Rough Week, Baptism, Bad Missionary, Breaking Windows – Bryson On His Mission – Week 15


So now we email on Tuesdays.  And we don’t have as much time:( I will have to be more brief.

This week was very rough. It’s not like my other rough weeks, where I am in a bad mood or something is bugging me. This week, and ton of really tough things happened to us. Our spirits are still up, and we are staying strong, but man it was tough to get through it this week. Dang Satan threw some of the craziest things at us. Hopefully we can make it this next week without any more of that.

So. Guess what? I baptized somebody on Saturday. We put this lady on date to be baptized for a month out. But when we left I said, “She is gonna move it up two weeks”. Well she did! The next time we met with her the first thing she said was, I want to get baptized 2 weeks early! She had to quit smoking, and has to be clean for 5 days. But there were only 4 days till Saturday. We got special permission to do it.

So come Saturday, we had us baptism! I got to get wet! Love it!!!! After all this amazing stuff that keeps happening to us, like the baptism, I feel like I am a bad missionary cause I really didn’t have anything to do with it. They did it with God themselves. Then, I realize, that the way it is supposed to be!!! I am there to help them come close to God, and God does the rest.  My job is just to follow the Spirit. And that’s what we have been doing. So I don’t feel like a failure anymore.

I am helping my ward with a musical number for a stake fireside. Wahoo! Bore my testimony on Sunday. I love getting to meet the new ward.  Getting to know them all, help them get excited about the work, and then you got it!

Could ya’ll send me some sheet music? I had the music to that Kenneth Cope song I will Not BE STILL. And 2 efy songs. No regrets and he knows me better. That would be great. Might play for my companion in front of the mission or something.:)

I broke a window of a church building that is over 100 yrs old. Whoops. Throwing a ball around outside with some members……… sailed beautifully right to the perfect spot. Glass flew over 50 ft into the hallway. I have no idea how. haha

So, I feel claustrophobic in the city. But we are not going into hilltop for a few weeks, so we are up in the north end. It is sooooo pretty up there. Over looking the sound. One of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. It is incredible. Especially when it is sunny! But I still see the weirdest people in the world.

So, There are three things that I miss that aren’t family and friends and that kinda stuff.

My Music, But I am finally ok without it. So that is going better.

The water. I am dying being right on the water with so many boats out there, and I can’t go boating. It kills me.

Football season. Football season has started, and I didn’t realize how much I loved it. Bama football is so much fun. Killing me to not know all the scores and rankings of the SEC. Lots of Oregon Fans up here though.

Went on exchanges with Wapato. I love people. There is a guy, who is 18 like me, and we get along reallllll good. Definitely gonna hang out in college. But his dad is a hardcore business man and he wants to be to. So while we knocked for 3 hrs we talked about business and stuff like that. It really made me want to do something like that! Some sort of business is sounding really good.

When I email ya’ll it probably sounds like I am not focused on anything but home. But I really am – I am pretty good:) If ya’ll ever find any Mormon music, like cds from Deseret Store, or any new EFY cds I would love it!

The other elders and us share a car. My first week in a car. We got so much done!

Found a way to send pictures!!! Here are a few!

I love you, and love the emails bout the family!


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