Teaching Primary, Shunning the Shutdown, Teaching the First Vision, A Daggum Fish – Bryson On His Mission – Week 21

Great week!  Elder Seamons and I get along great. We have tons of fun, and I can finally talk about football with someone. And he isn’t an SEC hater.  He is hardcore LSU, and I am so happy they lost! Haha Back to missionary work though!

I got to talk about member Missionary work in Primary and to lots of leaders and its cool to use stuff from home. We did alright! Thanks. y’all are the best. Talked about my conversion in church, and pretty much said, I was taught what was right. And instead of questioning the truth, like the Book of Mormon or serving a mission, you just do it. If its probably right, then do it, and after, look back and you will know. Just have faith that what you were asked to do was right! Like reading the scriptures, mission, church, everything else.

On Monday, we wanted to go to this thing called the spit, which is this sandbar that goes over 5 miles out into the ocean with a lighthouse at the end. Well, the government shut down, and we decided that since we pay taxes, we would bypass all the signs and police tape. It went well until, on our way back we were approached by a sheriff.  Got off.  Barely!

This week was pretty slow. Stuff is slow out here. Kinda hard, considering we have11 hours to fill. We can still get a good amount of lessons, but still have 8 hours of nothing. And our area is huge and knocking out here is difficult. But, we just do our best. Teach when we can, and do something productive with our hours. We still get a positive amount of lessons and everything, because we work hard, and we are blessed with lessons thrown in there.

This week, we had dinners with the Newels who live like 6 miles away, we decided to knock every door on the way there. After about 2 miles, we helped this guy do yard work for 3 hours. I spent the entire time on his riding lawnmower. Seamonster trimmed trees. We were in dress clothes and it was freezing. Our hands were numb, but we did it and really helped this guy out. It was great to work really hard and help a him out!

Saw a license plate from Alabama and pretty much ran to the door. I knocked and the guy was hardcore Alabama. Had a very very thick accent! We started talking about fishing and Guntersville and Alabama football. He said, “I went fishing this morning and got a huge fish, and I have it out on the driveway, come see, she is huge!” We get out there, “Where’s my daggum fish!! ” Looks all over the yard and can’t find it “Some dog must have made off with it” He found it later and I got to hold it.  🙂

A great family had us over for dinner and their neighbors were there. One of them we have run into everywhere. It seemed as if she was really supposed to meet us!  We taught them the Restoration after. It was incredible. We taught really well, and were totally guided. I had her Mom read the first vision, and she started crying! Those words are sooo powerful. Gets me every time. When she read them it was just….  Wow! I am so lucky to do this everyday!

Taught some other great lessons! Zach is making progress. His mom isn’t totally against the idea. Keep praying!
Bishop Rocks!!! He does so much for us. He is taking us to the game farm today. Its this zoo where you drive through with your cars, and the buffalo and elk and other things come. Get to see lions and tigers and bears. Gotta git!
We are treated well out here!

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