Teaching with Members, #, Being Eaten by Elk, Workin’ Hard – Bryson On His Mission – Week 22

Hey! Good week. Nothing really happened!
Sister Newel has been praying for who she can have us teach. She thought of this guy and had him over with us for breakfast then we had an incredible lesson! Her conversion story is way cool and she has the strongest testimony. So being able to turn to her to have her bear her testimony of an experience is just the best. Brings the Spirit in so much! It was a great lesson. He is is so ready! I loved sitting there and being able to tell him what he feels is the Spirit. These moment change peoples lives and I love being a part of it! All the time!

Speaking in hashtags. haha Dad. #. We were making fun of those people who speak only in hashtags, so we started talking in hashtags. Last night, after we went to bed Seamons and I spoke in Hashtags for almost an hour and it was really funny.

We have an amazing ward. Our bishop does so much for us. He is really incredible. We love him so much that we asked him to spend our PDay with us just because we enjoy him. We are going to walk the spit today without getting arrested. Next week we might go out to FORKS, (where Twilight is based) and then to the beach. I am praying for good weather! Should be so beautiful. Can’t wait to see the west coast again!!!!!

Went to the game farm last Pday. Crazy. Got mauled almost. In a big suburban in the middle row. I was sitting on the floor being licked by 6 elk, 3 through each window. And the llamas are so funny. There was a llama that was dying, so a guy pulled up, grabbed his rifle and shot it.  Wasn’t expecting that!

Some guy came up from Florida, and gave us two letters to give to his parents. They are supposed to read them out loud, and then we are supposed to give them a Book of Mormon each. This should be interesting.!

Well, I love you! Sorry there is not too much spiritual stuff. Work is slow here. Absolutely nothing has come from us knocking doors here. Maybe a few doorstep lesson, but never returned to anybody. Most of our week is just going around trying to do something good! But President, in his interviews this week, told me something: “There are no slow areas, just slow missionaries. ” So I will be a good hard workin’ missionary!

Love ya tons!


One thought on “Teaching with Members, #, Being Eaten by Elk, Workin’ Hard – Bryson On His Mission – Week 22”

  1. Bryson might try asking people why they think there is such little reception for what he is offering. Maybe they will share something useful. Sure is a pretty area he is in! Love to all, hugs, Aunt Peggy

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