Transfers, Saying Goodbye, Changing Lives – Bryson On His Mission – Week 13

(I originally posted this with the title ” – Bryson on His Mission – Week 12″.  I completely forgot to give it a title.  So if you think you are on the wrong post, you’re not.)

Got our transfer calls!! I am Going to…….Stadium area! That means nothing to you. I am currently in Lincoln area. Stadium is the area that borders north of Lincoln. I am moving up one area! I am going to be in downtown Tacoma! The center of the mission!!!! Wahooo! This is gonna be so cool.

There are 2 pairs of missionaries there, and we will be switching off the car every week. Which is kinda scary cause there are some scary ghetto places, and San Francisco sized hills. But, my companion is gonna be Elder Augustine. He came out with Muirbrook. He is a district leader. Man, they must really not trust me, cause I keep getting stuck with district leaders. 😉 Elder Augustine has been in my zone this last transfer. He was an office elder the transfer before that. So I know him already, and we already are good friends and have talked about being companions. So this is gonna be a sweet transfer!!!

So, I am leaving Lincoln. I do not want to go at all. I almost feel like I am leaving home all over again. I have come to love my ward soooo much. They are my family!! I spent yesterday going and saying goodbye to families. 😦 Went to the Norlanders, the Guinups, then the Andersons! Had some good times.

Tonight we are teaching a lesson at the Ripleys to Cassie and her family. Good way to end a transfer. A crazy dinner at the Ripleys. We had a huge race today against everyone and even non-members in our ward. Woke up at 6:30. It was great. Then we played frisbee. I dont want to go!! I am leaving so many good investigators that we have found. Next transfer they should be loaded with baptisms!! Ahhh! Those are my families! At least I will be able to go to their baptisms….

When I listen to that pioneer CD and hear “somewhere there’s a mountain” I about cry. I miss my girls singing that!! (Tessa, Merritt and Hadley would sing this song – oh it is so sweet!)

This week I met the craziest people on earth. I think they all decided to convene in a council of crazy people at Tacoma…..I think I’ve seen it all, but I am always surprised.

There is a guy that is a less active member and he is getting off of drugs. He was telling us his story, and we are helping him turn his life around. I had a big realization that might not come across very well. But I realized, this is what I do!!!! If you had asked me what I do every day, I get up, bike around, see people. But now, I realize I help change lives. How incredible is that. For two years I get to have cool experiences all day everyday, that most people only get once or twice a year. I am so lucky!

So, I am sure I will feel this way even more, cause I will be right on the sound. Which rocks. But, seeing the sound, and being in the northwest, is killing me! All I want to do right now is be at the beach with all my family. I fell like that’s what I’m doing right now, but without my family. Just being in Tacoma reminds me so much of grandparents

I dont know if I told you this, but Muirbrook would try to explain things, but it would come out wrong. So I would explain his thoughts for him. He would say, “Speak, Aaron.” So, I was the mouthpiece for Moses.  Muirbrook is zone leader in Gig Harbor. !!!! He has only been out 7 months. Crazy.

Mom, I would love it so much if you could right out your conversion story and send it to me by mail. Print it up! I use what I know of it all the time, just remembering how you felt. I love you! I am soooo glad that I am from Alabama… I am a bama boy! Even tho I love it here more every day, I keep realizing how much more I want to live in Alabama my whole life, and never live here. but I looove the ward people here!

We were talking to this family, and we were laughing really hard. We decided that God is truly divine. He worked so hard on our bodies. He has got to be like,” I worked one million years on your eyes alone. And you use them to watch youtube all day? Do you not see how confusing your digestive system is? Alright, I’m done. Flood number 2!” We had been talking about our stupid culture. Stuff like youtube, YOLO, and facebook.

Going to Red Robins for a final zone lunch. Cant wait! Gonna by a sweater. I Love you all. I am kinda frazzled cause I got a lot to do. I will miss Lincoln! Love yall!


4 thoughts on “Transfers, Saying Goodbye, Changing Lives – Bryson On His Mission – Week 13”

  1. I am so impressed with your heartfelt ways. I like how you went to say goodbye to people. Saying goodbye isn’t easy. I have a feeling this next spot will be even more fascinating! Keep having fun. Love, Aunt Peggy

  2. Great letter…your right when you say your a Bama boy. I don’t blame you for wanting to live your whole life in Alabama. Your dad was my companion and he was a great example. Keep up the good work.

  3. I got to meet Elder Jones while he was in Stadium ward. Love him to bits, he is a sweet kid. When we found out my cousin Samuel Corner is in his home ward, he was laughing and shocked, that to come out here and find a link to home. He transferred to another ward last week, gunna miss his and Elder Augustine’s crazyness, I swear they have to be related.

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