixon won’t have it.  So, he screamed as he fell asleep that night.  The next day, he had figured out how to fall asleep without it but was looking all over for it.  We decided it was a good time for Doggie to go bye, bye.  In his prayers, he said “Please let my Goggie come alive”.  I cried!  But he lived through it and has completely forgotten about it.  I miss the rattle sound we would hear through the night when he would roll over or walk down the hall in the morning.  😦  This growing up thing is breaking my heart.

Corbin calling me on Fast Sunday (in between Home Teaching appointments) and asking what was for dinner.  I replied and he said “Not again, we just had that”.  I promptly hung up and by the time he got back had devised a plan with the kids making dinner on Fast Sundays.  It’s really hard to put the effort into dinner while fasting.  I think it’s time for them to appreciate how hard that is.  🙂  Love parenting….

The girls declaring that when Tessa turns thirteen and can stay up to watch movies with us, she will relinquish her “slave status”.  The definition of “Slave Status” is:  When it’s time for Tessa to be in bed, just start brushing Mom’s hair or rubbing her feet and you can make it half way through the movie.  🙂  As long as the torch is passed, I am good with that!

Addisen’s quote while watching Sound of Music, “Mom, you are just like Maria with all those kids and fun, just minus the voice!”   Nice, huh?  Oh well, at least I got half of my dream…

I almost put this under the “What Works” section!!!  It’s so funny!  We were turning the corner onto our street and there was a guy bent over under the office windows (his backend facing our way).  He had Dockers and and belt on.  Tessa didn’t look in the driveway and see the “Cook’s Pest Control” truck.  She knew Kevin was due home sometime that day, so she yelled “I love you more!!!”  (they always race to see who says it first each day).  Well, she won!  The new, young, cute pest control guy strolled down our path and met us outside the car with a huge smile on his face.  Tessa about died.  He said “It’s nice to know I am loved!”.  So awesome!  I couldn’t stop laughing as Tessa was crawling in her hole.  After he was all finished, his last words were “Thanks for loving me”.

Addisen and Corbin freaking out when Tessa, Merritt and their friends write messages on their mirrors.  Kevin and I think it’s funny, but they really can’t handle it.  Of course, maybe it has to do with the opposite gender comments….

Changing out the little boys clothing.  I cried as I put all Dixon’s clothes in the “to go” bag.  😦  There are some things in the bag that we have passed down from Bryson.  Oh, how they grow.  Love it and hate it.

Weening Dixon off naps.  There is a fine balance as to when to do this.  For us, it’s when they are not tired at bedtime.  Of course, for the next six months he will be a bear from 4:30 pm on….


Buying  four new puzzles for $3.50.  My kids were occupied all day (the olders pulled out all their puzzles too).  I may have to do this every week!

Reflex Math!  Laura Cazier told me about this website and it is so fun for the kids to work on their math facts.  It’s as close as video games will ever get to my house.  🙂

Watching Gravity in 3D at an IMAX theatre.  Kevin wanted to go all out.  It was super fun (minus the parts when I had to close my eyes).  I was so thankful for oxygen afterwards.  The only way I made it through the movie was due to my mother previously telling me the ending.  Thanks Mom, you saved me!  🙂

Getting to goto the temple two weeks in a row with great friends.  I laughed so hard I was crying (partly due to the location of the laughter, not so good in the temple, which only makes me laugh harder).

I was trying to make myself short.  :)
I was trying to make myself short. 🙂

Getting to see the Swift family get baptized.  It was so sweet to watch an entire family get baptized.  The spirit was so strong and I loved knowing how this was going to impact their lives.  Sweetest family with huge smiles!

Preach My Gospel with Addisen and Corbin.  We were talking about the pre-existence and pulled out our Patriarchal Blessings.  It was a very special evening.  I love it when spiritual nights can just light up our home.  I fell asleep that night with a huge smile on my face.

Addisen:  “Mom, I miss being 8-12 years old”  Me:  “But Bryson wasn’t always nice to you?”  AJ:  “Yah, but when he was nice, we had so much fun.  We could just throw a blanket on the couch and it would become a pirate ship.”  Corbin:  “Bryson had so many long, lost brothers, I lost count.  Remember Ty, Ty?”  “I wanted to be Wee, Wee, but he wouldn’t let me.”  The memories flowed on for awhile and I got a little glimpse of my future with the wonderful kids.  I’m so glad they have great memories.

Getting used to Kevin traveling to NYC.  It now just seems part of our week.  We are so thankful for the great experience.

Corbin:  “When I get to Heaven, it will always be Christmas!”  🙂

Going to the Cazier’s home for an awesome Halloween night!

Cute pumpkins and kids!  So fun!
Cute pumpkins and kids! So fun!

Royce:  “I know, I could be a ‘Red Robinhood’ guy for Halloween!”

Royce as he went to bed with Dixon at 7:00 pm (all the other kids were at youth church):  “Mom, what are you going to do if we go to bed and no one is here?  There isn’t anything for you.”  All I could do is giggle.

Kevin taking Royce and Corbin shooting.  They had an awesome time.  Royce even got used to the loud sounds.  1002913_614869095221934_1371245426_n

Going to the Pumpkin Patch!  We actually all made it at the same time!  We had so much fun!  1378181_614869038555273_705098048_n

Sleeping in on a cold Saturday morning.  I ended up with tons of kids in my bed all snuggled in.  I love these sweet things.  It’s amazing that the most precious moments have nothing to do with what you can buy.  Dixon kept hiding his head under the covers and saying “Quick hide, shhhh be quiet”.  All in his little two year old voice.  We just kept laughing…..

Royce:  “Mom, are eggs good for you?”  Me:  “Yes.”  RJ:  “Good, then cookies are good for you, because they are made from eggs.”  Me:  “What about all the sugar?”  RJ:  “Oh, let’s just forget about that!”   I think I adopted that plan along time ago….

Tessa singing in her “Hot Latin Nights” concert with the Huntsville Youth Choir.  She looked beautiful, especially with her date, Matt (that’s for Bryson).  1380574_614868941888616_1312332113_n

Corbin and Addisen dressed up for a Halloween party.  Corbin was a “leaf blower” and Addy was Katniss from Hunger Games.

Sarah, Addy and Corbin!
Sarah, Addy and Corbin!


Corbin reading Halloween books to the kids by the fire.  🙂  581058_614868881888622_1866579345_n

Dixon as our Superman!  1380639_614869001888610_1649201949_n


2 thoughts on “Dixon’s Art, Tessa Loves the Cook’s Man, Red Robinhood and Cookies are Good For You!!!”

  1. Addy nailed it- you are like Maria in the Sound of Music!!! Perfect!!! And since I’m tone deaf you even get the music part from me!

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