Freddy’s Baptism, No Water, Trash Cans, Testimony – Bryson On His Mission – Week 10


Hey yall! This week was awesome! I am kinda in a rush, so I cant write too much:) Today we had a mission wide BBQ.  We had a tan line contest, and had tons of fun. I love getting to see the people I was in the MTC with. I love em all so much!!!

So, Freddy got baptized!!! It happened. I love that man so much. So we taught him the second and third lesson at the same time on Tuesday. This guy has made some poor decisions, and had a rough life, but he knows he needs to do better for himself and his family. It is incredible to see the power of the Atonement. He is an amazing example. His sins have always weighed real heavy on him, and the thought of that all being gone overwhelms him. He is so grateful that his sins can be forgiven. It means the world to him. It means he can start all over again, it means he can be the dad he wants to be for his family, and it means that he can progress farther than he has been able to.

It has shown me that I take it for granted. Jesus dying for us was an incredible act. He loved us so much to do that for us. After seeing Freddy go through all this, I can see why Jesus did this. I am so glad that he died for us!!!! Thank you Jesus!!!!!!!

We met with Freddy throughout the week. Stuff kept getting in the way. His wife is horribly sick and pregnant, and that made stuff hard. But we did it. Taught him everything. Finished the last lesson the day of the baptism. He got his first ever suit. He looked good! Elder Muir and Oliphant (I came out with him) drove us to the Stadium building, which is like 100 years old. 3 levels, has walls in the chapel that go into the ground for overflow. Its wayy cool. Unfortunately the elder that plugged up the baptismal font didnt do it all the way. So we get there 30 min before and realize that it not going to fill in time. Not even close. And thats when we realized that the people that were supposed to bring the baptism suits didnt bring em…….. most stressful day ever. It was crazy. And Freddy hadnt been interviewed yet. So he gets there, and Muir had to interview him before he could drive the half hour to get the suits from his house.AHHHHH!!!!!

So we clean out a big ole trashcan and start filling it with a hose. haha We kept doing that till a few minutes before he was baptised. Right before Muir left, we found that Brother Macdonald had brought some suits!!!! So relieved. It started pretty late, but it happened!!! While they were changing, I taught the restoration. It was weird. I had never done it like a talk, so that was cool to do. 🙂 We had a big ole feast after that. To see him with his whole family, finally joining them all the way, was so cool. Christ completes lives!

Thats about all I have time for. I gotta git going! Love you so much. The blog and yalls letters are great. I love them so much. Could you send the side bag? And the jeans you sent were old work ones. I had nice ones I wore to school and dates. But if its a hassle I can find some here. I guess sweaters are now allowed without jackets. So I think I might get one or two of those with my monthly money. 🙂 Love you so much!

We run every other day. 2 and a half miles. Some times other elders join us. I’ve lost 5 of the 15 lbs I gained….. haha Hopefully more! Love ya. sooo much!!


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