“Dry Mormon”, The New Homeboys on the Block, Sharing Feelings of Sadness – Bryson On His Mission – Week 17


Hey yall! So my emails will probably be shorter from now on, cause we don’t have much time to email!

I finally was able to pick up the package! Thank you so much!!!!!! I loved it. Yall are the best.:)

So, we had some really great stuff happen this week. We had the car, and were able to get a lot done! I drove, cause whenever my companion drives something bad always happens. Driving here is horrible. I hate it 😦

We knocked into this lady named Debbie. She gave us some canned Asian pears and told us to come back the next day. We came back, and she showed us her garden. Sooooo huge for being in the city. Feeds tons of families, donates thousands of pounds of produce to the food bank, and cans the rest. They make their own everything.

Then we found out, she reads the Book of Mormon, gets The Ensign (the Church’s magazine) and loves it, and loves watching conference and gets so excited for the conference addition (the edition that has all of the Conference talks in it)! She is incredible. She said she tries to live her life in such a way that her Mormon friends would be proud (as slang, we sometimes refer to people who are living a Mormon life but are not members of the church Dry Mormons – thus the reference in the title). Then the next day she went and ordered a triple combination (this is a book of scripture containing the Book of Mormon, Doctrine & Covenants, and Pearl of Great Price all combined into one physical book). She is completely Mormon, except she smokes a little, and drinks a tiny bit (they make their own wine and beer). And she’s not baptized. She said she doesn’t want to be though:(

So we went over there 2 times, she fed us really good food the first time, and the second time we spent an hour in her backyard picking beans and tomatoes and everything else for us to take home!!! She asked to come to church, and then she came! It was an incredible meeting. She could only stay for the first hour, and didn’t want to leave at all. Sister Daniels gave an amazing talk on the atonement. The spirit was so strong. Bishop gave a really cool talk too cause he just got back. She loved it!

After she got home she texted us – She told us she got home and her husband asked about church. She told him about it and he loved the idea of how we do church. He said he would like to come next time. Then he asked if she was considering being Mormon, and she said YES! That she loved what we stand for and our morals and everything. We are going over there tomorrow and she wants us to kinda bless her new scriptures. I am so happy! Pray for her!

I went on an exchange with Elder Aussef. He came here. It was so much fun. About my favorite guy out here. We contacted down on the water and it was so pretty! We also went into the park and challenged these homeboys to some basketball. There are usually at least 30 of them hanging around the court. Two of them decide to take us on. Aussef is really good! Doesn’t score as much but can pass and drive really well. So we lost the first game 12-15:( Keep in mind that we are in shirt, tie, and church shoes. The second game we beat them 15-0!!! haha its was great.

By then there were like 40 people around and they loved us and were acting like we were accepted homeboys now. The guys who lost were so mad. Then we played other people and a guy stabbed me in the eye while going for the ball. My eye is still hurting. I finished that game, but I was seeing two goals and everything. And my whole foot was a blister.

Sister weaver took us all out for Frozen Yogurt yesterday. I love her to death! She is so sweet!

So, I had one of the most incredible experiences ever the other day. Sunday night, we were at dinner with the other missionaries in our area, Elders Williams and Healy (Williams is so funny, we get along really well! We laugh a lot) They got a call by some people from Gig harbor, who had someone in the hospital who needed a blessing. We go to the hospital at least once a week, if not more. We had already been 2 times that day.

So we rush over to the hospital, and can’t find where to get in. As we wander, the people find us and stuff us in their car, and drive us to the spot. We work our way to the intensive care unit. 😦 We get there, and there is the guy we came with’s brother waiting for us. The brother’s son, Chico, is not even 40, and he had stroke that morning. They found him in the morning passed out, so it had been a long time without oxygen going to the brain. His left side was completely paralyzed, and he was just gone, could wake up, but kept moving and mumbling. It was so sad to see. This young guy, now changed for the rest of his life. Life will never be the same. His dad had to sit there and watch his son go through this. He held it together very well, even though I knew his heart was breaking.  It was so hard for me to see this situation. I just wanted to sit there and be there for them as long as I could. But we had to go:( After a sad goodbye, four of us missionaries leave.

Now, we have like 4 different hospitals in our area, and they are all huge. We always get lost in them, every single time. This time we ended up in the hospital basement in the laundry rooms. haha After passing through restricted areas for about 20 min, we saw exit doors, and started yelling “Freedom!!!” as we ran towards them. We felt that there should have been a minotaur somewhere in that maze. I felt like the greek guy who needed a ball of yarn.

Anyways, we start walking towards parking, and we come through the courtyard, and I don’t see these people till we have almost passed them, but it was this couple leaning against this garden thing. The lady was crying really hard, and the guy sat there, holding her, trying not to cry. They were probably early 30s. It is dark and cold outside, and they were the only people we could see. I nod at them, and keep walking. I didnt want to bug these people who obviously had something horrible going on. Who wants a strangers, to bug them?

So we walk on, but then I turn to Williams and say, we should talk to them. He said yea, probably. But we didn’t want to turn around cause it would be awkward. So we keep walking, and I keep thinking that I need to talk to them. We get in the car, and I turn to Williams and say, “I might be crazy, but we need to go back there and talk to them.” He said “Yea. and I hate to miss promptings from the Spirit. It is the worst thing. I have been trying to listen for things like this. Like yesterday, I went to bed, and felt like I should floss my teeth. I didn’t know if it was guilt or the spirit, but I did it. So you’re probably right. We should go back” haha

And so we got out of the car, and started walking back to them. I had no Idea why I was going there, let alone what could I say to these people! (BTW, we look back and realize we probably should have done this with our Comps, but this just ended up happening, cause my comp was busy doing numbers)

We walk up to them, and I had to stop for a second. The look in their eyes was something I don’t think I have ever seen before. And I never want to see it again. You could tell these were two good people, who are at the deepest point of sadness and desperation.

This story might seem not that amazing, but as soon as I got near them, I felt how they were feeling. It was the saddest thing I have ever seen. I finally ask if they’re ok, and if I can do anything. He remains silent, just trying to hold it together. While crying, she said they just need prayers. I ask if they have family in the hospital. She said, her husband’s brother had a stroke that morning and might not ever recover.

I realized it was Chico’s brother and sister in law!!!! I said that we had just been up there, and had talked with their family. She just cries more. I ask if we could pray with them. We all hold hands and then I pray. It was one of the hardest prayers I’ve ever had to say. I felt like it was my family up in the hospital bed. I pleaded with God just about as hard as I ever have. Using every ounce of faith I got to ask God to help them. After I pray, she turns to me and gives me a hug. It was probably the best hug I have ever gotten. She was hugging, clinging on to me with her life. I was the representation of Christ, and Christ was the only person she could hold on to.

Then I start crying:( I started to talk about how I am sorry for them, and how hard it would be to have my brother in that situation. I was crying my eyes out. All of us were. I tell em Jesus is there, and to turn to him. We talk to them a minute more, and then leave. Williams and I cried for like the next 15 minutes.

I am so glad I went back and talked to them!! We all needed that!

I have been working out, eating healthier, and I love it! I am getting in way better shape, and I am thinner  and stronger!

Cant believe there is only 2 weeks left of this transfer!  We had a ward Carnival. I got to know my ward really well and I think they know me a lot better too! I guess they know me better, cause we now have a dinner everyday this week!  Hooray!  We didn’t have any last week.  😦  If you can get the ward to trust you, the everything goes better. I think it is very important to be close with the ward!  So I work really hard at it, and usually things go better. 🙂

My comp is great!  He has had a rough Transfer, not cause of me, but because of stuff happening.   I love the guy to death and we work hard!  Going on an exchange with Muir today.  It’s like our 4th so far since I’ve been out here.

I love being out here! It is cold and cloudy all the time and It is going to drive me insane.  But the sound is still beautiful and all I ever need to do is look at it and I am fine!!  Being on a mission is so cool!!  The time goes by so quickly!!!!

Thanks for all the emails!  I love them.  I get lots of emails and letters and I love it!!!


3 thoughts on ““Dry Mormon”, The New Homeboys on the Block, Sharing Feelings of Sadness – Bryson On His Mission – Week 17”

  1. WOW!!! SO incredible! It made ME want to cry. I am just SO grateful for missionaries… and for what missions do to boys! We are SO SO blessed. I love his letters. Thanks for sharing.

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