Debating, Teaching Freddy, Jayden Returns, Blood Everywhere – Bryson On His Mission – Week 11

(I completely forgot to post this one.  It happened the week BEFORE the last post.  BUT IT IS THE BEST ONE SO FAR!  The last post will make more sense after you read this one.)




This week has been the most amazing week so far! All the work that Muirbrook did, and him and I did is finally paying off! One of our Zone Leaders is leaving in a few weeks and so he is going out with a bang! We decided to contact 2000 people in our zone this week. So Walker and I decided we would talk to everyone that we passed so we could contact enough people. Well, that worked too well. haha We barely talked to anyone. Cause everyone took a Book of Mormon and would listen to a whole lesson and everything. Though our number of contacted people wasnt high, we had huge success all week. We ended up with 2057 people contacted this week!!

So, I Like to argue and debate. Most people are really bad at it. haha So it is a ton of fun for me, but then I realized it creates contention and the Spirit isnt there so we cant teach or get promptings or do much of anything. Haha The other day for some reason my comp thought I was a democrat, so we argued all day about ObamaCare and gun control and big government and food stamps.  Its was really funny cause I was really good at being a democrat. After that we decided never to argue or debate again. It has been great since!!

We did yard work at the nastiest house I have ever seen. It was sooooo bad. Pretty much years worth of food and clothes and paper and anything else dumped everywhere with paths leading from room to room. Her yard was full of blackberry bushes (which I hate but grow everywhere). With 9 other missionaries we cleared it out without any good tools. I was clearing it by swinging a shovel. Someone else had half of a hoe. Someone else was swinging a saw. haha Or a rake or a stick. We did our best!

I challenged my wards mission leader, a very good runner, to a mile race. Then the youth wanted in so they could beat the missionaries. So this morning, 8 missionaries, and probably about 20 kids showed up at 6:30 in the morning to race us. I came in about 4th place:( there are some fast kids here!!!! Then we played frisbee for an hour. It was awesome!

So, 3 more reasons my week has been so good!

My first baptism!!! A guy named Fred del Toro. His wife has been an inactive member. He has had rough life and made some mistakes, but recognizes the need to change. His daughter turns 8 in a month and he realized that he cant baptize her. So He decided to investigate. He came to church, and loved it. He wanted us to come over and teach him. He is the guy whos wife last week came up to us and wanted us to teach him. So after cancelling a few times, I finally got to go over!

Elder Muir (love the guy) was here on exchanges and we went over on Saturday morning. We sat outside, and talked to him a bit. We found out why he wanted to meet with us. He talked about how he needed a place to call home, and how he needed what was right. So, we taught him the first lesson and the Spirit was there the entire time! W\e did really good, even though I butchered the first vision quote. Then we asked him to be baptized, and when he said yes, it was like the spirit came in a tsunami. It hit him hard and he had to stop for a second. It overwhelmed him. So then he was like I want to get baptized as soon as I can! So it is happening this Saturday!!! He was so excited and called everybody.  We will teach him 3 times this week:)

So, this kid named Jayden, who we taught everything to but was going out of town for a month and. He wasnt supposed to get back for 3 weeks. On Wednesday, when I was thinking of where we should go, his house came to mind. I was like, it might be good to see his momma. Then I forgot about it. Then, when we were having a member drive us around, his house came to mind again. So, I thought it might be good to run by. We get there, and his mom is outside, I said hi to her, then out walks Jayden!!!!! He got home early, and got home a few hours before.!!! He had no way to contact us, so it would have been three weeks before we went over there. Those thoughts to go to his house werent my own! Thank you Jesus!!!

Next, is the big one. Not really a missionary experience. But Elder Muir and I saved a womans life!! We were knocking, in the wrong area, but we were obviously suppposed to be there. We were knocking across the street from a new investigator, William. The lady told us to come in, so we said, its the missionaries. she still wanted us to some in. So we peek in, and dont see here. She calls again, and we see her fallen over on the ground by here kitchen. She was on oxygen. We walk over to help her, and then we see blood everywhere. There was sooo much blood. More than I have ever seen! It was all over the kitchen floor and her legs. But we didnt see the cut. I knew it was bad though cause there was yellow fatty tissue all over.

So we try to help her into a chair, but it takes about 10 min to do so. Finally, we start to ease her into a chair and I look down and a huuuge chunk of her legs is hanging off. I look at Muir and mouth, it is really really bad!! He looks down and about freaks. She wouldnt let us call anyone, ambulance or family. But once we saw that cut I had him call 911, and I ran to grab help from William.

The dispatcher told us to put pressure on it, and so WE finally found some paper towels. Muir lifts the flesh back into place and hold it! I sent William out to help the ambulance know where we were, and then finally a bunch of firemen came. They said it was the worst cut they had ever seen. They took her blood pressure and it was 80 over a nothing, or at least they couldnt find that number. They legally were obligated to cart her off. She wouldnt let them.

WE realized she was drunk, and had been smoking. With oxygen!! Stupid. She had passed out and fell and somehow cut her leg. We found glass by her head but it had no blood. So we dont know how she got cut. We found out that this huge red chunk about the size of the palm of my hand was actually a huge chunck of muscle laying on the floor. Yea. So she was about to pass out cause of loss of blood, and she woulda bled to death in under and hour. We saved her!!!


2 thoughts on “Debating, Teaching Freddy, Jayden Returns, Blood Everywhere – Bryson On His Mission – Week 11”

  1. Crazy what experiences they have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can’t believe the leg/blood story. Truly couldn’t make this stuff up!

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