Addisen is 17, Senior Pictures, Ticklish Bionicles, Sleeping in the Bathroom and the Day Behind Today!!!

Addisen’s Senior Pictures:

Nauvoo Temple-27 Nauvoo Temple-11

To see more of the beautiful Addisen…


Royce: “Dad, you know the day behind today?”Royce to Addy:  “You know those pictures of Daddy when he was getting married?  I like his face better then.”

The mind of our five year old, as he cries….  “When you say Addy is cute, it means I’m not.”  Really?

Kids making a new birthday tradition.  This won’t make sense….  On very rare occasions the kids can get Kevin to act out a radio moment they heard years ago.  He freaks out and yells “Your invited to Mark Lindsay’s birthday party”!  He pounds the table and almost breaks it.  We all laugh so hard!  They have all decided that they get what they want on their birthdays, so this is top on their list.

Kids realizing at homeschool group that they had never had “Lunchables”.  Actually, Bryson had them when he was little, for a field trip.  They looked at me like I was a bad mom, but things could be worse…..

Royce:  “You know at Homeless Group today?”

Royce:  “I am never eating hamburgers again, they are made from pigs.”  The funny thing is that he has never eaten a hamburger.  He won’t eat hardly any dinners….

Getting the kids all excited to go walk around the lake at Publix!   Once I got there, I wouldn’t do it!  The grass was taller than me and I knew there would be snakes.  They tried to pull me in, but I freaked out.  I bought them ice cream instead….  The scary grass with huge snakes.  :)

The scary grass with huge snakes. 🙂

Dixon trying to get Corbin to stop faking he was asleep.  He picked his nose and put it in Corbin’s mouth.  NIIIIICE!  Corbin was actually impressed with his two year old brother because it worked.

Merritt and Hadley playing Bionicles with Royce.  Hadley said:  “This Bionicle’s weakness is that it is ticklish.”  That’s what you get if you play with your sisters….

Dixon waking up during the night and taking himself to the bathroom.  This is great, minus the part that he hangs out in our bathroom and looks out the window.  One night, he eventually curled up on the rug below the toilet and went back to sleep.  I woke up an hour later and realized I never heard him come out.  He had even locked the door.

Kevin sending me pictures of his outfits from New York City.  He couldn’t remember what I said went together (remember he is colorblind).  So, cute!  Now he takes a picture before he leaves.  🙂


Getting to go to the temple ALL BY MYSELF!!!!  I don’t think I have been alone for that long in 18 years (minus on an airplane, but that’s with a lot of other people).  I played MY music, sang as loudly as I wanted, cried, prayed and loved every minute of it.  I think I will make this a monthly jaunt.  I thought about how much I was alone during the last five years I lived at home with my parents and then during college.  It was a lot and I was very comfortable with it.   It was really nice to have that time again.  Not to mention how amazing the temple was.  Truly a perfect evening for me.  🙂

Addisen AndiLee Jones turing 17!!!!  How did this happen???  We got to spend a wonderful day with her and love her up.  She was on the phone a lot that day with wonderful people that called her.  🙂  Boppa called her and talked with her.  After she hung up, Dixon wouldn’t stop screaming, as he wanted to talk with Boppa.  So, Corbin called him from the other room and pretended to be him (we didn’t want to call Boppa back at work).  Corbin pulled it off perfectly.  🙂  Addy is such an amazing young woman.  She is very mature (except when she is crazy, which I like too).  She is just a true gem.  She won’t be here next year for her birthday.  😦  She’ll be on to bigger and better things in life…..  IMG_5153

Bryson and newborn Addisen!  :)
Bryson and newborn Addisen! 🙂


Royce's recycled gift to Addy.  He was so excited!  :)   He already has it back...
Royce’s recycled gift to Addy. He was so excited! 🙂 He already has it back…
Lunch at A&W!
Lunch at A&W!
Roller Skating birthday!
Roller Skating birthday!

Birthday traditions!  My family always hid the presents for the little kids before they could open them.  Then we would play hot/cold until they found them.  We have carried this on and it is fun.  After all these years and many houses, the kids figured out how to hide the presents in their shirts.  It worked so well.  I am very impressed with this new idea!

Watching August Rush!  We love this movie, minus the scary Robin Williams character.  The kids have been hearing music in the trees ever since.  🙂

Special date and “Talk” with Hadley.  She was awesome and handled everything like a pro.  Loved her facial expressions…  IMG_0712

She kind of looked like this.  :)
She kind of looked like this. 🙂

PRIMARY PROGRAM!!!  I loved it so much.  Every year, I think it can’t get better, but it never ceases to surprise me at the sweet spirit that attends that Sacrament Meeting.  I LOVE the Primary children and the music is so special.  My mouth hurt afterward because I had a huge grin the entire time.

Weather cooling down, low humidity, getting on top of my list for the first time in years and time for journaling.  Life is good.  🙂

Family soccer game!  We had so much fun playing together.  The weather was perfect and I ended up sore the next three days.  Royce was so sad that he didn’t get to play soccer on a team this year, so I promised we would go do this.  He was a crazy man, slide tackling without any fear.  IMG_5185 IMG_5178 IMG_5179

Royce, as he pulls on his legs:  “Do you know what I am doing?”  “I’m stretching my legs out so I will grow faster and be eight, then I can be in Cub Scouts.”

Buying two huge packs of batteries because they were on sale.  Within 15 minutes, the kids had found them and put them in all their gadgets.  They were busy for three days.  YESSSSS!  Next time I’m going crazy with the kids, I will just go buy batteries.

Kevin getting to run in Central Park.  He has always wanted to do this.  He says it’s just like the movies.  People everywhere, elderly people on benches, chess playing, etc.  He even stopped to ask an Ulitmate Frisbee group if they were an organized league.  The checked his skills out and said he could join them.  So cool!

Getting sweet e-mails from families in Bryson’s mission.  It really warms my heart that people would take the time to write to us.  The extra connection to him means so much.

Royce finishing his reading book.  He can officially read (he actually has been able to for awhile, but it’s our official line).  He is now reading “the next shelf”.  He loves it!

He's done!  :)
He’s done! 🙂

Ward Family Temple Night!  It was perfect!  Corbin, Addisen and Tessa got to do baptisms, the younger kids got to do great activities and go in the temple’s front room, the adults got to do a session and Kevin and I helped with the Primary children.  These little people were so adorable.  We had a wonderful night and a full heart.  A huge thanks goes out to all those that put time into this great activity!  IMG_5207

GENERAL CONFERENCE!  We spent last weekend watching leaders from our church speak.  We loved getting to listen to them and spend time together as a family all weekend.  I only had a slight twinge of missing Bryson, but it was quickly replaced by realizing he doing what they teach in conference and he was probably watching conference too.  🙂  We did all our traditions and were all filled up.  IMG_5191

Satisfied faces after Krispy Kreme.  Tradition between Conference sessions.
Satisfied faces after Krispy Kreme. Tradition between Conference sessions.
Fruit loop necklaces.  :)
Fruit loop necklaces. 🙂

Cold weather moving in this last Sunday night!  YES!  We slept with the windows open and froze in the morning.  It was wonderful!  Merritt talked me into playing Christmas music, since Kevin was gone.  🙂  Royce stared at the Pandora screen as each song played.  So cute!


One thought on “Addisen is 17, Senior Pictures, Ticklish Bionicles, Sleeping in the Bathroom and the Day Behind Today!!!”

  1. Addisen now 17! Bryson going to Sequim (I have been there once – beautiful town!) ! Changes keep happening. Everyone looks fantastic! My life was one of helping at Poverello (homeless shelter), trying to get Zack to call his mom (impossible task at moment), learning to give Jason space now that he is 30, figuring out some advertisements for my business, hikes around the area. Hope you all continue to be well! Love, Aunt Peggy

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