Word of Wisdom, Protection from the Homeless, Robert, Overcoming Faults – Bryson On His Mission – Week 12


Hey everyone! Mom and dad, I love your emails I get every week. Keep em Up! I love Royce’s prayer!  (I recorded Royce saying his prayers and sent it to Bryson.  Most of his prayer is for Bryson.)

This transfer has flown by sooo quick!!! I have one more week left, and its seems like it just started! My companion and I had a really good week. We are finally used to each other, and so now we have more fun. So far, we are just so different, that its hard to have fun and lots of stuff kinda bugs each other…….. but I learned if I let that stuff go, and try to enjoy the things he likes, its it more fun! So this last week went amazing! Until yesterday…….. We got in a really big argument. I’ve been a lot better at not provoking and starting arguments. I didn’t start this one, but I didn’t stop once it happened. He has a very different view of the Word of Wisdom (The Lord’s law of health where it talks about not drinking alcohol, tea, coffee or smoking, found here with a video about it here), which is pretty much be vegan. haha I kinda let it be, but joke about it sometimes, not to make fun, but I thought we were close enough to joke about things….. guess not. haha I guess he is very very sensitive on the subject. Things got serious real quick. So then we just argued one way or another for a while. I didn’t really care, but he was passionate……… So now things are kinda off. Gotta fix that!

Freddie is incredible!! Being a missionary all the time. His whole life is changing! He had a cool experience where he helped some guy out. They are at church all the time and he is just the best! So I got to talk to Elder Oaks’ (one of today’s Twelve Apostles) son for a really long time the other day. He is a genius. Lawyer for the army, knows Arabic and Japanese. Cool guy.

So, ya know when people on missions say God protected them from being attacked……well that happened this week. We ended up having to walk across our area, and I didn’t realize it was getting kinda late. I’ve never really been outside in a ghetto at night…… Now My eyes are opened.

This crazy guy tried to kill us. He started chasing after us and was saying he was gonna kill us. Out of nowhere a homeless guy that we have befriended came and stopped him! God has hobo angels watching out for us!!!:)  Last Saturday, after teaching Freddie, we passed a house, where a cop had his gun out, and was being all secret agent like. I thought, sweeeet! Lets check this out. So I turn around and all of a sudden I hear sirens coming from everywhere, and cop cars start arriving. We get out of there real quick. They all had assault rifles, and had surrounded the house. Then I hear “Put your weapon down! Come out with your hands up!” Fun stuff, right?

We teach a guy named Robert. He is an Australian Jew. Muirbrook taught him for like 6 months and its been a long road. If you had asked me if he would ever have a testimony and believe in Christ, I’d have laughed and said no. But everyday he is seeing God work in his life, and he reads the Book of Mormon every day and loves it!!!! WE are taking him on a church tour, which I thought would never happen!! He reminds me a lot of Janine (Bryson’s aunt who lives in the Seattle area). They should hook up! haha He is an actor, and is in a play based in the south. So he had me talk in my best southern accent, and he recorded me for like a half hour. I read the script out loud and got into it!! Lots of fun.

We had interviews last week. I met with President, and he mostly said, are you obedient? Be obedient, there’s no reason not to be. So that was good. He is awesome. Then I met with Sister Weaver, and she talked more about emotional well being and stuff.

She asked the best part of my mission. I said, the things that I do that I didn’t do are so cool. By that I mean, I might have done it, but I can’t do it on my own. At all. I never would have said or done or been able to do or say a million things but it happens. That’s been my favorite part so far. I love it! My least favorite part has been ME. haha I get in my way and the Lords way too much. I always work hard.

But I have found something. At home, you can have faults, but you can just rely on other parts of yourself to go through life. Here, on a mission, every single flaw is magnified, and brought front and center. It becomes a major bump on the road for you. So either, you fix it, or let it get in the way. So I am finally looking over my self, and fixing these things that I have spent my whole life knowing are there but never doing anything about it. To be a good missionary, we all gotta get rid of stuff that will stop us from being our best selves. Its a job. It’s really really really hard.  🙂

I was with Brother Stevens, who lives across the street. I love him so much. He is great. We were driving around on splits, and we pass these two old women working on a round about. I say, lets help em. So we did! And now one old woman is coming to church and doing stuff. 🙂

We had exchanges this week. This is Elder Thorntons last week here. He is the best! We have an eternal argument about where the Book of Mormon took place. He has convinced the whole mission that he is right, so I am alone. But he is lots of fun and knows the scripture better than anyone I’ve ever met. I got to stay at the Wapato house with them, which is the zone leader house. Elder Oliphant, who I came out with, got emergency transferred to Lakewood  😦 we were District leaders in the MTC together. We’ve been in the same zone our whole mission. I am gonna miss him a bunch! He comes from a family of 9 and they homeschooled too. He also went to BYU 😦 Thronton and I wrestled. He had scrapes on his elbows from wrestling a week ago, and so now there is blood everywhere. haha On the carpet and on doors. 🙂 I am gonna miss Thornton a ton though. Got some of it on video, excuse the music. A missionary recorded it a few months ago, and its a rap about missions….:)

I gave a talk yesterday. It was on the Restoration, which was pretty easy. Good 20 min talk though. I am officially adopted into the Ripley Family. Sister Ripley and Sarah Ripley gave talks with me yesterday, which was cool. Between me and sister Ripley, whoevers talk was better, the other person had to make the winner cookies. I think I won:)

It was great though! Today we are gonna play dodgeball and nerf wars. I’m excited. And hungry. Thanks soooooo much for the card. I never eat anywhere else because I feel sick after cause I bike so much. So I eat subway every week or so. We have one right by our house.

I love ya’ll so much. The pictures of the beach killed me. Tessa’s bike in the tree crack me up. Could you print me pictures from that so I can have them? I love being able to see Nanna and Boppa and Justin and Holly and Nini and all of you too!

Have a good week. Transfers come in on Saturday. I really really want to stay! Who knows. Since we have sisters and elders in our area, and it is the smallest area in the mission, we have knocked the entire area in these two transfers, or 3 months. Crazyness.

Love ya!!


2 thoughts on “Word of Wisdom, Protection from the Homeless, Robert, Overcoming Faults – Bryson On His Mission – Week 12”

  1. Regarding your companion’s passion — passion in some people isn’t really anger. It is passion. And even though you, if you expressed yourself that way, would probably be angry, in someone else, it might simply be passion. Passion is different than anger.
    Love you, Aunt Peggy

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