Wisdom Teeth, The Flu, NYC, Flips, Echolocation and Little Bear’s Mom (or not)!!

It’s been four weeks since I wrote last!  I feel like I have hit bottom and now I am finally up for air and recovered.  I had the flu (hopefully, the one for this year and now I’ll never get sick again!).  It was the sickest I have been in over ten years (actually I can’t remember feeling that sick before, minus pregnancy).   Two and a half weeks later and I’m feeling great!  I’m truly thankful that I am healthy and happy.  The last month seemed to be three months long.  I felt like I hardly wrote anything down for the blog, but when I sat down to look, there were pages full of our adventures.  I’ll have to trim it down…..

Royce and Hadley!
Royce and Hadley!


Hadley and Merritt crying in bed because they were missing Bryson.  We talked about all the things we missed, cried a little, then talked about all the people that he will help to feel our Savior’s love.  We are happy to share him.  🙂

Dixon drinking salsa!  Yuck!  He is crazy!  I think he gets those genes from by brother.

Dreaming that we were swimming for days on end and I kept forgetting to check on Dixon.  He would be floating in the water and I would save him just in time.  Ugggghhhh!  Mother’s worst nightmare.

Our LDS Home School Group.  It just doesn’t work for me with two very active boys.  Dixon screams in the nursery and makes the other kids cry.  I’m teaching the Statesman class, but he will have to come be with me and play on the iPad.  Last time was a little better.  All the other kids LOVE their classes, so it’s worth it.  I’m really thankful for the group and all the great families we get to know through it.

Hadley rubbing my cheeks as I tuck her in and sing to her.  She then tells me that my cheeks feel like fuzzy peaches.   😦

Opposites conversation:  Tessa:  “Royce walks up to me all the time and does a flip in the air.”  Me:  “Really a flip in the air?”  Tessa:  “I mean a somersault on the ground.”  🙂

Kevin constantly traveling to New York City!  It’s so hard to have him gone and I miss him terribly.  But the new account is great!  He doesn’t like New York very much, but he loves the temple just down the street.  He will usually only be gone for two days, but this week it’s four!  😦  (How is that for a lot of  ‘but’s?)

Dixon trying to leave the dentist office.  I told him that if he came back in, there would be a train on the TV.  Tessa accused me of lying, but within ten minutes, there was a train!  YEEEESSSS!  Thank you for all the Syria coverage.

Old Suburban dying.   Thankfully, it was in our neighborhood and Addy didn’t have to run off the road.  Our wonderful neighbor Jerry Ray, towed it back into our driveway.  We got it fixed and we are all set again.  To sell or not to sell…..?

Corbin memorizing the wrong Scripture Mastery for seminary.  They are going to make up a new award for him.  🙂

Dixon and Royce starting to fight.  I forgot how physical boys are!  Uggghhhh!  Dixon is a bully and Royce is starting to stand up for himself.  The last couple of weeks, they have been doing a little better and are playing together more.  It just takes so much training…..

Dixon putting on Addisen’s lipstick and sneaking out of her room with it on.  So funny!

Royce:  “Mom, you know leopards?”  Me: “Yes.”  Royce:  “It is bad, because their skin falls off.”  He had just learned about leprosy at church….

Dixon changing his clothes all day long!  He puts his underwear and pants on backwards.  1234503_593278834047627_493371757_n

Royce’s version of This Little Piggy.  “This little piggy went to the park, this one went grocery shopping, this one went to CC, this one went to homeschool group, and this one stayed home and did chores.”

Royce:  “Mom, I wish you were like Little Bear’s Mom.”  Ouch!  I was having him watch those movies so he would see sweet things, that backfired!  I guess my lack of sweetness during my sickness took a toll on him.  I helped him bake something after he said that and he said  “Oh good, you are being like Little Bear’s Mom now.”

Corbin figuring out how to change words on my texting.  Every time I would type in “me”  it would autocorrect “chicken”.  I could not figure out how I typed chicken for days.  He finally told me what he did.  Today it was lobster….  He is so funny!  1237993_593267430715434_306561216_n

They made me do it!  :)
They made me do it! 🙂

Addisen getting her wisdom teeth removed.  She was VERY sick the first day.  All better now…

Sweet friends bringing ice cream to Addisen.  :)
Sweet friends bringing ice cream to Addisen. 🙂
She's all better!  :)  Love my Addy!
She’s all better! 🙂 Love my Addy!

Kids acting like they are hurt.  They wanted to go in public like this, but I wouldn’t let them.  946720_593267350715442_1501227046_n


Girls synchronized swimming.  I used to do this with my friends when I was little.  So cute!  

Royce reading to Dixon.  1239032_593267324048778_1495292763_n

Dixon doing flips off the side of the pool.  He freaks me out!  I couldn’t get a good video of him, but this is a half flip.  

Getting messages from people that warm my heart.  I can’t put into words how good it feels to get sweet thoughts from people.  I got one message from one of Bryson’s friends that started “Mama Jones,”.  I LOVED IT!  For some reason a lot of people are starting to call me that.  It warms my heart.  🙂

Tons of new ward members.  There are so many new faces in our ward at church.  It’s been a treat to get to know such fabulous families.

Addisen:  “I’m reading Outliers, I’m thinking that if you had given birth to me in January, I would have aced my ACT’s the first time!”

Loving that whatever office we enter (dentist, doctor, vet), FOX News is always on the TV.  Only in the South….. 🙂

Bentley getting shaved.   Royce:  “It’s like having a new dog.”

Dixon finally learning how to eat and an ice cream cone all by himself.  He is so cute licking it up.

Hadley starting piano lessons!  She has an incredible ear.  She was teaching herself hymns before she started, so we thought we better let her have lessons.  Addy stopped taking lessons, but is still practicing. Tessa and Merritt are taking lessons also.

Father/Daughter camp out at Hulaco.  Kevin thinks it should be called “Fathers bring their daughters, so they can be with their friends camp out”.  🙂  They slept in hammocks and were cold, but had fun.  Hulaco is truly beautiful!

Royce:  “I just don’t seem to understand echolocation?”  Me:  “What?”  Royce:  “You know, with bats.”

Royce:  “When the vent above my bed is closed, it sounds like a lot of indians coming in my room and saying ‘Ahhhhhh’, with their tomahawks.”

Labor Day Weekend relaxation!  Swimming, friends houses, sleeping in, temple and running into people all over town.  It was perfect!

Doing sealings at the temple with some extra people.  One of them was a young couple and it made Bryson come to my mind.  It ended up a very special experience.  🙂

Addisen getting to have a fun 17th birthday party!  It was really hot outside, so they ended up inside more than planned.  Love her friends!  1240192_593267507382093_1586830316_n

We had some “Funfetti cupcakes”.  Kevin told the missionaries, that they weren’t really cupcakes more like blueberry muffins with frosting.  It was so funny.  He was serious.  He couldn’t see all the different colors.  🙂

The kids helping me when I was sick and Kevin was out of town.  I had violent chills, aches and fever.  Corbin forced me to go take a bath and made dinner.  He was so sweet!  Bryson used to take care of me like that and it was nice to have Corbin do it.  Kevin has set a wonderful example of caring for me.  His sons are following in his footsteps.  The girls were helpful in wonderful ways too.  🙂

Royce:  “You know Batman?”  “Robin Hood is his sidekick.”

Having Family Home Evening at the splash pad and park.  So fun!  We had pizza and played.  I even broke down and bought them ice cream from the ice cream truck.  

Crazy time at Kroger’s with the little kid carts.  I think the Kroger employees were glad when we left.  🙂  58681_593267307382113_70753827_n

Kevin: “If Oregon and Alabama played each other, who would you go for?”  Tessa, Merritt, Hadley, “Oregon.”  Corbin, “Alabama.”  Royce, “Destin.”

Royce’s new word:  “Is it humongous-bungus?”

Trying to focus on “the one”.  Meaning to really be present when someone is with me.  I finally realized I just have too many “ones”!!!  🙂

Stake Relief Society Retreat at Camp Hulaco!  It was perfect!  It was 80 degrees without humidity.  Blue skies, great classes and wonderful women.  I feel all filled up and happy!  I am so thankful for all the ladies that put time into making it happen.  I got to ride with Laura Cazier.  We decided it wasn’t far enough away, we needed more time together.  🙂

Leaving the pictures from Bryson up on my computer all day.  Each time I sit down, he is right there smiling at me.  It just warms my heart.

Setting up Halloween because Corbin made me!  The girls made Halloween cookies already.

She's so cute!
She’s so cute!

4 thoughts on “Wisdom Teeth, The Flu, NYC, Flips, Echolocation and Little Bear’s Mom (or not)!!”

  1. I can tell Royce is 5 because he sounds JUST like Calvin (who got in trouble on the 5th day of Kindergarten by the way!) Miss you guys!!

  2. Kel, I’m so glad that you’re feeling better. What a darling family. Love to hear what Royce has to say. Happy, happy B-DAY to Addy-ba-daddy. Love, lova you, Mom

  3. Jacob and I were doing that out of control squealing laughter at the note about trains on the tv, and thank goodness for Syria coverage. And the comments out of Royce’s mouth – HILARIOUS. Oh, and the opposites conversation. Oh wow, we got a good laugh tonight. We have SO MUCH catching up to do on reading your blog. But excited to do it. Love you all!

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