Smirking, Music, Deep Hippie, Playing Piano, Scripture Reading – Bryson On His Mission – Week 16


Hello world!! We had a better week! Not a lot happened though:( Kinda disappointing, but it means that we work harder! We got the car back today. So we can do more now! We got caught in a torrential downpour and felt like I jumped in a pool. We walked a few miles home after that. Soooo cold!

Random stuff: a guy in the Stake Presidency looks like a mix of Chevy Chase and Will Ferrel, with Harrison Ford’s smirk. haha (Each congregation is called a “ward” and a group of about 8-15 wards is called a “stake”.  The head of a ward is a Bishop and the head of the stake is called the Stake President, both of which have two councilors.  As a group, they are called the Bishopric and Stake Presidency, respectively.) I have been working on my smirk lately!

Elder Aussef who came out right after me is crazy and fun (kinda like me), but he has a smirk that I want to have. He is like my best friend out here. He is a missionary for the Samoan ward. We have lots of fun! Gonna surf with him after my mission in California!

I got a haircut! I needed it so bad! The lady that cut my hair looked exactly like our neighbor Tabitha and Tami, her twin! She even sounded like them. Tell Cameron and Tabitha that I said hi! Tell them to tell Mark and Tami that I say hi, and that I still beat everyone at Ultimate all the time:)

A surprising amount of people here loved Romney. Found out we might be going to war in Syria? Funny how we never know about important things like that.

Music: We listen to music in the car a bunch! All of last week we listened to the Eclipse CD. Probaly 50 times. We have it memorized! Dad, on Go With Me, go to 3:28/29 and where they all sing “GOOOO” right before the lead singer does, that chord is my favorite in the world. It blows my mind. We rewind it and listen over and over. I don’t even know what notes could make up that chord. Could ya’ll send Hymns of String someday? I would love that. And I Love the Lord, the be still my soul song.:) My comp has a Mendy Gledhil song. She sings the Emma song on Nashville Tribute. I like her cd a lot! It has some good ones.

I Loved ya’lls letters so much!!!!

You’re not supposed to wear short sleeved shirts in the winter, so I needed to buy some new long sleeved. Went to the mall, got 3 new shirts, and a few ties for my comps, so we can all have a tie to remember each other by. And some socks, cause half mine have holes! We played handball on Pday. It is sooo much fun. And really intense and brutal. Then we played frisbee at the park. I usually just get the frisbee and throw it perfectly to someone running really far. haha I love it!

Momma, I love you! I always figured you had to do what you do, and counted on it. You did it cause you are a good person. Many parents don’t do their job, and it is so sad. I am so glad that you did what you did for me! Thank you! And dad, All those ideas and things you had for me that I never did, like planning or businesses, well Elder Shuler and I are coming up with that stuff all the time now and I wish I had done that when I was younger!

We had a church tour with an incredible guy last night! He is a real hippie. He goes to hippie festivals and lives in hippie camps sometimes. Long hair and beard.  He is deep and thinks a lot. He had some amazing questions. He is really big on the change that Christ can bring! I told him about mom’s conversion and he loved that! He really connected with that story, and it affected him. He is really cool!

Shoutout to Bishop of Lincoln ward!!!!! I got to see him at stake conference (a twice-yearly meeting where the whole stake gets together to receive instruction) and I really really miss him! He is such a great guy. I hope you can meet him someday! Got to see Coker again, and some other ward people. It was great. I miss that ward! I played piano for my ward’s musical number at priesthood stake conference the other day.

So, I’ve found that reading scriptures is as fun as reading history books! It comes in, and I don’t really forget it. I am having fun with that. I am not as good at the individual scriptures, but I am really good at all the stories and history and bible bashing stuff.

So, there is this style called hipster. Didn’t really know what it was till I came out. Well everyone dresses like that here. So, I was stupid and let some missionaries convince me to get some hipster type clothing. Skinny ties, tighter white shirts, ya know. haha I have a funny picture where I have weird glasses on and I look hipster.

I am gonna lose my fat and get strong! All I eat, aside from dinners, is apples, bananas, other fruit, and for lunch I boiled frozen veggies, and later I put some canned tuna in pita bread. I eat tons of protein, and it seems to be working. Working out every day, and drinking so much water that I have to pee alllll the time. But I feel really good, and if I keep this up, I will be great!

Hope you get feeling better, and work those kids hard!


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