PMG, Supposed To Be, Trunky?, 5 Joneses, Teaching – Bryson On His Mission – Week 9


(A surprise mid-week email…)

We had to make an emergency run to the library for my comp, so Im back on for a few. I love my mission. Last night we had 2 family home evenings (and dinners) with members. The first lady is and incredible musician. Directs all the huuuuge productions that the church does up here. She teaches voice lessons. We were talking about singing and when we are over there she will show us some stuff. I am pretty happy about that. Then the next family we all talked about Preach My Gospel (this is the missionary manual on how and what to teach). Thank you so much for instituting that in our family. It was probably the best thing you coulda done. Seriously. You were just ahead of everything. We tell families to use it as much as they can. Everything is gearing towards PMG. Seminary, Sunday school. Yea.

But as I was sitting in the second families home, all of a sudden it was like, how the heck did I end up here??? Then I realized a few things. I dont leave that house thinking man I should be going home. Or that I am not at home. I dont feel like I am gone from anywhere. I guess I do, but its different……….. Sitting in that living room I thought of where I should be, I didnt long for home. I sat there and realized, this is where I am supposed to be, and being anywhere else would be wrong. Its kinda feeling like that. I do have a home back in bama, and its where I will be in a few years, but Its not like I am gone from somewhere. I am just in another place that is good. Does that make sense.??? haha Sorry that it is confusing.

I needed new tennis shoes, and decided on these. They weren’t quite this expensive at the store, but I completely recomend these to ya. Like, seriously, when you need a new pair of shoes, get these. They are incredible. I played frisbee in them yesterday for hours. And spent the day in them, and just kept loving them more. You dont think about it, but when you wear shoes, you step certain places, dont move them in certain ways cause your shoe might get caught, and other stuff. It is completely different in these. Its like you are barefoot. But have a really snuggy sock that has padding on the bottom. They are supposed to fit really tight. My toe hits the end. But I think you would love them. And you could wear them everywhere. They look good and are easy to slip on and off. And you dont even need to wear socks. The 4.0 and 5.0 are a little thicker and not as barefoot like. You gotta get these. I hope you did at the outlet. I probably wont buy another kind of tennis shoe again cause I love em so much. Unless I am poor. or if they wear out quick. Mine are grey. anyways, get em! Love you tons.

So I went and looked at the pictures (from our trip), then after looking at all of them, I saw the “dont get trunky” note. Well too late. I done got trunky. Haha But its all good! I think I will write Tessa Corbin and Addy all letters that they can open at thier camp.:) (He did and they were AMAZING!) Could you print em off and give them to them? Thanks. I love the picts sooo much.

Being out here I see how important family is, and I am so glad that we have awesome extended family. All the Thomasons and The Millers and Stockwells and Joneses and every one else. I really hope I get to spend time with them when I get back.:) Glad yall had a fun time. It looked awesome!


 (On PDay…)

Well hey there!!! Yalls emails are so great. I love them so much. I really miss you so much dear family!!! I am glad that you are all safe and that it all went well!

Well, There are at least 5 Joneses in the mission. We have to make it so we dont get mixed up. There is a Spanish Jones, white handbook Jones, humble Jones. Looks like I am Bama Jones. hahaha I love it. An investigator in another ward wanted “Bama” To be transferred into her area. So I guess after that I was Bama jones.

I had probably the best week so far. It is so true that you have the highest hi and lowest low on your mission. The lows suck. But God helps us! This weekend was a hi! SO we had a good weekend with lots of service and sun and being outside and talking to everyone we walked by and lots of contacting people. This one lady we met is really solid. We have been there three times and each time she talks about how white my teeth are and how my teeth are incredible and she loves them so much and she thinks I am so good looking and cute. She brought her neighbors over to see me. But She is real good otherwise.

At church, after the first hour, Sister Ripley comes up to me and tells me about this girl named Cassie. She is a friend of her daughters that is going to girls camp for the second year and isnt baptized. She is a councilor too. She went with them for some temple grounds visit and she went to the waiting room. She had some questions which were really good and deep and the Ripleys gave the questions to us so we could answer them for her. We happened to knock into her last week and found out who she was. Well, Sister Ripley tells me she is coming to church with her family next week and then we will have dinner on Monday with her and her family. She told her parents about the plan of salvation and now they are really interested.

SO Walker and I were freaking out we were so excited. Then we turn around and this less active lady who recently started coming back told us her husband wants to be taught the lessons and their daughter too. Then he comes up and tells us he want us to teach him everything. It was so crazy!!! Two really really solid people/families in a few minutes. We were ecstatic. That evening we went by the Ripleys and ended up staying for dinner (Sister Ripley makes awesome cooking that I cant stop eating. So she taught me how to make them.) Cassie ended up there and she was there for our dinner (which is just crazy. Just like ours at home but a few more older kids. Hahaha loud and crazy but soooo funny) She was there for our spiritual message, and Brother Ripley did really good. It was awesome!!!! Good day.

MY companion is really good at rubiks cubes. He has a normal one, one with % blocks on each side, and one with 7. It only takes him a few minutes. Good news: I can solve one side of the normal one!!!! wahooooo! haha He is gonna teach me how to solve the whole thing.:) He just killed me at chest here at the library.

Randoms stuff: I just realized that the east side of my area is bordered by I-5. And it turns and runs east thru my area. So if Boppa or Nini takes it through Tacoma, they are probably about half a mile from my house. haha

I am sick of all these homeless people that get their meals from a homeless shelter but they have brand new Iphones. What the heck. Samoans rock. The band imagine dragons was here the week before me, and they had dinner with some members and the missionaries got to meet them. I was too late! One elder is so funny. We were talking about our pioneer geneology heritage. Or lack thereof. He said “My great great great grandpa is Brigham Young. I get my blood straight from him! First wife too.:)” hahaha

You learn to love on your mission. It is great.

Well, I got some other emails to write, so I am done! Love ya, and have fun!


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