New Companion, Scary Area, Led by the Spirit, Giving Book of Mormon – Bryson On His Mission – Week 14


Best week so far! Down town Tacoma! I thought my last area was crazy. haha WRONG!!! There are soooo many homeless people and crazies. But ya know, they need to hear the good word of God too! 🙂 We spend some of every day just walking around, through downtown, or the park, just talking to people. It is really cool. It is opening my eyes, and I see how everyone is important to God. They might be different than what I am used to, but God loves em. I love it!

So I had the most spiritual week ever. My companion and I get along sooo good. I am better friends with him than almost anybody else on my mission. We could just talk all the time. We struggled at first going to bed on time……but we realize the need for being obedient! He is the DL (District Leader), and incredible. Only been out 7 months, so still pretty young. I learn so much from him though. He is a really good missionary. This will be an amazing transfer. I’ve heard the work goes better when you don’t get along really good cause you don’t get distracted, but we are working hard at that!

3 months later, and I am still the youngest missionary in the mission! One guy is a bit older than me!

My area is sooooo cool! So, Tacoma is on a a huuuge hill. The downtown part is on the slope, and the way down to the sound. The area on top, is called Hilltop. I heard about hilltop all the time in Lincoln. People always bragged about surviving living in Lincoln, and how ghetto is was. It’s in my area now, and everything they said was right. True ghetto. Way cool buildings downtown. The view of the sound is amazing. I met Bro Cordner’s cousin, who got baptized by Elder Burt last transfer! Soooo cool!

So, I had some awesome stuff. The Holy Spirit was in everything we did this week. Some of the most amazing things happened.  So, one day, we were knocking in Hilltop, and we met this man who had the most beautiful Asian yard I’ve ever seen. It was unreal. He turned us down, so we moved on. We were walking back to our dinner, and we passed his house, and he was still in the yard. Usually, we would wave and walk on, but right when I passed him I had the thought, that this man needed a Book of Mormon. I didn’t stop and think like I usually do. For some reason, I reacted instantly and said hey, would you like this Book of Mormon? I don’t know why I just did it, but he said come here, and let us into his backyard. It was sooo beautiful. We taught him, and he asked sooo many questions, and every time it was about what was next in the lesson. He asked the most inspired questions, and Augustine and I both answered inspired too. There were a few times where we had no idea what to say, but we said exactly what we needed to say!!! It was amazing.

We took a woman on a church tour, and the next day, put her on date (to be baptized), and she is ready!!! Just needs to not smoke!

A guy, Carlos, just randomly showed up at church last week. He was there again this week, and after we taught him for a while just standing in the gym. We put him on date to be baptized. He already knew it was the right thing to do, but he was scared to make that commitment, cause he would have to change his whole life! After we talked for a while, it finally clicked, and he’s like, I need to do it now. So in two weeks, he is good to go!

There is this woman that we have been meeting, who lives in Hilltop. She is the nicest woman ever! She knows every single person in Hilltop. We taught on the front porch, and it takes forever cause every person that passes by, which is a lot, she knows, and she is like their momma! So we taught her the last part, and taught her the commandments. Her boyfriend lives with her, and they would be, married, but she would lose her government benefits if she marries him cause he has a felony. She recently quit her job cause of physical stuff. We told her, that she needed to be married to be baptized.  We know what would happen if she does it. She looks at us and says, “What do I do?” One of the hardest things I’ve ever had to say is, “Follow his commandments, and get married, so you can be baptized. I promise that you will be blessed for it, and that everything will work out.” She looks at us, and then says, “Alright. I am doing it.” She has so much faith. There is no foreseeable way that her situation will work out, but she trusts us and God. I was so scared to tell her to do that. She is an incredible example of faith to me.

We also realized, that these people see Christ in us. We are his messengers. She trusts us, because she knows we are His representatives. That is a huuuge responsibility. We have a big calling in missionaries. These people look to us to help them, and we do what we can. We are the thing that helps them come to Christ, so they can be saved. WOW!

Last one. So, right after that, we get a call from the Allenmore elders, who are missionaries for the Samoan ward. They can go wherever they want. We answer, and they say hello. Somehow, we called each other at the same time? It was weird, so Elder Aussef says, “I think its a sign that we need to knock together.” It was kind of a joke, but we all knew it was kinda true. So they pick us up, and we all joke about going to an inspired place, and being directed by God to go to a specific place. But we all realized that it was real. So we end up at this random street.

We start knocking, and have a long 2 hrs of no success at all. At the end, we go to walk back to our cars, and a homeless guy passes us and says, “Don’t do drugs.” All 4 of us stop, and turn to him. He said, “I used to be one of you.” He said he was a missionary to the Philippines. He baptized over 450 people. One time he baptized a catholic priest and 50 of his congregation. He turned down being an AP (Assistants to the President of the mission) because he wanted to be in the field. He learned 3 extra languages so he could go to certain places. Incredible guy.

So he is a dark hole. Done every illegal drug, and homeless. So we talked for a long time. He turned to a scripture, and read it, cause it was his favorite. Then Elder Mossbrook said, “Read the next one,” and it was the most perfect scripture there could have been. I feel like it was written for this exact instant. Mossbrook had read that verse a year ago, and loved it for a random reason, and hadn’t thought of it since. Now was when it was to be used! So we have a huge spiritual talk, and everyone is about crying. Near the end, I get a feeling that he needs a Book of Mormon. Mossbrook then offers him one, and gets turned down. Then, I have a feeling, “This guy needs this book. Give it to him this second. He has to have it. He can’t survive without it.” Right then, my companion said, “I just had 2 big promptings. First, you need to go to church tomorrow. Second, you need to take this Book of Mormon right now.” The guy took it. He said an amazing prayer, and we left. We get in the car and we all kinda just sit there amazed at what happened. Elder Aussef, turns to us and says, right when he turned down the Book of Mormon, I had the hugest prompting that he needed to take it. Then all of us were like, me too. We all just started freaking out. Most incredible experience ever!

2 new missionaries in our ward. 4 missionaries all together. Gave the prayer in sacrament. I found out later that up on the stand, the 1st councilor to the stake president leaned over to bishop and said, if you need someone to talk, have Elder Jones talk. haha So close!

I have discovered how much I love Snickers bars. haha and I’m out of money for the first time. Haha $150 isn’t much when you gotta spend money on bike stuff. Bikes drain you of money.


Love ya’ll so much! I would love some…..redvines. Or any food that reminds us of home! I love Alabama so much. We are so lucky to live there!


3 thoughts on “New Companion, Scary Area, Led by the Spirit, Giving Book of Mormon – Bryson On His Mission – Week 14”

  1. He is having some AMAZING experiences! The one about the former missionary could literally be a movie!!! Can’t wait to see how it turns out! Even if they never see him again that man will have had a reminder of who he is and where he needs to return. Invaluable. LOVE missionary mail!!

  2. I really love reading these letters because I’m so familiar with the area, but these are such treasures! Bryson is such a good missionary and he sends the best detailed letters! Miss you guys!

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