Beautiful in Sequim, Teaching Ronnie & Zach, Seamonster, and to Bed by 8 – Bryson On His Mission – Week 19


Well hay yall!!!! Its good to see you today. (I am not sure what he meant by that.  Maybe a dream?!) Sequim is amazing! It’s the farthest north you can be on the mission. About two hours north of Tacoma. Probably the coolest area in the mission! We are surrounded by the Olympic Mountians on 3 sides, and the ocean on the other. They are the prettiest mountains ever. They have snow on em, and just shoot straight up!

Remember how I prayed to see a field with a cow in it? Well, I get a lot of that! There’s lots of country here, but not huuuuuge farms, just small ones. We bike all over back roads and see the prettiest farms and cows and fields all with mountians in the background. I havn’t seen the ocean yet, but on a good day you can see Canada. The weather has been great. Really cold, but not much rain.

I got sick my first day, pretty bad. Had to sleep in for a few days, cause I had some kind of flu. I was able to work all day, but I had to go to bed early and sleep longer cause I was real sick. Then my comp got sick. Kinda lame 😦

We are teaching this guy named Ronnie. He is old, and has had a stroke and 2 heart attacks. He can barely hear.  He is funny. From Oklahoma, and the biggest democrat ever. Communication is difficult. But he will hopefully be baptized this week. He came to priesthood session and morning session (of General Conference). Just needs to not smoke. He thinks my name is Rusty. I don’t know why, but he won’t call me anything else.  Funny guy.

There is this awesome family. The Newels! They have a ton of kids, some in college, and homeschool some of them, and live in the middle of nowhere. The mom is from England, and they are looking to move to the south. So I’m trying to get them to go to Huntsville. They help us with missionary work a ton. The girls have a friend from school who has a Mormon girlfriend. His name is Zach and we are teaching him. He is ready for baptism, but his parent won’t like it, so he is waiting till he is 18 in a few weeks. We watched Sunday conference at the Newel’s house with Zach and his GF. He liked it!  We had a fun day yesterday.  So far, they are the two people that we are working with that are the most steady. This next week should be good!

Everyone here is older. No Joke. I’d say 85-90% of people here are at least 65 yrs old. Which is good and bad. That means they all grew up Lutheran and Catholic and are set in their ways, just waiting to die. So its hard on our part. But they know their scriptures really well and try to destroy us. We kinda sit there, and listen. I have a mini New Testament, and instead of trying to destroy them, I read the scripture that supports our belief, and then just bear my testimony. That’s all I can do. Last week a lady trapped us and just sat there being really, really mean. I got mad and started coming back with all these scriptures and arguments from the New Testament. Then I remembered, this isn’t gonna get us anywhere. So, even though I was all riled up, I begged to do service for her. She completely changed. She went from hating us, to giving us food and candy and crying when we talked about being 18. Looks like Jesus is a pretty good example of how to act. It works!!

Cause everyone is older, that means they have time to help us! So if we need it, we can always get someone to drive us or do to a lesson with us. Retired people rock! Our bishop is a really great guy. He is a go getter! He is retired but takes care of his son who is disabled. His son is the coolest and sweetest person ever. He is growing a goatee so he can be Brad Paisley for halloween. haha, love him!

There is a river that runs through the middle of our area and cars have to drive to one of the bridges, but there is this really pretty old railroad bridge that we cross on bikes. So pretty! You look down and see tons of huge salmon swimming against the current. I feel like I’m in a Free Willy town, or some kind of Canadian or Alaskan town with grizzly bears and salmon and mountains. Way cool.

My comp is a great guy! All his family heritage comes from Louisiana. He is the first generation to be in Utah. He is really great! Loves the south and country music.  I felt like southern people are relaxed and laid back.  Here I have been surrounded by people who are not like that and it’s different for me. But This comp is pretty laid back. We work hard, have lots of fun, and teach well.

He is so young!! We are very, very young together. He is only a month or two older than me, and has been out for 3 months. I’ve been out 4 and a half. But I talked to president and he is really excited for us to be together. I’m the older one but I’m still so young!!  We taught Zach and his GF who are our age, and a Newel girl came and she’s 18 also. It was seriously 5, 18 yr olds at the church. And we, the missionaries, were their age, and it was weird to realize that. But me and Elder Seamons are great. Everyone calls him Seamonster. Haha, love him. We have a mini basketball hoop and we play all the time before bed. Hopefully, my journal writing will be better.

The whole city goes to bed before 8.  All the older people! It’s really hard to do anything then. We always have dinner, and then after we usually call someone to make visits to less actives with us. Everyone out here loves basketball! The youth, and even the old bishop from the other ward plays.  I hope we get to play!

I think the work will go well up here! Its way different. Can’t just walk down the street and get a lesson. It’s a lot of work and planning for a lesson. But people don’t cancel and aren’t as busy so there are god and bad things!  This should be fun!


One thought on “Beautiful in Sequim, Teaching Ronnie & Zach, Seamonster, and to Bed by 8 – Bryson On His Mission – Week 19”

  1. I don’t know if he will get a chance to go to the end of the Olympic Peninsula where the rain forest is, but if he can, it is worth seeing. Sounds beautiful, and also sounds like he is getting a taste of people who have beliefs that are as firm as his, result being, maybe he will start to see the universal truths within all the beliefs — the river of universality. Love ya all, Aunt Peggy

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