Frisbee Master, Zion’s Camp, Teaching Debbie, Tracting and Giving a Talk – Bryson On His Mission – Week 18

Hey everybody!!! Such a great week! I am just so happy!

So, I decided to take my missionary work to a national level. I was on exchanges with Muir (I think its our 4th one? He’s been with me my whole mission so far. A great ZL!) We found out that the tram downtown is free! So we were riding it and just talking to everyone. We were walking all up and down downtown, and meeting so many people!

We were on our way back home, when I hear these people yelling and throwing things in the back of a parking lot. I think its some drunk guys. But then I see a camera guy. Then, I saw a frisbee. I have realized, that all things disappear if I even see a frisbee. So, without thinking, I just started walking towards the Frisbee like a zombie towards living people. Then, I see a guy that looks familiar. Then I realized who it was. I started freaking out. It’s Brody Smith!! And he is filming!! I ran up and said, is that Brody Smith?! They all smile and we all start talking. I talk to him for a little bit and tell him about how I am trying to convert people to frisbee and how I love him and about said “You are, my biggest fan” (that thing you do quote) He is my idol! I love the guy so much! He is right up there after Brad Paisley!! AHHH and I met him.

After we talked for a while, he said you play well? I said ehhh….. he said, lets see your hammer. So I go across the parking lot, and he throws to me, and I show him my hammer a few times, and he was really impressed!!! Yeaaaa! Its like that moment on that thing you do “You want to jam, WITH ME???!!” I played frisbee with Brody Smith!!! We took some picts, and maybe oven got on the video! Keep an eye out for his next video.  (We checked and one isn’t up yet.)


Zions camp! My mission president rented out the camp that they have girl’s camp at.  (Each year the Young Women in each stake get together for a week. Although not fully “camping” usually, it is a wonderful experience for them all.) So half the mission went on one day, then I went the next! IT was soooo cool! There were all these “Elements” where you do an insanely hard teamwork activity and then it is tied in to the gospel. It was out in the middle of nowhere. I think it was the first time I have seen a forest since I left home. It was so pretty! I got to see my good ole friends, and Muirbrook has decided that we are going to become ranchers:) There was one part, where we stood on this post, so we were about 10 ft tall, and we had to fall back into 7 peoples arms. It is the scariest thing ever. You have to have complete trust, and you have to fall back completely flat or they cant catch you. Good things learned about faith!! It was a spiritual day, and I loved it!


Got caught in a lightening storm. It happened right above Augustine and I while we were under a tree. We look at each other, and start sprinting down the road to our car, a mile away. haha

Nerf gun wars erupt suddenly when ever other missionaries visit us…thanks mom 🙂

Teaching Debbie. She came to church and loved it! She had to leave but she really didn’t want to. We taught her the Restoration and she loved it! (For an explanation of the “restoration” go here.) She is so cool! We have some other people that we are teaching, and I love being able teach people things that can help them change their lives!

I’ve decided that since we have to knock everyday for two hours, that I might as well do it right. So most everyone said something like, “We are missionaries, and we have a message about Jesus Christ.” I realized, that if they can feel love and happiness and excitement right when they open the door, then they will be drawn to listen, at least a little more. So I’m gonna see how this works. I’ll get back to you on that!

I got to see Freddie Baptize his daughter on Saturday!!! It is so cool to see him do that. I was able to be a part of his conversion, and now he is changing his kid’s lives by being this influence on them. So glad I can be a part of that! This is the work I do.


My Bishop is so cool. Special forces Green Beret Sergeant Major. He has many many accomplishments that are just soooo cool. He told us sooo many cool stories. He is a funny guy. Has a Jar Jar Statue. 🙂 He loves American history, so we get along really really well.


I gave a talk on Sunday. It was supposed to be a 5 min testimony of the Book of Mormon. There was a talk by my old bishops son, then a talk by Bro. Cordner’s cousin, then my companion gave his. My companion is very very serious when it comes to this sort of thing. But very spiritual. He had an amazing talk/testimony. I loved it. About made me cry.

Then I get up there, and I tell a funny story that has everyone laughing pretty good. Luckily I was able to bring it back around and connect it. Brought the Spirit into it all, and bore my testimony. It was an amazing sacrament meeting. The Spirit was so strong. 🙂 There is a guy named Brother Copeland in our ward. He reminds me so much of Boppa. haha He and I get along really well:)

There’s a lot more good stuff, but I gotta git. Ran out of time. My last week of this transfer. Love it here! Don’t want to leave! Love you family and friends! Thanks for all the support. I love it and feel you all praying for me. Adios!


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